Riddim Driven: Washout is the thirty-ninth volume of the VP Records's Riddim Driven series albums. It was released in 2003 and contains tunes on the Washout Riddim. The tunes are produced by Rupert Blake for the Q45 label.

# Artist Tune Riddim
1 Elephant Man Higher Level Washout
2 Danny English & Egg Nogg Tease Me Washout
3 Hawkeye Nah Lie Pon It Washout
4 General Degree Shock Out Washout
5 Singer J & Mr. Lexx One Man Washout
6 Buccaneer Press Button Washout
7 Bounty Killer Blast Unnu Washout
8 New Kidz Hotta Set A Gal Washout
9 Red Rat Bun Ah Fire Washout
10 Frisco Kid Bore Washout
11 Mr. Vegas Glad To Say Washout
12 Kiprich Dat No Lie Washout
13 Anthony B Hip Hip I-O Washout
14 Wickerman Girls Me Ah Follow Washout
15 Assassin See & Blind Washout
Riddim Driven: Washout