Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Natural Black Caribbean Princess 1997 Nature Phillip Linton Arrows
Natural Black Natural Is The Mystic 1997 Tonight (1) Phillip Linton Arrows
Anthony Red Rose & Natural Black Leader 1998 Answer How Yu Fi Sey Dat?
Natural Black Badman Strength 1998 Powerplay Anthony Red Rose & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey Dat?
Natural Black Beet And Shoot 1998 Stop That Train Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Natural Black It's A Holiday 1998 Get A Lick Carl Dwyer Bad 2000
Natural Black Kicking It 1998 Stop That Train Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Natural Black Link Up 1998 Worm Hottis Klik Hottis
Natural Black My Meditation 1998 Tempo Gordon Lee Flash
Natural Black & Super Black Herb Is The Healing 1998 Answer Shakes
Yasus Afari & Natural Black Things Gwaan 1999 Cousin Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Natural Black I'm Not Amazed 2000 Chatty Chatty Beres Hammond Harmony House
Natural Black Man Nuh Dead 2000 G-Spot Delon Reid, Mikey Williamson & Tony Thomas Madd Dawgz
Natural Black Nah Get Caught 2000 Hot Blood Carlton Livingston & Herbie Harris Fan Club
Natural Black Seek Jah More 2000 Kinde Jephter McClymont & Michael Taylor Qabalah
Natural Black Black Woman 2001 Left With A Broken Heart Spragga Roots
Natural Black Hoping And Praying 2001 Federal Trench Town
Natural Black Rumours Of War 2001 Rain From The Skies Win-Glen
Natural Black What A Joy 2001 Gideon Red Christopher Miller Compaq
Natural Black What Yu Up To 2001 Whoopi Donald Dixon True Love
DYCR & Natural Black Healing Of The Nation 2002 Rootsman (1) Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Natural Black Beautiful Morning 2002 Rollin Louis Malcolm Flabba
Natural Black Believe In Your Love 2002 Rockfort Rock Anthony Lilly & Conrad Green Harmodio
Natural Black Complain 2002 All The Best Bryan Morris & Christopher Clarke Black Pyramid
Natural Black Freedom Day 2002 Heathen (1) B.I.G.
Natural Black Get Me Mad 2002 Real Rock Norman Bryan Kickin
Natural Black Gun Nuh Mek Yah 2002 Tonight (1) Big Neck
Natural Black I've Been There Before 2002 Silk Owen Rennalls Vibes Corner
Natural Black Joy 2002 Judgement (4) Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Natural Black Living In Hell 2002 More Redemption Jil Addis
Natural Black Mi Do Mi Best 2002 Anti-Badness Vasco Carney V1
Natural Black My Girl 2002 Sweat (1) Harvel Hart Annex
Natural Black Never Get Weary 2002 Live Wire (1) The Firehouse Crew Firehouse Crew
Natural Black Never Leave U Lonely 2002 I Shall Be Released / Bondage Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Natural Black Nuh Promote Nuh Violence 2002 Shame And Scandal / Just Friends Winston Riley Techniques
Natural Black Princess For Life 2002 Zero Tolerance Harvel Hart Annex
Natural Black Rising Up 2002 Invincible Jerome James & Shawn McClymont Rising Sun
Natural Black Standing At The Gate 2002 Westbound Train 5th Element Family 5th Element
Natural Black Strong Black Woman 2002 Japanese Monkey Crossbreed & Colin Fat Royal Blend
Natural Black Third World War 2002 Rebellion White Robbin White Robbins
Natural Black Third World War 2002 World Dub Delroy Pottinger Mega Bass
Natural Black Where Have You Been 2002 Escape (2) Richard Brown Isle Of Springs
Natural Black Who Cares For Me 2002 Big Heel Boot Mark Hudson Stone Cold
Natural Black Woman Like You 2002 Tribal War Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Natural Black Budget 2003 Call On Me Robert Livingston Big Yard
Natural Black Bun Down Rome 2003 Frontline (2) Jil Addis
Natural Black Different Level 2003 Potion Owen Rowe & Durrant Rowe Ancient Mystic
Natural Black Different This Time 2003 Battlefield (2) Cultural Warriors
Natural Black Dis Yah Judgement 2003 If I Were A Carpenter / Carpenter Byron Murray In The Streetz
Natural Black Don't Play 2003 3000 Remix Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Natural Black Goodbye Poverty 2003 Live Wire (2) Norman Bryan Kickin
Natural Black Got To Be Straight Up 2003 Alarm Clock Digital Ancient & King Corrin Lustre Kings
Natural Black Hard Work 2003 AK-47 Daniel Lewis Blaxxx
Natural Black Indica 2003 Reggaelypso Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Natural Black Nah Give Up 2003 Kumina Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Natural Black Never 2003 Rose Bud G. Rose Robinson Blooming
Natural Black One More Cry 2003 Tropical (1) Soljie Hamilton Soljie
Natural Black Stay With Me 2003 Far East Star Creation
Natural Black There For Me 2003 New Brain Curtis Cole Pure & Clean
Natural Black What've Done Wrong 2003 Persistence (2) Cleveland Scott Home Run
Natural Black Who Cares For The Children 2003 Rampage Phillip Linton Arrows
Natural Black Why You're Leaving 2003 Makka Tree Pure People Pure Music
Natural Black & Swade Sun Still Shine 2003 Sara King Jammy Jammy's
Unicorn & Natural Black Giddeon 2003 Hindu Storm Donovan McMurray Hands & Heart
Natural Black Africa Hear My Cry 2004 Bad Mind (1) Ivan Maxwell Positive Star
Natural Black Be Patient 2004 Soul Food Chad Simpson Young Blood
Natural Black Bun A Freaky Party 2004 Worried Byron Murray & Donovan Bennett In The Streetz
Natural Black Conquer Dem 2004 I Swear Devon Wheatley 5th Element
Natural Black Cult Leaders 2004 Hot Gyal Anthony Malvo, Richard Malvo & Garth Neufville Real Music
Natural Black Give Thanks 2004 Who Cares Wade Brammer & Jimmy Ricks Insight
Natural Black Have Fun 2004 Dutch Master Daniel McGregor & Stephen McGregor Big Ship
Natural Black I Cry 2004 Alto Ego Christopher Hurst Acoustic Vibes
Natural Black It's A Joy 2004 Satta Massagana Bernard Collins Clinch
Natural Black Journey Of Life 2004 Runner Dia Fearon Builders
Natural Black Judgement 2004 Bush Fire Trevor Bonnick All Access
Natural Black Money 2004 Money (2) Michael Jaces & Owen Rennalls Rashanco
Natural Black Mountain 2004 Mineral Richard Bell Star Trail
Natural Black Moving Time 2004 No Politics Digital Ancient, Dr. X & King Corrin Lustre Kings
Natural Black No Chance 2004 Good Times (3) Naciamaj
Natural Black Question 2004 Question Roger Grant & Peter Grant Organic
Natural Black Rebel 2004 Survival (2) Reality Sound
Natural Black Smiling Face 2004 Quickie Roy Mayne Alexander Sajay
Natural Black Strong Decision 2004 King Of The Nile Jil & Stuff Addis
Natural Black Talk Of Bigger Heads 2004 Honey Cone Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Natural Black The Cildren 2004 That Little Girl Dwight Heslop Voice Stream
Natural Black Treat Her Like A Lady 2004 Nine Eleven Michael Johnson Lion Paw
Natural Black Water Pumpie 2004 Mean Girl / Soon Forward Sugar Roy Fire Ball
Natural Black Where Is The Love 2004 Dub Blues H. Hashimoto FarmLand
Natural Black Wickedness 2004 Reverence The Amlak 7 Crew Reggae Fever
Natural Black Your Time Soon Come 2004 Gideon (1) Goofy Young Blood
Natural Black & Ras Negus Different Place 2004 Heptones Gonna Fight M. Samuels Big Man
Natural Black Early On Before 2005 Youthman Mr. Piper
Natural Black Get Ready 2005 Solid Ground Jil & Stuff Addis
Natural Black Love Is Forgiving 2005 Reward Colin Levy Hard Drive Records
Natural Black Nuh Go So 2005 Oh No Michigan Total Satisfaction
Natural Black She No Love Me 2005 Black Rain (1) Chulito Camacho & Rachid Baggasse Kinky Music
Natural Black Step By Step 2005 Black Woman Kareem Green Big Stone
Natural Black Treat Her Like A Lady 2005 Lion Paw Michael Johnson Lion Paw
Norris Man & Natural Black Going Away 2005 Triumphant Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Natural Black All I Got 2006 One Two (2) Stephen McGregor Big Ship