Tunes performed by Diplomat

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Diplomat, Brushy One String & Banana Man Worship Diamond And Pearl 1993 Action (1) Courtney Cole Roof
Diplomat Muma Leech 1995 Kuff / Nurse Stone Love Movement Stone Love
Diplomat Macabee Version 1996 Farmer Barry O'Hare X-Rated
Diplomat Teaser 2001 Marcia & Mary Mikey Magic Music Time
Diplomat Hot Girls 2003 Final Warrior V. Marsh & Richard Bailey Warlord
Diplomat Nuff A Dem 2003 Forensic Clifford Smith & Computer Paul In The Streetz
Diplomat What's The Rush 2003 Silent River (2) Dwight Heslop Voice Stream
Diplomat More Disaster 2005 Reggae Nights W. Williams Sample Rage
Diplomat Johnny 2006 World Cup Courtney McIntosh Intouch
Diplomat Not Again 2006 Time And Patience Hugh Miller Our Promotion
Diplomat My Vision (Dem Woulda Waan) 2010 Knock Out Supersonic