Tunes performed by Luciano

There are also 6 tunes produced by Luciano.
Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Beenie Man & Luciano Crazy Baldheads 1995 Crazy Baldheads Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Beenie Man & Luciano Running Away Crazy Baldheads Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Beres Hammond, Louie Culture, Luciano & Tony Rebel Every Man Has A Way 1995 One Drop Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Buju Banton & Luciano Revolution Time 2001 Giddeon War Buju Banton Gargamel
Capleton & Luciano Never Want The Youth Dem Die 2002 Live On Jack Scorpio Black Scorpio
Charlie Chaplin, Josey Wales & Luciano Rebel With A Cause 1994 Creation Rebel Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Cocoa Tea & Luciano Mr Governor 1993 Sleng Teng Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Elijah Prophet & Luciano To Be Friends 2005 Sweetie Come Brush Me God Bless
Luciano A Luta Continua 2000 Greedy Bug Sound Box
Luciano A Nuh Like We Nuh Like Dem 2005 World A Music / World Jam Captain Sinbad & Frenchie Bad 2000
Luciano African Woman 2003 Answer Unity & Love
Luciano After All Between The Sheets Freddie McGregor Big Ship
Luciano Astronomical Changes 2001 Darker Shade Of Black / Jah Send Mi Come Anthony Lilly & Conrad Green Harmodio
Luciano Awake Zion 1998 Battlefield (1) Homer Harris Jamstyle
Luciano Baby You're All Still Strong
Luciano Babylon A Try 2003 Babylon A Try Jephter McClymont & Michael Taylor Qabalah
Luciano Babylon Claw 1999 M 16 Cocoa Tea Roaring Lion
Luciano Babylon Claw 1999 Moving Away Cocoa Tea Roaring Lion
Luciano Back To Africa Real Rock Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Bad Boy Put It Down 2008 Dirty Heart Everton Burrell Buggie
Luciano Battle Field 2000 My Conversation Bobby Digital Digital B
Luciano Black Man King 2000 Black Man King Robert Ffrench Ffrench
Luciano Black Survivors 1994 Tempo Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Black Woman 1999 Praises
Luciano Blast Of Go A Moon 2000 Mr. Bassie Clive Kennedy Kennedy
Luciano Bless It Up 2004 No Warrior / Father Jungle Rock Neil Amos & Moses Davis Free Willy
Luciano Blessing 2000 Studbuster Robert Ffrench Ffrench
Luciano Break Down 2001 None A Jah Jah Children George Miller Firehouse Crew
Luciano Brother Man 2003 Carpenter Byron Murray In The Streetz
Luciano Burn 2002 Death In The Arena / True Love Fire Ball
Luciano By The Father 2002 Hypocrites John John John John
Luciano Caged Bird 2008 Free As A River Ion I & Ragnam Poyser Lion Reymz
Luciano Can't Take The Pain No More 2006 Mo-Bay Byron Murray In The Streetz
Luciano Carry Jah Load Unchained
Luciano Changes 2004 Changes (1) Tallas
Luciano Chapter A Day 2004 Chapter A Day Hugh Miller Our Promotion
Luciano Child Of A King 2005 Devil's Pickney Byron Murray In The Streetz
Luciano Come Away 2001 Trod'n To Zion Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Luciano Come Away 2001 Zion Gate Michael Johnson Lion Paw
Luciano Come Jah 1998 Come Jah Pure & Clean
Luciano Come To The Father 2002 General (1) Love Promotion
Luciano Cool And Settle 2000 Cuss Cuss Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Luciano Crying For Love 2000 Youthman Tuff Riddim
Luciano Dancehall Style 2005 Sleng Teng / Sleng Teng Resurrection King Jammy Jammy's
Luciano Desperate Lover 2006 Desperate Lover Byron Murray In The Streetz
Luciano Dreams Of Paradise 2000 Queen Majesty Finatic
Luciano Empress Come To Me 2003 Good Times (2) Garnet Lewis & Milton Blake Rise & Shine
Luciano Empress Love I'm Still Waiting Danny Ray Charm
Luciano Enough Love 2000 Fire Coal Arrows
Luciano Equal Rights 2005 Lion Paw Michael Johnson Lion Paw
Luciano Feel Like Paradise 1993 ~Unknown (009) Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Gitsy Willis Taxi
Luciano Feeling For Love 2008 Work Off Irie Vibration
Luciano For Old Times Sake 2004 Justice (1) Deja Vu
Luciano For The Leaders 2005 Drop Leaf Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Luciano Freedom Fighters 2003 Revolution (1) / Intercom Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Creation
Luciano Get Down Off It 2003 One 2 One Bobby Digital Digital B
Luciano Get Together 2009 Rock With Me (2) Tad's
Luciano Ghetto Children 2000 I Love King Selassie Al Simpson Safire
Luciano Gideon 2002 Scorpio's Justice Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Luciano Give Thanks Jah Heavenless Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano God And King Muzik Street Carl McLeod & Ray McLeod Stingray
Luciano Good Over Evil 1999 Little Bit Kickin
Luciano Good Things 2005 Revolution (1) / Intercom Dream
Luciano Good Times 1999 Boxing Mac Dada
Luciano Got To Be A Chance 2002 Big Heel Boot Stone Cold
Luciano Gun Zalis 1997 General (2) Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano He Is My Friend Swing Easy
Luciano Higher Grounds 2001 Old Broom Delroy Foster Pure Music
Luciano Hopes On High 2000 Thai Stick Easy Star
Luciano How Long 2007 Devil's Angel Feueralarm Supersonic
Luciano I Believe 2007 Old Pirate Harvel Hart Annex
Luciano I Don't Want To Be Lonely Shank I Sheck Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Luciano I Love His Majesty Tempo Gordon Lee
Luciano I Will Survive Survive
Luciano I Won't Wait 2006 The Formula (2) Rohan Smith Shan Shan
Luciano If It Ain't One Thing Justice (1) Upfront
Luciano Injustice 2000 You Should Have Known Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Luciano It's Me Again Jah 1994 A House Is Not A Home Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Jah Alone In My Heart 1999 Rockfort Rock Leroy Smart WWS
Luciano Jah Deliver Us From All Evil 2008 I Love Rootdown
Luciano Jah Have His Way 1999 Things And Time High Power
Luciano Jah Is Greater 2005 Maroon Andrew Prendergast & Josef Bogdanovich Down Sound
Luciano Jah Is My Only Drifter
Luciano Jah Jah Never Let Me Down 2004 No Warrior / Father Jungle Rock Patrick Henry & Nigel Burrell Loyal Soldiers
Luciano Jah Love 2005 Mad Mad / Diseases Wayne Goodas Goodas
Luciano Jah Makes The World Go Around 1998 Bigger Boss Philip Linton Arrows
Luciano Jah Will Help You 2006 Reflections Dean Fraser Reflection
Luciano Jah'S Promise 2000 Extortioners Donovan Germain Penthouse
Luciano Johnny Too Bad 2006 Johnny Too Bad Broken Stick
Luciano Jonah 1998 Ballistic Affair Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Judgement All Over 2001 Ba Ba Boom Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Star Creation
Luciano King Jepther 2000 My Conversation Love Promotion
Luciano Land Out Yonder Trod On Kings Of Kings
Luciano Legalise It 2001 Legalize It Charm
Luciano Lesson Of Life 2002 Last Train To Expo '67 / Expo Train Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Luciano Let The Reason Be Love 2000 Timeless
Luciano Let Your Life Be Right 2005 Rock Steady (2) Edward Murray
Luciano Let's Protect The Chidren 2007 Street Signz Byron Murray In The Streetz
Luciano Life Ain't Easy 2007 Gideon (2) Chuphshah
Luciano Live My Life 2006 World A Music / Rastar Rastar
Luciano Load Up The Kutchie 2005 Heavy Rock Norman Bryan Kickin
Luciano Long Run 2006 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Controversy Don Marshall & Wayne Gordon New York
Luciano Long Story 2001 Get A Lick / Dance Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Luciano Lost Without You 2003 Vanity Rashanco
Luciano Love & Devotion 2001 Shanty Town Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Luciano Love Affair 2004 Darker Shade Of Black
Luciano Love I Got 2007 40 And Over C & I
Luciano Love Me Brethren 1999 Created By The Father / Babatunde Lloyd Corniffe Henfield
Luciano Love Never Dies 2004 Love Is Not A Gamble Rashanco
Luciano Mankind 2002 Slate
Luciano Mighty God Is He 2006 Consuming Fire Augustus Clarke Anchor
Luciano Move Along 2003 Life Henfield
Luciano Moving Out A Babylon 1999 Conqueror Robert Ffrench Ffrench
Luciano Moving Out Of Babylon 1999 Moving Out Of Babylon Robert Ffrench
Luciano Music In My Body 2003 Passage Fort Ino Ino
Luciano Must Ragamuffin 1994 Promised Land Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano My People 2003 Honey Cone Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Luciano Mystery Babylon 2002 Full Up Wall Street
Luciano Never Give Up 2008 Ruff Life Shore Jam
Luciano Never Give Up My Pride One Drop Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Never Grudge Another 2008 Zion Way Lorraine Stewart VIS
Luciano No Doubt 2002 All The Best Bryan Morris & Christopher Clarke Black Pyramid
Luciano No Escape 2008 Movements Rickman Warren Jamplified
Luciano No Matter The Weather 2005 Baby Why Star Creation
Luciano No Where To Go To 2004 Rocking Time Bobby Digital
Luciano Not Until 2002 I Shall Be Released / Bondage Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Luciano One Away Ticket 1993 Sweet Talking Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Pack Up Drumpan 2008 Taxi Wings
Luciano Palaving Spree 2006 Hot Milk (1) / Burn Dem King Lion
Luciano Peace My Brethren 2002 Created By The Father Steve Martin Blacker Dread
Luciano Peace Train 2007 Peace Train Byron Murray In The Streetz
Luciano Poor Youths Dem Hungry 1998 Get In The Groove Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Programme Fi Kill Equal Rights Lloyd Francis Saxon
Luciano Punchline 1999 Created By The Father / Babatunde Lloyd Corniffe Henfield
Luciano Ransom 2007 Gangstalaw IM Music
Luciano Rebellious Society 2000 Chanter Roots Dia Fearon Builders
Luciano Revolution Time 2003 Far East Star Creation
Luciano Righteous Defender 2006 Love Is Not A Gamble BK Mars
Luciano Robbing My Joy 1999 M 16 Don One
Luciano Rock And Come In 2007 Mad Mad Thompson Sound
Luciano Roll Away 2000 Revolution (2) Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Luciano Same Song 2003 Water Lily
Luciano Saturday Night 2000 Saturday Night Gary Tomlinson Spragga Roots
Luciano Save Humanity 2003 Racketeering
Luciano Save Us Now 2003 Tropical (1) Soljie Hamilton Soljie
Luciano Serve Jah 2002 Never Go Under Derrick Morgan HMG
Luciano Serve Jah More 2007 Wes Roc Andre Daley La Familia West
Luciano Shake It Up Tonight 1992 Seek And You Will Find Freddie McGregor & Dalton Browne Big Ship
Luciano Should I Slumber 2001 Promised Land Reggae Central
Luciano Silver And Gold 2004 Hardtimes Stephen Gibbs & Errol Thompson Gibbo
Luciano Skank If You Skanking 1999 Rope In Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Stay Away 2004 Night Nurse / Doctor's Darling Seeed & Pionear Germaican
Luciano Step Right In 2000 Soldier Fat Eyes
Luciano Sudden Attack 2000 Sudden Attack Reggae Vibes
Luciano Sweep Over My Soul 1997 Mean Girl Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Sweet Chariot Tempo
Luciano Sweet Jamaica 2008 Full Up Dean Fraser
Luciano Take Me There 2004 Last Train To Expo '67 / Expo Train Rohan Brown, Anthony Salmon & Ricardo Patterson Gemtar
Luciano Tell I Who 2004 Ba Ba Boom High Fence
Luciano Tell I Who 2004 Ba Ba Boom / One Day High Fence
Luciano Tell Me 2004 I Swear Devon Wheatley 5th Element
Luciano The Cannabis 2006 Free Life Byron Murray In The Streetz
Luciano The Struggle 2005 Youthman Black Arrow
Luciano The World Is In Trouble 2003 Weather Balloon
Luciano Too Much Passa Passa 2004 Bangarang / Bang Bang Byron Murray In The Streetz
Luciano Too Much Too Long 2005 Hard Drugs Frederick Ricketts Delperies
Luciano Traveler Darker Shade Of Black VP
Luciano Tribute To Roland 2007 Declaration Of Rights Leon Smillie Total Satisfaction
Luciano Trouble Again 2003 Far East Leroy Smart WWS
Luciano Turn Your Life Around 2017 All Day D&D
Luciano U Bring Me Joy 2002 Curly Locks KT
Luciano Ulterior Motive 1998 Stealing Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Virtuous Woman 2005 State Of Emergency Stephen Gibbs Gibbo
Luciano Warning 2002 Mad Mad / Golden Hen Rashanco
Luciano Watch What You Doing 2006 Street Swing Paul Crossdale In The Streetz
Luciano We Can Do It 2003 Hot Milk (1) / Hot Cross Bun Diplomat
Luciano Weapons Of War 2010 Soul Oneness
Luciano What Is Man 2005 Bingie Trod Michael Sterling South Block
Luciano What Manner Of A Man 2001 Youthman Sugar Minott Black Roots
Luciano Where There Is Life Freedom Blues
Luciano Which Man 1998 Africa (1) Johnny Murphy Jazzy Creations
Luciano Wicked Haffi Run Wey 1994 Java Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano Wicked Slavery Days 2009 Youths Dem Crying R.S.O.P.
Luciano Win Or Lose 2000 Friends For Live Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Luciano Wise Up Youth 2008 Hot Milk (1) Dean Fraser
Luciano Word Power & Sound 1998 Every Little Thing Bobby Digital Brickwall
Luciano Word, Power And Sound 1998 Funny Feeling Brickwall
Luciano Work Things Out 2006 Love Is Overdue Sugar Roy Fire Ball
Luciano You Can Try 2000 Waan Buss
Luciano Youths Dem Dangerous 2008 Genesis Donville Davis Cousins
Luciano & Apache Indian Calling Out To Jah 2000 Smile Sunset
Luciano & Charlie Chaplin Jah Is Alive Tempo Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano & Freddie McGregor Night After Night 2009 New Chapter Stephen McGregor Big Ship
Luciano & General Pecos Forward To Africa 1994 Real Rock Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano & Goofy When You Say You Love Me 2000 Timeless
Luciano & Louie Culture Hold On To What You Got 2003 Good Times (1) Mr. Doo Supadoo
Luciano & Louie Culture In This Together No Woman No Cry Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano & Louie Culture Real Rastaman 1995 Sun Is Shining Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Luciano & Mikey Spice Let's Work It Out 1992 Love Won't Let Me Wait Freddie McGregor & Dalton Browne Big Ship
Luciano & Mutabaruka Psalm 24 I Can't Stand It (1) Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano & Queen Ifrica Love Affair 2005 Darker Shade Of Black Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Luciano & Ricky General Neighbourhood Watch Shank I Sheck Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Luciano & Selvyn Wonder Neighbourhood Watch 1993 Death In The Arena Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Luciano & Sizzla Jah Blessings 1998 Babylon Homework Xterminator
Luciano & Wayne Lonesome Government 2006 Quick Pick Wayne Lonesome Run Things
Mikey General & Luciano Hosanna 2010 Creation Rebel Maximum Sound
Preacher & Luciano Battle Field 2008 Battle Field (3) Aubrey Williams Bookie
Spectacular & Luciano Be Yourself 2010 Jaguar Weedy G