Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Tuffest Wave Yu Hand 1987 Peanie Peanie Bobby Digital Digital-B
Tuffest Can't Live Without Them 1988 Don't Have Me Up King Jammy Jammy's
Tuffest Girls Dem Nice 1988 Nice Girls Bobby Digital Digital-B
Tuffest Science 1988 Busting Out Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Tuffest, Brian Gold & Tony Gold Dreaming 1988 Twin City Michael Bennett Two Friends
Tuffest Conman 1989 ~Unknown (205) King Jammy Jammy's
Tuffest Frighten Friday 1989 Frighten Friday Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Tuffest Girl Dem Nuff 1989 Taxi / Fast Car Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Tuffest How You So Fat 1989 Market Sound Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Tuffest Na Let Off 1989 Love Is Not A Gamble / Wicked Inna Bed (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Tuffest DJ Government 1990 DJ Government Bobby Digital Digital-B
Tuffest Eye Top 1990 Punnany Tegereg Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Tuffest Jump Around 1990 Black Boy In A Ring Sonny Ochiai & Trevor Lyn
Tuffest Post Them Out 1990 Gal Yu Good Bobby Digital Digital-B
Tuffest Duck Him 1991 Mud Slinging Noel Browne New Name
Tuffest Kitchen 1991 Governor Courtney Cole Cosmic Force
Tuffest Shoot Out 1991 Belly Buss Derrick Barnett New Name
Conroy Smith & Tuffest This Is God's World 1995 Corduroy Computer Paul Boomarang
Ninja Kid & Tuffest Gal No Hot 1995 Punanny Kenrick McKenzie Secret Rival
Sluggy Ranks & Tuffest Weed Man 1995 Kuff / Sick To The Treatment Kenrick McKenzie Secret Rival
Tuffest Tek Her Man 1995 Arab Attack Meggie Delta Force
Tuffest Salt Da Boy Deh Salt 1997 Joy Ride / Riding West (2) Hyman Wright Jah Life
Tuffest She Get Played 1997 Mr. Right Size Daddi Roi Mr. Take Care Of Business
Tuffest Could A Laugh 1998 Perish Patrick Barrett Barry U
Tuffest Dead Beat Dad 1998 Condom (2) Sidney Mills Living Room
Tuffest Tek It Outside 1999 Street Sweeper / Vacuum Sweeper Hyman Wright Life Music
Danny English & Tuffest Mash Up & Down 2001 None A Jah Jah Children George Miller Firehouse Crew
Tuffest New York Life 2003 Mad Mad / Weed Gyasi Addae Gyasi
Tuffest Real Tappa Tappa 2017 Top Ten / Kingston / New York Secret Rival
Sluggy Ranks & Tuffest So Many Spliff M 16 Hyman Wright Jah Life
Tuffest Joe Grind Duppy Bobby Digital Digital-B
Tuffest War Boat Youthman Glen Brown Pantomine
Tuffest & Singing Melody Savings Cuss Cuss Sonny Ochiai & Trevor Lyn
  • Name
  • Real name
    Patrick Mayne
  • Nicknames
    Tuffist, Toughest
  • Born