Tunes performed by Junior Kelly

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Junior Kelly Go Down Satan 1999 Please Be True M. Manley & H & H Dawson Front Page
Junior Kelly Good Tidings 1999 Youthman Front Page
Junior Kelly If Love So Nice 1999 Michael Spanford
Junior Kelly OK 1999 Okay Harvel Hart Annex
Junior Kelly Bun Dung Rome 2000 Bingo Mult-I
Junior Kelly Can't Run 2000 Blazing Norman Bryan Kickin
Junior Kelly Clean Heart 2000 Clean Heart Rohan Dwyer & Shane Brown Ba'k Beat
Junior Kelly Dem And Those 2000 My Conversation Love Promotion
Junior Kelly Eye Beam 2000 Bunion Barrington Hutchinson & Jacob Miller Mult-I
Junior Kelly Far From Jah 2000 Cuss Cuss Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Junior Kelly God Bless 2000 Suffering Ransford The African Humal
Junior Kelly Hotta Fi Get 2000 Hotta Fi Get Rohan Dwyer & Shane Brown Ba'k Beat
Junior Kelly I And I 2000 20/20 Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Junior Kelly Jewel Of The Nile 2000 Sudd Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Junior Kelly Last Days 2000 Lecturer
Junior Kelly Lightning 2000 Badness Edward Murray KT
Junior Kelly Music 2000 Boops Mark Anthony & Michael Swaby
Junior Kelly My Baby 2000 Declaration Of Rights
Junior Kelly Nah Get No Blye 2000 Battle Boom Malaika
Junior Kelly One Day 2000 Betta Ruff Cutt
King David & Junior Kelly Lion In Me 2000 Guns In The Ghetto 71 Records
George Nooks, Beres Hammond, Bounty Killer, Junior Kelly, Richie Stephens & Morgan Heritage Peace Cry 2001 Jam Down (1)
Junior Kelly Beauty 2001 Wanted (1) Ryan Braithwaite & Ernest Braithwaite Nuclear
Junior Kelly Black Am I 2001 None A Jah Jah Children George Miller Firehouse Crew
Junior Kelly Cool Nuh 2001 Irie And Mellow Norman Bryan Kickin
Junior Kelly Couldnt Be We Friend 2001 Hott Pants
Junior Kelly Down There 2001 Narcotic Jazzwad
Junior Kelly Exile 2001 Cuss Cuss Norman Bryan Kickin
Junior Kelly Ghetto Region 2001 Answer Bobby Konders Massive B
Junior Kelly High Beam 2001 Chipstone Barrington Hutchinson & Byron Hutchinson Mult-I
Junior Kelly Hungry Days 2001 War Front Page
Junior Kelly Jah Live On 2001 Jah Live On Ruff Cutt Ruff Cutt
Junior Kelly Sleep Last Night 2001 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Smooth Wind Norman Bryan Kickin
Junior Kelly Water House 2001 Bobby Babylon Mega Bass
Junior Kelly Word Power 2001 Bingi Jimmy Riley Love Promotion
Junior Kelly You Can Make It 2001 Zion Gate (2) Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Junior Kelly You Can Make It 2001 Trod'n To Zion Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Junior Kelly & Igena When 2001 Adrenalin Rush Roland McDermot Rollin'
Junior Kelly Cover Yourself 2002 Rockfort Rock Anthony Lilly & Conrad Green Harmodio
Junior Kelly Flippin And Floppin 2002 Live Wire George Miller Firehouse
Junior Kelly Lock Down 2002 Fed Up / Tabla Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Beat Ruut
Junior Kelly Till Di Soil 2002 Tonight (1) Roland McDermot Rollin'
Junior Kelly Woman Something 2002 Renegade Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Junior Kelly Closer 2003 Krazy Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Junior Kelly Folly 2003 Addiction (2) Roland McDermot & Philip James Rollin'
Junior Kelly Pretty Likkle 2003 3rd Degree Sam Diggy & Bishop Mark Of The West
Junior Kelly Tek Them On 2003 Egyptian Daniel Lewis & Donovan Bennett Blaxxx
Junior Kelly Time 2003 Big Man Milton Moore Sound Proof
Junior Kelly Trod 2003 Tropical (1) Soljie Hamilton Soljie
Junior Kelly Work It Fi You 2003 360 Degrees Patrick Dalhouse 360 Degrees
Anthony Red Rose, Junior Kelly & Norris Man African Woman 2004 Honey Cone Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Junior Kelly Better Place 2004 Better Place Sean Johnson Jungle Jimuzik
Junior Kelly Blaze 2004 Blaze (2) Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Junior Kelly Dem Story 2004 I Swear Devon Wheatley 5th Element
Junior Kelly Get Busy 2004 Kasablanca Alberto Blackwood Slam
Junior Kelly Give Me Strength 2004 Bush Fire Trevor Bonnick All Access
Junior Kelly Korruption 2004 Night Nurse / Doctor's Darling Seeed & Pionear Germaican
Junior Kelly Rack Rack Rack 2004 Addicted To Music Anthony Senior & Boris Silvera Altafaan
Junior Kelly Rock On 2004 No Warrior / Father Jungle Rock Neil Amos & Moses Davis Free Willy
Junior Kelly Style 2004 Blue Steel Suku & Frenchie Maximum Sound
Junior Kelly The More I See Her 2004 Hardtimes Stephen Gibbs & Errol Thompson Gibbo
Junior Kelly Under The Moonlight 2004 Cupid Leftside & Esco Young Legends
Junior Kelly & Lukie D Back A Me Yard 2004 Back A Me Yard Frenchie Maximum Sound
Junior Kelly Cold Cold 2005 Mad Mad / Dutty Rub The Firehouse Crew Down Sound
Junior Kelly I Do 2005 Cry Baby Christopher Birch Birchill
Junior Kelly Loving None Stop 2005 Hard Drugs Tad's
Junior Kelly Murder 2005 Heavenless Firehouse Crew
Junior Kelly Music 2005 Boops
Junior Kelly Nah Lie 2005 Bingie Trod Michael Sterling South Block
Junior Kelly Receive 2005 Tsahai Anthony Senior & Boris Silvera Altafaan
Junior Kelly What Do You Say 2005 Maroon Andrew Prendergast & Josef Bogdanovich Down Sound
Junior Kelly You Look Fine 2005 Sleng Teng / Sleng Teng Resurrection King Jammy Jammy's
Junior Kelly Jah Will Be There 2006 Reflections Dean Fraser Reflection
Junior Kelly Justice 2006 Sunshine Justice Maximum Sound
Junior Kelly Rights 2006 Statement Shane Brown Juke Boxx
Junior Kelly Youths Dem Nah Cool 2006 Cuss Cuss Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Junior Kelly Always 2007 Jam Down (2) Delmar Drummond Danger Zone
Junior Kelly Take Those Blows 2007 River Bed (2) Lydon Lettman King Yard
Junior Kelly Try Me 2007 Devil's Angel Feueralarm Supersonic
Junior Kelly Caan Reach 2008 General Key Oneness
Junior Kelly Narrow Escape 2008 St. Jago De La Vega House Of Hits
Junior Kelly Out Of Control 2008 Bad Man (2) Elvis Grant House Of Hits
Queen Ifrica & Junior Kelly Too Late 2008 Balaclava Altafaan
Junior Kelly Push E Fire Federal Trench Town
Junior Kelly Water Hose General (1) Mega Bass