Tunes on the Finatic label

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
A.R.P. All I Really Want 1999 Badman (1) Finatic
Admiral Tibet I Can't Be Sure 2000 Youthman Finatic
Admiral Tibet Time Is The Master 2000 Bad News Finatic
Admiral Tibet What A Polution 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Akira For My Gangsters 2000 Heathcliff Finatic
Bob Andy In The Groove 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Bumba Ranks Stop The War 1999 Badman (1) Finatic
Capleton Badman Knowledge 1999 Badman (1) Finatic
Capleton Cherish No Wrong 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Capleton & Akira Badman Knowledge (Hip Hop Remix) 1999 Badman (1) Finatic
Cobra Badman More Dan No Man 1999 Badman (1) Finatic
Dennis Brown You Have Caught Me Baby 2000 Everlasting Finatic
Elephant Man Heathcliff 2000 Heathcliff Finatic
Endell-I Stand By Your King 2000 Everlasting Finatic
Fiona 40 Days And 40 Nights 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Freddie McGregor Know What You Saying 2000 Bad News Finatic
Glen Washington All My Love 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Glen Washington Luv Gone Clear 2000 Everlasting Finatic
HonoRebel Good Living 1999 Badman (1) Finatic
Lady Saw Feel Like Working 1999 Badman (1) Finatic
Luciano Dreams Of Paradise 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Mikey Spice Got To Be You 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Pankai Straight Up 2000 Heathcliff Finatic
Professor Nuts Mash It Up 2000 Heathcliff Finatic
Screwdriver Bad News 2000 Bad News Finatic
Screwdriver Emergency 2000 Youthman Finatic
Screwdriver What A Joy 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Tanya Stephens Fag In A Closet 1999 Badman (1) Finatic
The Young Rich Crew What U Gonna Do? 2000 Heathcliff Finatic
Thriller U New World Order 2000 Youthman Finatic
Tinga Stewart Everlasting 2000 Everlasting Finatic
[Dub] Paradise Version 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic