Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
[Dub] In The Mood 1969 I'm In The Mood For Love Winston Riley Techniques
[Dub] Marry Me 1969 She's Gonna Marry Me Winston Riley Techniques
[Dub] Saturday Night Version 1969 Saturday Night (1) Harry J Harry J
[Dub] Sounds Of Babylon Version 1970 Rivers Of Babylon Leslie Kong Beverly's
[Dub] Version Bold 1970 Bold Soul King Sporty & Coxsone Dodd Sporties
[Dub] Young, Gifted And Black (1) 1970 Young, Gifted And Black Harry J Trojan
[Dub] African Version 1971 African Descendants Coxsone Dodd Coxsone
[Dub] Back To Africa Musical Version 1971 Back To Africa (1) Coxsone Dodd Tranquility
[Dub] Harbour Skank Version 1971 ~Unknown (516) Keith Cole Green Door
[Dub] Know For I Version 1971 Know For I Derrick Harriott
[Dub] She Boom (Life Should Be A Dream) Version 1971 Sh-Boom Coxsone Dodd Coxson
[Dub] A Message To Her (Version) 1972 A Message To Her Coxsone Dodd Studio One
[Dub] Bounce Me Version 1972 ~Unknown (513) Stare McCallum FRM
[Dub] Dubwise Situation 1972 What A Situation Clive Chin Tanya
[Dub] In The Rain 1972 In The Rain Keith Hudson Mafia
[Dub] In The Rain Part 2 Dubwise 1972 In The Rain Keith Hudson Mafia
[Dub] Jah Jah Children Version 1972 Jah Jah Children Count Shelly Count Shelly
[Dub] Jaro 1972 Java Clive Chin Checker
[Dub] Java Java Dub 1972 Java Clive Chin Impact!
[Dub] Just Another Dub 1972 Just Another Girl Clive Chin
[Dub] Lean On Me Version 1972 ~Unknown (525) Harry J Harry J
[Dub] Upbeat Version 1972 Just Another Girl Clive Chin
[Dub] Who Told You So Version 1972 ~Unknown (477) Bunny Striker Lee Jackpot
[Dub] A Better Version 1973 Skylarking Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] A Serious Version 1973 Serious Thing Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] A Wonderful Version 1973 A Wonderful World Coxsone Dodd Studio One
[Dub] Another Version 1973 Find Yourself Another Girl Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Are You Sure? 1973 Are You Sure Larry Lawrence
[Dub] Black Foundation 1973 Is It Because I'm Black Augustus Clarke
[Dub] Crisp Version 1973 Please Be True Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Dubbin' Of The Ten Tousand 1973 Drum Song Glen Darby
[Dub] Hospital Trolley Version 1973 Java Love
[Dub] I'm Gonna Dub You My Mind 1973 Something On My Mind Glen Darby
[Dub] Loving Pauper 1973 Loving Pauper Augustus Clarke
[Dub] More Warning 1973 Queen Of The Minstrel Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Murderer 1973 Skylarking Augustus Clarke
[Dub] Rebel Music Pt. 2 1973 ~Unknown (514) Karl Pitterson Wild Flower
[Dub] Rockers Time 1973 My Time Augustus Clarke
[Dub] Straight To Babylon Boy's Head 1973 Ride On Dreadlocks Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Straight To Brad's Head From New York 1973 Joe Liges Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] 2,000 Years Ago Version 1974 2,000 Years Ago Keith Chin Impact!
[Dub] Big Or Small 1974 We're All In This Together Augustus Clarke
[Dub] Blacka Love 1974 Shame And Pride Jah Lloyd
[Dub] Dreaded Than 1974 Five More Minutes Of Your Time Keith Hudson
[Dub] Gun Court Skank 1974 Stick By Me Harry Mudie Moodisc
[Dub] Lord A Masie Masie (Version) 1974 ~Unknown (523) D. C. Anderson Anderson
[Dub] Michael Talbot Affair 1974 Exile Song Keith Hudson
[Dub] Much More Dub 1974 Last Train To Expo '67 Bunny Striker Lee Fat Man
[Dub] No No No 1974 No, No, No Augustus Clarke
[Dub] Pick A Dub 1974 S 90 Skank Keith Hudson
[Dub] Pride Version 1974 Shame And Pride Jah Lloyd
[Dub] Rally Dub 1974 Run Come Rally Yabby U Prophets
[Dub] Satia 1974 Satta Massagana Keith Hudson
[Dub] Some Guys Have All The Luck Version 1974 ~Unknown (522) Harry J Harry J
[Dub] Version 1974 General (1) Edmond Brooks & Pat Francis Teem
[Dub] Watergate Rock 1974 I Admire You Carlton Patterson
[Dub] When I Fall In Love 1974 When I Fall In Love Coxsone Dodd Studio One
[Dub] Why Do Fools Fall In Love Version 1974 ~Unknown (521) Harry J Harry J
[Dub] Barbering 1975 Ali Baba Sonia Pottinger High Note
[Dub] Campus Rock 1975 Let Me Live Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson Record Globe
[Dub] Cheer Up Blackman Version 1975 ~Unknown (226) Buster Riley Mummy
[Dub] Clash Of Steele 1975 Brand New Baby Carlton Patterson
[Dub] Cool Down Version 1975 Cool Down Your Temper Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Corn Man 1975 My Mama Say Niney The Observer
[Dub] Dancing Version 1975 Dance Inna Greenwhich Farm Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Dub Livity 1975 You're No Good (2) Don Mais
[Dub] Duke Of Earl Dub 1975 Duke Of Earl Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Fade Away Version 1975 Fade Away Jo Jo Hookim & Earl Smith Well Charge
[Dub] Good Dub 1975 Mission Impossible (2) / Just Give Up The Badness Bunny Striker Lee Jackpot
[Dub] Gorgon Speaks Version 1975 You Wrong Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] I'm All Right Version 1975 Don't Think About Me Keith Hudson Original Music
[Dub] Jah Can Count On I (Version) 1975 Jah Can Count On I Maurice Jackson Tafari
[Dub] Jam Down 1975 No More Will I Roam Niney The Observer
[Dub] King Tubby's Special (Reprise) 1975 Don't Believe In Him Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Long Way 1975 Long Way Lee Scratch Perry
[Dub] Mister D. Brown Skank 1975 Rock With Me (1) Niney The Observer
[Dub] Nanny Goat Dub 1975 Nanny Goat
[Dub] Resting Place Version 1975 ~Unknown (550) Jack Ruby Wolf
[Dub] Rocking Chair 1975 ~Unknown (381) Maurice Jackson Tafari
[Dub] Sir Nineys Rock 1975 Give A Helping Hand Niney The Observer
[Dub] Straight To Trojan Head 1975 I Shall Not Remove Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Ta Teacher Dub 1975 Baby Don't Go Aston Barrett & Clive Chin One Way
[Dub] Tubby's Vengeance 1975 Jah Vengeance Yabby U
[Dub] Walking In Dub 1975 Travelling Brad Osborne Clocktower
[Dub] African Daughter Dub 1976 Pick Up The Pieces Don Mais
[Dub] African Version 1976 Roots Natty Congo Bunny Striker Lee Striker Lee
[Dub] Beautiful Dub 1976 Rasta Man
[Dub] Civilisation (Instrumental) 1976 ~Unknown (380) Keith Hudson Virgin
[Dub] Cool Rock 1976 Cool It Precision
[Dub] Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks 1976 Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
[Dub] Don't Rush The Dub 1976 Get In The Groove Don Mais
[Dub] Dread Version 1976 Satta Massagana / Satta Dread Pete Weston
[Dub] Dub 16 1976 M 16 Don Mais
[Dub] Falling Dub 1976 Babylon Fall
[Dub] Half Way To Paradise Version 1976 ~Unknown (512) Dobby Dobson Double-D
[Dub] Home Version 1976 Home Sweet Home Don Mais
[Dub] Jah Speaks In Dub 1976 So Jah Jah Say
[Dub] King Pharaoh's Dub 1976 King Pharaoh's Plague Yabby U
[Dub] Love You Dub 1976 Gonna Take A Miracle Don Mais
[Dub] No Dub Island 1976 No Man Is An Island Don Mais
[Dub] One Man Dub 1976 One Man One Vote Don Mais
[Dub] Peculiar Dub 1976 ~Unknown (378) The Abyssinians Penetrate
[Dub] Pick Up The Dub 1976 Pick Up The Pieces Don Mais
[Dub] Pick Up The Dub 1976 Pick Up The Pieces
[Dub] Ragnampiza Version 1976 Unchained Jo Jo Hookim
[Dub] Rub This Dub 1976 Please Be True
[Dub] Rush I Some Dub 1976 Black Princess Lady
[Dub] Saboo 1976 ~Unknown (228) Bunny Striker Lee Jackpot
[Dub] See A Dub Face 1976 See Your Face Don Mais
[Dub] Skanking In The Park 1976 Sitting In The Park
[Dub] Soulful I 1976 Mr. Fix It / I'll Be Lonely Lloyd Campbell Spider Man
[Dub] Straight To The Capitalist Head 1976 Money (1) Bunny Striker Lee
[Dub] Sunshine Version 1976 See A Man's Face Don Mais
[Dub] Temptation Woman (Version) 1976 General (1) Enos McLeod EML
[Dub] Turning Point Version 1976 Turning Point Prince Tony Robinson TR Groovemaster
[Dub] Version 1976 He Prayed / Bosrah Tappa Zukie Stars
[Dub] Way Over In Dub 1976 Send Me Over There
[Dub] When I Love Dub 1976 When I Fall In Love Don Mais
[Dub] Who Is The One 1976 ~Unknown (224) Buster Riley Mummy
[Dub] Collie Dub 1977 ~Unknown (054) Horace Andy & Everton Da Silva Hungry Town
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