Riddim Driven: 2 Bad Riddims is the one-hundred-twenty-second volume of the VP Records's Riddim Driven series albums. It was released in 2006 and contains tunes on the Eighty Five Riddim & the Stage Show Riddim. The tunes are produced by Dave Kelly for the Madhouse label.

# Artist Tune Riddim
1 Spice Fight Over Man Eighty Five
2 Black-er Later Fi She Eighty Five
3 Assassin Anywhere We Go Eighty Five
4 Spice Grab Yu Hood Eighty Five
5 Baby Cham & Majic Massey Bring It On Eighty Five
6 Pinchers Desperate Scenario Eighty Five
7 Yellowman Orphan Eighty Five
8 Baby Cham Ghetto Story Eighty Five
9 Spice & Pinchers Rude Boy Love Stage Show
10 Pinchers The Enemies Stage Show
11 Assassin Good Over Evil Stage Show
12 Baby Cham Rude Boy Pledge Stage Show
Riddim Driven: 2 Bad Riddims