Tunes performed by Banana Man

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Banana Man Soundboy On Your Knees 1988 Rockfort Rock Steely & Clevie
Banana Man Fat Stone 1990 A Love I Can Feel
Banana Man Have Mercy 1990 Baby Why Tero Kaski Black Star
Banana Man Oh Girl 1990 Real Rock Tero Kaski
Banana Man When The Night Has Come 1990 He Prayed / Dub Organiser
Banana Man Dancehall Murder 1992 Youthman King Jammy
Diplomat, Brushy One String & Banana Man Worship Diamond And Pearl 1993 Action (1) Courtney Cole Roof
Banana Man & Johnny P Sweet 16 1995 Hot Section M. Reeves & Lloyd Dawkins Turbine
Banana Man & Johnny P Sweet Sixteen 1995 Turbine Hot Section
Banana Man Banana Shoot Again 1998 Macarena Danny Champagne, Donald Grant & Michael Grant Champagne
Banana Man Good Enough 1998 What You Want Champagne
Banana Man, Towie Don & Action Fire Selassie I 1999 Shank I Sheck S. Dixon & Michael Grant Tubbis
Banana Man Change My Mind Taxi Tero Kaski
Banana Man Rough Neck Sound Killer Real Rock Bobby Digital Digital-B