Riddim Driven is a series of various artists compilation albums released by VP Records. Each volume of the series features tunes from multiple artists recorded over one or two reggae or dancehall riddims produced by various producers. The series began in January 2001 with the release of the Chiney Gal & Blazing riddim album as a way of collecting various artists' 7 inch recordings on a single CD or vinyl record. VP has since released 142 installments in the series, making it one of the longest running reggae record compilation series.

  Number Title Album Year Produced by
Riddim Driven: Chiney Gal & Blazing 1 Chiney Gal & Blazing Chiney Gal & Blazing 2001 Ce'Cile, Cordel Burrell & Norman Bryan
Riddim Driven: Speed & Full Moon 2 Speed & Full Moon Speed & Full Moon 2001 Steely, Clevie, Troy McLean & Garfield Hamilton
Riddim Driven: Thunder & Bedroom 3 Thunder & Bedroom Thunder & Bedroom 2001 Jeremy Harding & Preston Onfroy
Riddim Driven: Trilogy 4 Trilogy Trilogy 2001 Ward 21 & King Jammy
Riddim Driven: Extasy 5 Extasy Extasy 2001 Richard Browne
Riddim Driven: Tun It Up 6 Tun It Up Tun It Up 2001 Willie Lindo
Riddim Driven: Juice 7 Juice Juice 2001 Richard Browne
Riddim Driven: Pressure Cooker 8 Pressure Cooker Pressure Cooker 2001 Eric Delisser
Riddim Driven: Slow Down The Pace 9 Slow Down The Pace Slow Down The Pace 2001 Sheldon Stewart & Norman Bryan
Riddim Driven: Rice and peas 10 Rice and peas Rice and peas 2001 Rohan Fuller
Riddim Driven: Candle Wax 11 Candle Wax Candle Wax 2001 Bulby York & Lynford Marshall
Riddim Driven: Trilogy Part 2 & Ole Sore 12 Trilogy Part 2 & Ole Sore Trilogy Part 2 & Ole Sore 2001 Ward 21
Riddim Driven: Scare Crow 13 Scare Crow Scare Crow 2001 Baby G
Riddim Driven: Giddeon War 14 Giddeon War Giddeon War 2001 Buju Banton
Riddim Driven: Liquid 15 Liquid Liquid 2001 Jeremy Harding
Riddim Driven: Nine Night 16 Nine Night Nine Night 2001 Steely & Clevie
Riddim Driven: Mr. Brown Meets Number One 17 Mr. Brown Meets Number One Mr. Brown Meets Number One 2001 Donovan Germain
Riddim Driven: Engine 54 & Humanity 18 Engine 54 & Humanity Engine 54 & Humanity 2002 Lloyd Campbell
Riddim Driven: Buy Out 19 Buy Out Buy Out 2002 Tony Kelly
Riddim Driven: Glue 20 Glue Glue 2002 Richard Browne
Riddim Driven: Just Friends 21 Just Friends Just Friends 2002 Winston Riley
Riddim Driven: The Flip 22 The Flip The Flip 2002 Louis Malcolm
Riddim Driven: Bondage 23 Bondage Bondage 2002 Byron Murray & Clifford Smith
Riddim Driven: X5 24 X5 X5 2002 Peter Jackson
Riddim Driven: Renegade 25 Renegade Renegade 2002 Bulby York & Lynford Marshall
Riddim Driven: Hi Fever 26 Hi Fever Hi Fever 2002 Mr. Doo & George Nooks
Riddim Driven: Tabla 27 Tabla Tabla 2002 Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare
Riddim Driven: White Liva 28 White Liva White Liva 2002 Richie D
Riddim Driven: Engine 29 Engine Engine 2002 Christopher James
Riddim Driven: Blindfold 30 Blindfold Blindfold 2002 John John
Riddim Driven: Party Time 31 Party Time Party Time 2002 Preston Onfroy
Riddim Driven: The Beach 32 The Beach The Beach 2002 Rohan Fuller
Riddim Driven: Rematch 33 Rematch Rematch 2002 Ainsworth Higgins & Lyndon Hull
Riddim Driven: Mexican 34 Mexican Mexican 2002 King Jammy & Baby G
Riddim Driven: G-String 35 G-String G-String 2002 John John
Riddim Driven: Diesel 36 Diesel Diesel 2002 Peter Jackson
Riddim Driven: The Wave 37 The Wave The Wave 2003 Blingz Crew
Riddim Driven: Diggy Diggy 38 Diggy Diggy Diggy Diggy 2003 K.C. Jockey & Ricky Myrie
Riddim Driven: Washout 39 Washout Washout 2003 Rupert Blake
Riddim Driven: Tai Chi 40 Tai Chi Tai Chi 2003 Richard Browne
Riddim Driven: 44 Flat 41 44 Flat 44 Flat 2003 Steely & Clevie
Riddim Driven: Hydro 42 Hydro Hydro 2003 Richie D
Riddim Driven: Throw Back 43 Throw Back Throw Back 2003 Howard Whylie & Ricky Myrie
Riddim Driven: Time Travel 44 Time Travel Time Travel 2003 Lenky Marsden
Riddim Driven: Sexy Lady Explosion 45 Sexy Lady Explosion Sexy Lady Explosion 2003 Christopher Birch
Riddim Driven: Caribbean Style 46 Caribbean Style Caribbean Style 2003 Richie Stephens
Riddim Driven: All Out 47 All Out All Out 2003 Eric Delisser & Ricky Myrie
Riddim Driven: Forensic 48 Forensic Forensic 2003 Clifford Smith & Computer Paul
Riddim Driven: Scream 49 Scream Scream 2003 Louis Malcolm
Riddim Driven: Wanted 50 Wanted Wanted 2003 Bobby Konders & Burro Banton
Riddim Driven: Good Times 51 Good Times Good Times 2003 Mr. Doo
Riddim Driven: Salsa 52 Salsa Salsa 2003 Christopher Birch
Riddim Driven: Adrenaline 53 Adrenaline Adrenaline 2003 Eric Delisser
Riddim Driven: Earth, Wind 'N' Flames 54 Earth, Wind 'N' Flames Earth, Wind 'N' Flames 2003 Rohan Fuller
Riddim Driven: Golden Bathtub 55 Golden Bathtub Golden Bathtub 2003 Patrick Roberts
Riddim Driven: Puppy Water 56 Puppy Water Puppy Water 2003 Louis Malcolm
Riddim Driven: Trafalga 57 Trafalga Trafalga 2003 Peter Jackson
Riddim Driven: Project X 58 Project X Project X 2004 Philip Smart
Riddim Driven: Fiesta 59 Fiesta Fiesta 2004 Dave Kelly
Riddim Driven: Coolie Skank 60 Coolie Skank Coolie Skank 2004 Scatta & Everton Burrell
Riddim Driven: Celebration 61 Celebration Celebration 2004 Arif Cooper
Riddim Driven: Hot Gyal 62 Hot Gyal Hot Gyal 2004 Anthony Malvo, Richard Malvo & Garth Neufville
Riddim Driven: Flava 63 Flava Flava 2004 Lady G
Riddim Driven: Tiajuana 64 Tiajuana Tiajuana 2004 Richie D
Riddim Driven: Chrome 65 Chrome Chrome 2004 Michael Sterling
Riddim Driven: Doctor's Darling 66 Doctor's Darling Doctor's Darling 2004 Seeed & Pionear
Riddim Driven: Career 67 Career Career 2004 Garfield Hamilton & Troy McLean
Riddim Driven: Mad Instruments 68 Mad Instruments Mad Instruments 2004 Fire Links & Jazzwad
Riddim Driven: Check It Back 69 Check It Back Check It Back 2004 Eric Delisser
Riddim Driven: Thrilla 70 Thrilla Thrilla 2004 Christopher Birch
Riddim Driven: Sunlight 71 Sunlight Sunlight 2004 Richard Martin
Riddim Driven: Maybach 365 72 Maybach 365 Maybach 365 2004 Raymond Scott & Winston Ashman
Riddim Driven: I Swear Juggling 73 I Swear Juggling I Swear Juggling 2004 Devon Wheatley
Riddim Driven: Dancehall Rock 74 Dancehall Rock Dancehall Rock 2004 Colin Levy, Cordel Burrell & Everton Burrell
Riddim Driven: Stepz 75 Stepz Stepz 2004 Delano Thomas, Michael Jarrett & Andre Saunders