Riddim-ID is a website on top of a database that contains information about tunes, their riddims, the artists and producers that created them and the labels that released them. All the information in the database is carefully checked across multiple sources. This takes a lot of time but as a result a lot of errors are fixed and a lot of missing and additional data is added. The database is updated regularly since 2010 but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Main sources


Most of the data in the database was initially collected by Pupa Vlado. He did his pioneering work in a time where this was not an easy task because there was virtually no information about riddims available on the internet. After collecting information about 34.000 tunes Pupa Vlado stopped in 2003. He decided to share his work with the community.

Another important source is the Camphouse Riddim Index compiled by Robert Camphouse. In here he collected information on another 12.000 tunes. In addition to that he also compiled the Camphouse Artist Profile containing extensive information about 2500 artists and producers. He updated his collection until 2010. Robert Camphouse decided to share his work with the community as well.

Other sources