What is Riddim-ID?

Riddim-ID is a website on top of a riddim database which contains extensive data that revolves around the usage of riddims in Reggae, Dancehall and Soca music. The main goal is to list which tunes were released on a particular riddim throughout the years. In addition to that, there is also information about artists, producers, labels and albums.

The database has been regularly updated since its origin in 2010 and the data is carefully checked across multiple sources. The website is an ever-changing project which aims to make the information inside the database available to anybody in the most user-friendly way.

Coxsone Dodd

What are the main sources of the data?

Lee Scratch Perry

The initial core of the data on this website is the pioneering work of Pupa Vlado. He collected information about roughly 34.000 tunes and made them available through his (now long gone) website www.reggae-riddims.com. Pupa Vlado stopped collecting in 2003 but kept his website up and running until 2006. When his website finally went offline, he decided to share his collection with the community in the form of spreadsheets. These spreadsheets make up the core of most, if not all riddim databases that can be found around the web today.

Another important source is the Camphouse Riddim Index, compiled by Robert Camphouse. In here he collected information about another 12.000 tunes. In addition to that he also compiled the Camphouse Artist Profile, containing extensive information about 2500 artists and producers. He kept his collection up-to-date until 2010 and after that he decided to share his work with the community as well.

What are some other sources?