1 Giggy Riddim (1991)

  Also known as  Mama Riddim
97 tunes
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The Giggy Riddim was created in 1991 by Bulby York, Lynford Marshall, Steely and Clevie. It is also known as the Mama Riddim, after one of its biggest hits: "Mama" by Baby Wayne. Another big hit from the same year, over a version of the riddim by Colin Fat, is "Coca Cola Shape" by Simpleton.

2005 saw the release of the Throw Back Giggy album on the Riddim Driven series, featuring a more modern version of the riddim. A popular song on that version is "Tuck In Yu Belly" by Leftside and Esco.

Baby Wayne - Mama (1991)
Simpleton - Coca Cola Shape (1991)
Leftside & Esco - Tuck In Yu Belly (2005)

2 Joy Ride Riddim (1996)

95 tunes
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The Joy Ride Riddim was produced in 1996 by Dave Kelly. One well known tune on the original version of the riddim was "Joy Ride" by Wayne Wonder and Baby Cham.

Other great examples are "Done Dead Already" by Scion Success, also from 1996, and "Cross The Board" by Burro Banton and Pinchers, from 2006.

Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham - Joyride (1996)
Scion Success - Done Dead Already (1996)
Burro Banton & Pinchers - Cross The Board (2006)

3 Corduroy Riddim (1994)

79 tunes
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The Corduroy Riddim is a 1994 riddim by Patrick Roberts and The Shocking Vibes Crew. Other versions of the riddim were released in the same year by Courtney Cole and by Winston Powell.

Beenie Man - World Dance (1994)
Snagga Puss - Bad Minded So (1994)
Daddy Lizard - Careless Matey (1994)

4 Fed Up Riddim (1995)

57 tunes
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The Fed Up Riddim was created in 1995 by Gitsy, Sly and Robbie. It is most famous for the hit "Fed Up" by Bounty Killer. Capleton's "Bad Mind" is another great example of this riddim.

A version called the Tabla Riddim was released in 2002, and was featured as an album for the Riddim Driven series.

Bounty Killer - Fed Up (1995)
Capleton - Bad Mind (1995)
Bounty Killer - Fed Up 2K2 (2002)

5 Top Ten Riddim (1992)

  Also known as  A The Truth Riddim
57 tunes
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The Top Ten Riddim was created in 1992 by Bobby Digital. One of the first tunes to be released on it was "Top Ten" by Terror Fabulous.

The riddim is also known as the A The Truth Riddim, after the 1993 hit with the same name by Baby Wayne. This was over a version of the riddim by Colin Fat. Sly and Robbie also made a version in 1993, which can be heard on Captain Barkey's "Money Fi Spend".

Terror Fabulous - Top Ten (1992)
Baby Wayne - A The Truth (1993)
Captain Barkey - Money Fi Spend (1993)

6 Bada Bada Riddim (1998)

56 tunes
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Ward 21 is a group that was formed in 1998. Mentored by King Jammy, they produced their first riddim, the Bada Bada Riddim, in 1998. It saw the release of a lot of tunes in 1998 and 1999, including some great hits by Ward 21 themselves.

Ward 21 - Haters (1998)
Beenie Man - Me Nuh Walla Walla (1999)
Mr. Vegas - Drunkin! Wispy (1999)

7 Da Joint Riddim (1999)

54 tunes
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The Da Joint Riddim was another cooperation between Ward 21 and King Jammy. It was released in 1999.

Black Uhuru - It Ago Red (1999)
Lexxus & Ward 21 - Divine Reasoning (1999)
Monster Shack Crew - We Got It (1999)

8 Baddis Riddim (1998)

53 tunes
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The Baddis Riddim is probably best known for its massive 1998 hit "Hardcore Lover" by Lady Saw and T.O.K.

The riddim was created in 1998 by Richard Browne, and in 2006 he made an updated version called the Baddis Ting Riddim, which was featured on the Riddim Driven album series.

Lady Saw & T.O.K. - Hardcore Lover (1998)
General Degree - Bag A Tings (1998)
Macka Diamond - No Fren Mate (2006)

9 Frog Riddim (1994)

52 tunes
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The Frog Riddim was created in 1994 by Computer Paul & Steely. Stone Love was the first label to release a bunch of tunes on it, including "Matey Renk" by Merciless.

Steely & Clevie created a slightly different version of the riddim in 1994 called the Leaping Frog Riddim, Frisco Kid's "Step Up Inna Life" is an example of this version. The Firehouse Crew created another version called the Tadpole Riddim, also in 1994. Simpleton used this version for "Frog Man".

Merciless - Matey Renk (1994)
Frisco Kid - Step Up Inna Life (1994)
Simpleton - Frog Man (1994)

10 Bellyas Riddim (1999)

47 tunes
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The Bellyas Riddim was created in 1999 by Ward 21 and King Jammy. Tunes were released on the riddim in 1999 and 2000. Something really special is that it has the honour of being the very first riddim to be released in the Greensleeves Rhythm Album series.

Capleton - Who Dem? (1999)
Bushman & I Lue - Live Up (2000)
Spragga Benz - Praise (2000)

11 Street Sweeper Riddim (1999)

47 tunes
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The Street Sweeper Riddim was created in 1999 by Steely and Clevie.

Steely & Clevie - Street Sweeper (1999)
Burro Banton - Boom Wah Dis (1999)
Captain Barkey & Malibu - Ochi We Gone (1999)

12 Pitch Riddim (1992)

46 tunes
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The Pitch Riddim was created in 1992 by Gitsy Willis and Sly Dunbar. "The Key" by Dollar Fifty is a great example of the original riddim. Some other versions of the riddim were released in 1992 and 1993.

General Levy's "Champagne Body", for example, is on the Fever Pitch Riddim. "More Money" by Pinchers is on the Ragga Pitch Riddim.

Dollar Fifty - The Key (1992)
General Levy - Champagne Body (1992)
Pinchers - More Money (1993)

13 Gangster Riddim (1992)

44 tunes
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The Gangster Riddim is a 1992 riddim by Sly Dunbar, Herbie Harris and Gitsy Willis. King Jammy made his own version of the riddim in 1994.

Anthony Red Rose - The Gangster (1992)
Ed Robinson - Rudie (1992)
Ninjaman - World Dance (1994)

14 Stink Riddim (1996)

  Also known as  Old Dog Riddim  or  Girls Anthem Riddim
44 tunes
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The Stink Riddim, also known as the Girls Anthem Riddim and the Old Dog Riddim, was created in 1996 by Dave Kelly.

Stephen McGregor made a more modern version of the riddim in 2007, called the Bee Hive Riddim.

Rude Boy Kelly - Girls Anthem (1996)
Beenie Man - Old Dog (1996)
Mavado - Which Gal (2007)

15 Muslim Riddim (1992)

43 tunes
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The Muslim Riddim was created in 1992 by Sly, Robbie and The Firehouse Crew. King Jammy and Winston Powell released alternative versions in the same year.

Papa San - Price Increase (1992)
Colin Roach, Jennifer Lara & Bunny General - Sylvia's Mother Said (1992)
Sanchez & Shaka Shamba - Bun, Bun, Bun (1999)

16 Hot Wax Riddim (1995)

39 tunes
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The 1995 Hot Wax Riddim was created by Sly, Robbie & Bulby for the Fat Eyes label. "Gun From Paris" by Merciless and "Dengue Fever" (also know as "Christman Once A Year") by Beenie Man were 2 big hits that used the riddim.

Fat Eyes released a refreshed version of the riddim called the Candle Wax Riddim in 2001. Bounty Killer's "Blood Bath" uses this version.

Merciless - Gun From Paris (1995)
Beenie Man - Dengue Fever (Christmas Once A Year) (1995)
Bounty Killer - Blood Bath (2001)

17 The Gum Riddim (1992)

  Also known as  Street Art Riddim
39 tunes
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Danny Browne created a riddim called The Gum Riddim (also known as the Street Art Riddim) in 1992. A well known tune using this riddim is "You Have The Gum" by Captain Willy.

"Matie Vex" by Yellowman uses a 1993 version of the riddim, and "Calling Out Mi Name" uses a 1995 version of the riddim.

Captain Willy - You Have The Gum (1992)
Yellowman - Matie Vex (1993)
Flourgon - Calling Out Mi Name (1995)

18 Showtime Riddim (1997)

36 tunes
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The Showtime Riddim is, like so many other riddims this decade, produced by Dave Kelly. It was released in 1997. The tune "Slurp" was performed by Dave Kelly himself, using his conveniently chosen alias "Alias".

Alias - Slurp (1997)
Baby Cham - Gallong Yah Gal (1997)
Harry Toddler - We Di Girls Dem Need (1997)

19 Dickie Riddim (1992)

35 tunes
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Yet another Dave Kelly riddim on this list. The Dickie Riddim was created in 1992. The tune that most people associate with the Dickie Riddim, "Wicked Dickie" by Nadine Sutherland and Buju Banton, is actually a remix between Nadine Sutherland's "Wicked And Wild" and Buju Banton's "Dickie".

Nadine Sutherland & Buju Banton - Wicked Dickie (1992)
Terror Fabulous - No Retreat No Surrender (1992)
Original African - Career Gone A Lead (1993)

20 Bellevue Riddim (1993)

35 tunes
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The Bellevue Riddim was created in 1993 by Mafia and Fluxy. A follow up version called the Belview Riddim was released in 2004 by Danny Champagne.

Red Dragon - Sample (1993)
Tenor Fly - Black Against Black (1993)
Bounty Killer - 2004 (Big Tings) (2004)

21 Pepper Seed Riddim (1993)

33 tunes
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The Pepper Seed Riddim is a 1993 riddim created by Dave Kelly for his Madhouse label.

Beenie Man - Miss Angella (1993)
Daddy Screw & Donovan Steele - Big Things A Gwaan (1993)
Michigan & Smiley - Stress (1993)

22 African Rock Riddim (1997)

32 tunes
African Rock Riddim View all tunes

The African Rock Riddim was created in 1997 by Bobby Konders for his Massive B label. Shabba Ranks used it for "One Man" and Yankee B used it for "Nah Bow".

The 2012 Riddim (released in 2010 though) is a modern version of the riddim. Jah Bami's "Cherry Eyes" is an example of this version

Shabba Ranks - One Man (1997)
Yankee B - Nah Bow (1997)
Jah Bami - Cherry Eyes (2010)

23 Kiki Riddim (1999)

30 tunes
Kiki Riddim View all tunes

1999's Kiki Riddim by Tony Kelly is a well-known riddim. Sean Paul's "Disrespect" and Baby Cham's "Desperate Measures" were big hits.

In 2021, Riddimz Kalacta of Riddim World Records created a modern version of the riddim called the Kick Evo Riddim. An example of this version is "Hustle" by MC Pattexx

Sean Paul - Disrespect (1999)
Baby Cham - Desperate Measures (1999)
MC Pattexx - Hustle (2021)

24 Headache Riddim (1999)

28 tunes
Headache Riddim View all tunes

The Headache Riddim was created in 1999 by Ricky Myrie. All tunes on the riddim were released on the Mo' Music label and produced by Louis Malcolm and Delly Ranks.

Elephant Man & Delly Ranks - Headache (1999)
Sean Paul - Next Generation (1999)
Tanya Stephens - Rigor Mortis (1999)

25 Action Riddim (1992)

27 tunes
Action Riddim View all tunes

The Action Riddim was made in 1992 by Dave Kelly. Its biggest hit by far is "Action" by Terror Fabulous and Nadine Sutherland. The Action Riddim is confused a lot with the Dickie Riddim, which is also on this list.

Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland - Action (1992)
Buju Banton - Love How The Gal Dem Flex (1992)
Daddy Screw - Model Pon Yuh One Time Man (1992)