Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Leroy Sibbles, Prince Junior & Mikey Jarett Why Did You Leave 1981 Why Did You Leave Stewart Chin Black Ovation
Mikey Jarett She Ragga Muffing 1987 African Beat / Skokian Hyman Wright Jah Life
Mikey Jarett & Princess Goldie Down Town 1988 Sweets For My Sweet / Sweets For My Baby Gyasi Addae Gyasi
Mikey Jarett & Princess Goldie Who Mi Love 1989 Who She Love / Groovy Kind Of Love Gyasi Addae Gyasi
Bassadar & Mikey Jarett East And West 1997 Taxi / East & West Howard Ashman Celebrity
Mikey Jarett Admire Me 1997 Joy Ride / Riding West (2) Hyman Wright Jah Life
Mikey Jarett Wah Dat 41 Shot 1999 Street Sweeper / Vacuum Sweeper Hyman Wright Life Music
Mikey Jarett Great Story 2002 Vanity Razor Sound
Roman Stewart & Mikey Jarett She Is My One And Only 2002 Every Night Sir Tommy's Sir Tommy's
Mikey Jarett Hard Times Coming 2003 Hypocrites Phillip Fraser Razor Sound
Mikey Jarett & Princess Goldie Rescue Me Oh Lord 2003 Clinic Joe Jackson Ranking Joe
Mikey Jarett Get It Together 2006 Memories By The Score Ansel Meditation Meditations
Mikey Jarett Babylon ~Unknown (543) Val Saunders Digital English
Mikey Jarett Boops Get Bun Boops Witty Witty
Mikey Jarett Bruck Pocket Lover Loving Pauper Count Shelly
Mikey Jarett Can't Stay Away Taxi Lloyd Barnes Wackie's
Mikey Jarett Get Your Green Card Real Rock Coxsone Dodd Studio One
Mikey Jarett Go To School Youthman Glen Brown
Mikey Jarett Greatest Lover Love Is Not A Gamble Rohit
Mikey Jarett Mr Excitement Mr. Bassie Wackie's
Mikey Jarett Rich Answer Wackie's
Mikey Jarett Sadat Answer Jah Life
Mikey Jarett Trade Fresh (1) Lloyd Barnes Wackie's
  • Name
    Mikey Jarett
  • Real name
    Mikey Jarett
  • Born
      Jamaica, Kingston, Trench Town