Riddim Driven: Wanted is the fiftieth volume of the 's Riddim Driven series albums. It was released in 2003 and contains tunes on the Wanted Riddim. The tunes are produced by Bobby Konders & Burro Banton for the Massive B label.

# Artist Tune Riddim
1 T.O.K. Gal Yu A Lead Wanted (3)
2 Mr. Easy Oh Give Me Wanted (3)
3 Elephant Man Wangstas And Wannabes Wanted (3)
4 Spragga Benz The Streets Wanted (3)
5 Sizzla Love And Affection Wanted (3)
6 Assassin Facilitate War Wanted (3)
7 Greg Hines Fa Da Gal Dem Wanted (3)
8 Red Square Hand Inna Air Wanted (3)
9 Bling Dawg We Have It Locked Wanted (3)
10 King Kong Bag Juice And Cheese Chips Wanted (3)
11 Bounty Killer Mr. Wuk More Wanted (3)
12 Wayne Marshall Vibe Is Right Wanted (3)
13 Cobra Do Wey Yu A Do Wanted (3)
14 Burro Banton Money Friend Wanted (3)
15 Anthony B Respect To Jamaican Dons Wanted (3)
Riddim Driven: Wanted