Tunes performed by Sizzla

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Sizzla & Shadow Man It's Not Over 1994 Freedom Blues Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Then Why 1995 Fed Up Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Louie Culture, Anthony B & Sizzla Row Mr. Fisherman 1996 Burning Bush Richard Bell Star Trail
Sizzla Black Woman And Child 1996 Black Woman And Child Bobby Digital Digital-B
Anthony B, Louie Culture & Sizzla Gwaan Chant 1997 Heavy Load Richard Bell Star Trail
Jah Cure & Sizzla King In This Jungle 1997 In This Jungle Beres Hammond Harmony House
Sizzla Babylon A Listen 1997 Mean Girl / I Need A Roof Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Bless The Youth 1997 Solomon Bobby Digital Brickwall
Sizzla Brutality For Love 1997 Boom Boom Dance Stuart Brown African Star
Sizzla By Your Words 1997 By Your Words Kariang
Sizzla Clean Up Your Heart 1997 MX-6 Barry O'Hare & Mighty Mike X-Rated
Sizzla Do Some Good 1997 The Joy Richard Bell Star Trail
Sizzla From Long Time 1997 From Long Time Kariang
Sizzla Give Them A Ride 1997 Lecturer / Handle The Ride Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla Government 1997 Government Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Guide Over Us 1997 Queen Of The Minstrel Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla Hard Ground 1997 Leaving To Zion Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla Holding Firm 1997 Holding Firm Richard Bell Star Trail
Sizzla I Wonder (I'm Not Sure) 1997 No Woman# No Cry Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Kings Of The Earth 1997 General (2) Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Like Mountain 1997 Like Mountain The Firehouse Crew Firehouse
Sizzla Like Mountain (Emperor Selassie) 1997 Mount Jerusalem Firehouse Crew
Sizzla Love Is Always There 1997 Run Run / Kolo Ko Soljie Hamilton Soljie
Sizzla Love Is Divine 1997 Stars (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla Make It Secure 1997 Drum Song Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla More Guidance 1997 Mr. Fire Coal Man Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla No Other Like Jah 1997 Mr. Brown Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla No Time To Gaze 1997 All Purpose (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla One Away 1997 Satta Massagana / Raggy Road Bobby Digital Brickwall
Sizzla Too Much To Bear 1997 He Prayed Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla Trust And Love 1997 Movie Star Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla & Capleton Babylon A Use Dem Brain 1997 He Prayed Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla & Jah Cure King In This Jungle 1997 Plenty Bag Beres Hammond Harmony House
Garnett Silk & Sizzla Bless Me 1998 Get A Lick / Billie Jean Bobby Digital Digital-B
Luciano & Sizzla Jah Blessing 1998 Babylon Homework Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Babylon Homework 1998 Babylon Homework Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Be Strong 1998 Hot Milk / Sea Of Love Robert Ffrench, David Rowe & J. McKenzie Ffrench
Sizzla Big And Bold 1998 Get A Lick
Sizzla Can't Cool 1998 Black Cinderella Gary Tomlinson Spragga Roots
Sizzla Dem A Try A Ting 1998 Stealing Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Go Round Them 1998 Keep On Beres Hammond Harmony House
Sizzla Good Ways 1998 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Brickwall
Sizzla It Cost Nothing 1998 Washpan Syl Gordon Cylton
Sizzla Juvenile 1998 Bad Road Colin Levy Kings Of Kings
Sizzla Love Is Always There 1998 Gospel Time Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Sizzla Made It So 1998 Nuh Pardon Henfield
Sizzla Made Of 1998 Every Day Is Just A Holiday Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla On The Battlefield 1998 Battlefield (1) Homer Harris Jamstyle
Sizzla Real 1998 Ba Ba Boom Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Thunder Roll 1998 Lion Teeth Calvin Scott Roaring Lion
Sizzla Till It Some More 1998 Till It Some More Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Anytime Now 1999 Riott Jazzwad Jazzwad
Sizzla Bad Man Deh 1999 Faith (1) Doctor Marshall Mad Doc
Sizzla Bad Man Deh 1999 Fire Cracker K.D. Cleghorn Crown Star
Sizzla Brainwash 1999 Brainwash Devon Star Crown Star
Sizzla Dem Ago Suffer 1999 Zion (2) Cali Bud
Sizzla Do The Right Thing 1999 Rockfort Rock Leroy Smart WWS
Sizzla Get Rid A Dem 1999 Get Rid A Dem Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Get We Out 1999 Give Me The Right Kariang
Sizzla Good Conquer Evil 1999 Good Conquer Evil Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Jail House Break 1999 Matrix Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Sizzla Jerusalem 1999 Fire Torch Doctor Marshall Mad Doc
Sizzla Live So Nice 1999 Sugar And Water Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Sizzla Love Of A Lifetime 1999 Get Mad Now Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla Pull The Resources 1999 Silencer Brickwall
Sizzla Stop From Quarrel 1999 Stop From Quarrel Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Strenght And Hope 1999 Strength (1) Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Why Boast 1999 Why Boast Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Why Boast 1999 Boasy Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla & Spectacular All Praises To Jah 1999 Hard Nut To Crack Doctor Marshall & The Mad Doc Family Mad Doc
Bounty Killer & Sizzla Bring Back The Love 2000 Big Up (2) John Dunkley Cartell Family
Sizzla Advance 2000 Navy Blue John Dunkley True Blue
Sizzla Azanido 2000 Stalag Winston Riley Techniques
Sizzla Bam Rush 2000 Unleaded Adex
Sizzla Bun Dem Out 2000 Signpost Love Promotion
Sizzla Dat Them Love 2000 Asthma Marlon Cooke Deja Vu
Sizzla Dirty Desert 2000 Dirty Desert White Robbin White Robbins
Sizzla Do Good Every Time 2000 My Conversation Bobby Digital Digital-B
Sizzla Everliving Life 2000 Everliving Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Fat & Yu Clean 2000 Spawn Winston Powell Stone Love
Sizzla Give It To Dem 2000 Chiney Gal Cordel Burrell & Ce'Cile Kings Of Kings
Sizzla Health And Strength 2000 Health Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla Heard Of Dem 2000 Doorslam Harvel Hart Annex
Sizzla Judgement 2000 Skylarking Slam
Sizzla Kalonji Vex! 2000 Sinus Shane Richards Shines
Sizzla Keep It Real 2000 Door Bell Michael Johnson Hi-Grade
Sizzla Life 2000 Saturday Night (2) Gary Tomlinson Spragga Roots
Sizzla Life Is Eternal 2000 I Love King Selassie Al Simpson Safire
Sizzla Living For Youths 2000 Resurrection Charles Gordon & Mark Gordon M.U.S.S.E.L.
Sizzla Loving And Upright 2000 Bobo Spice Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Sizzla Nah Hear 2000 Blazing Norman Bryan Kickin
Sizzla Taking Over 2000 911 Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sizzla To The Point 2000 Tixx Christopher James CJ
Capleton, Sizzla & Lexxus Dem Gal Mix 2001 Bushy Bushy Debbie Harding & Harvel Hart Extra Extra
Sizzla All I Need 2001 Sars Preston Onfroy In Time
Sizzla Babylon Get Demolish 2001 Body Snatcher Preston Onfroy In Time
Sizzla Badder Than Them 2001 Narcotic Jazzwad
Sizzla Beautiful World 2001 I'm In The Mood For Love / Lonely (1) Sugar Roy Fire Ball
Sizzla Biggest Talk 2001 Big League (1) Syl Gordon 321 Strong
Sizzla Blaze Fire Blaze 2001 Blaze (1) Christopher James CJ