Tunes on the Youthman Riddim (1977)

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Glenroy Richards Wicked Can't Run Away 1977 Youthman Glen Brown Grove
Tappa Zukie Green Bay Murder 1978 Youthman Tappa Zukie Front Line
Wayne Jarrett Youthman 1979 Youthman Glen Brown Pantomine
Pinchers Darling Baby 1986 Youthman Peter Chemist
[Dub] Wicked Can't Run Away Version 1991 Youthman Jah Life
Banana Man Dancehall Murder 1992 Youthman King Jammy
Horace Andy You Are My Angel 1994 Youthman Stone Love
Anthony B Prophecy A Reveal 1996 Youthman Richard Bell
Jehrose Tafari Rainbow 1997 Youthman Jah Fury
Junior Kelly Good Tidings 1999 Youthman Front Page
Admiral Tibet I Can't Be Sure 2000 Youthman Finatic
Everton Blender Warmonger Man 2000 Youthman Tuff Riddim
Frankie Paul Stand Up 2000 Youthman Tuff Riddim
Ian Sweetness As I Look Up To The Hills 2000 Youthman Fight Back
Luciano Crying For Love 2000 Youthman Tuff Riddim
Screwdriver Emergency 2000 Youthman Finatic
Sluggy Ranks Bounty Hunter 2000 Youthman
Thriller U New World Order 2000 Youthman Finatic
Tony Tuff Big Dance In Town 2000 Youthman Tuff Riddim
Junior Cat Eden 2001 Youthman Sugar Minott Black Roots
Leroy Sibbles Jah Jah Call You 2001 Youthman Sugar Minott Black Roots
Leroy Smart Don't Take It So Smart 2001 Youthman Sugar Minott Black Roots
Linval Thompson Down Inna Babylon 2001 Youthman Sugar Minott Black Roots
Luciano What Manner Of A Man 2001 Youthman Sugar Minott Black Roots
Mikey General Some People Start From 2001 Youthman Sugar Minott Black Roots
Sugar Minott Up Inna Dis 2001 Youthman Sugar Minott Black Roots
George Nooks Give Me Loving 2004 Youthman Super Power
Jah Mason Love Me For Life 2004 Youthman Super Power
Lukie D I'm Devoted 2004 Youthman Super Power
Anthony B Before Yu Judge A Man 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
Bongo Kanny A Letter To My Beloved 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
Cush Hunta Dance With My Girl 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
George Nooks Father Help Me 2005 Youthman Black Arrow
George Nooks She Gives Me Loving 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
Jah Mason One For All 2005 Youthman Black Arrow
Jah Mason She Loves Me 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
Luciano The Struggle 2005 Youthman Black Arrow
Mikey General Live The Live You Live 2005 Youthman Black Arrow
Natural Black Early On Before 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
Norris Man Please Jah 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
Prezident Brown Tree Of Life 2005 Youthman Black Arrow
Shyam Sandy 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
Singing Melody You Come Into My Life 2005 Youthman Black Arrow
Sizzla Got To Survive 2005 Youthman Black Arrow
Yami Bolo African Brother 2006 Youthman Jahara
Omar Perry Can't Stop Us 2009 Youthman Makasound
Andrew Bell Check Point Youthman Glen Brown Pantomine
Anthony Selassie Busy Body Youthman Delroy Collins Rythem Track
Badoo Classical Youthman Glen Brown
Carl Meeks Without Your Love Youthman Hugh James
Carlton Livingston Wicked Can't Run Away Youthman Hyman Wright & Percy Chin Jah Life
Courtney Melody Black Liberation Youthman Crat
Courtney Melody My Lady Youthman Redman International
Dennis Alcapone Dem A Hooligan Youthman
Dennis Brown Youthman Youthman Bunny Gemini Record Factory
Derrick Parker True Love In You I Find Youthman Kesta
Dillinger Youthman Youthman Larry Sevitt & Dillinger
Eccleton Jarrett Rock Them One By One Youthman Jammy's
Glen Brown Don't Test Youthman
Glen Brown Music In Me Youthman Glen Brown Pantomine
Glen Brown Wicked A Go Run Youthman Grove
Horace Martin Soundbwoy Style Youthman Derrick Harriott Crystal
John Holt Survival Time Youthman
Johnny Ringo Green Bay Story Youthman Glen Brown
Junior Reid Standing At Attention Youthman Carl Gibson Rocky Gibbs
L.J. Rap Friends Will Test You Youthman Glen Brown
Lady Apache Girls Get Smart Youthman Glen Brown
Little Kirk Soundboy Youthman Patrick Roberts & Kirk Davis
Malibu My Love Youthman Kesta
Michael Palmer Old Pirates Youthman Glen Brown Pantomine
Mikey Jarett Go To School Youthman Glen Brown
Natty Roy Ras A Grow Youthman Rocky Gibbs
Phillip Myaz Don't Cry Mama Youthman Rocky Gibbs
Ranking Joe Peace And Love Youthman
Terrence Smith & Cassette & Tape V.I.B. Youthman Jah Life
Top Cat Badder Than Dem Youthman Gussie P 9 Lives
Tuffest War Boat Youthman Glen Brown Pantomine
Welton Irie Wicked Haffi Run Youthman
Yami Bolo His Majesty Youthman Bunny Gemini Record Factory
Glen Brown & King Tubby Wicked Can't Run This Dub Youthman
Glen Brown & Tony Melodian Sweet Reggae Music Youthman Glen Brown Pantomine
Wayne Wonder & Frankie Sly My Girl For Life Youthman 2B Productions
Young Bailey Bed Mash Up Youthman Glen Brown Pantomine
Young Bailey The Invasion Youthman Glen Brown
[Dub] Sound Boy Version Youthman Patrick Roberts & Kirk Davis
[Dub] Soundbwoy Style Version Youthman Derrick Harriott Crystal
[Dub] Survival Time (Part 2) Youthman