Tunes on the Boops Riddim (1967)

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
2 Of A Kind Another Friday 2004 Boops Upstairs
2 Of A Kind & Determine Another Friday (Remix) 2004 Boops Upstairs
Admiral Bailey & Chaka Demus One Scotch Boops Live & Love
Admiral Tibet Poor Freddy Boops King Jammy Jammy's
Admiral Tibet Talk Them Just A Talk 1987 Boops Greedy Puppy
Al Campbell Too Much Jack Up 1990 Boops Maurice Johnson Black Roots
Anthony B Do You Love Me 2005 Boops Mussel
Anthony B Nah Tek No Talk 2005 Boops Mussel
Anthony Red Rose Raggamuffin Boops Witty Henry Witty
Apache Scratchie When Mi Start Boops Noel Browne New Name
Asher Senator Abbreviation Qualification Boops Fashion
Asher Senator Fast Style Origination Boops Fashion
Aswad 54-46 Boops Aswad & Michael Campbell
Aswad 54-46 (Horns Revival) Boops Aswad & Michael Campbell
Baby Face Stinking Rich 1989 Boops Tippa Irie GT's
Barrington Levy Rip And Run Off 1984 Boops Henry Lawes
Barry Brown Touch She A Touch Boops Stephen King, Sugar Minott & Keith Gorgon
Bobo General Can't Boops Me Boops Witty Henry Witty
Buju Banton & Toots Hibbert 54-46 1997 Boops Donovan Germain Penthouse
Bunny Wailer Old Time Sing Ting Boops Solomonic
Capleton Pressure Them 1991 Boops African Star
Caramellow La Policia 2005 Boops Roots Records
Carlton Livingston Feel Like Dancing 1982 Boops Clive Jarrett & Nerious Joseph Dynamite
Ce'Cile Tonight 2008 Boops Cordel Burrell Bun Up
Colah Colah Colah Colah 2008 Boops
Cornell Campbell Confusion On The Land Boops Starlight
Courtney Melody Loving Woman Boops King Tubby Waterhouse
Crucial Robbie Perfect Woman 1989 Boops Tippa Irie GT's
Curly Ranking Take A Set Boops Boops Bunny Striker Lee
Cutty Ranks & Frankie Paul What A Session 2000 Boops King Jammy
Deman Rockers Don't Run Me Down 1989 Boops Tippa Irie GT's
Derrick Irie See Boops Deh Boops Bunny Striker Lee
Derrick Irie & Pretty Girl Na Call Me Boops Boops Bunny Striker Lee Striker Lee
Derrick Parker I'll Be Loving You Boops Derrick Parker Oasis
Dignitary Stylish Don't Touch Crack 1986 Boops King Tubby
Donna Marie Bam Bam Reggae Boys 1998 Boops
Double Ugly No Call Me Boopsie Boops Bunny Striker Lee
Dr. Ring Ding Badness 2005 Boops Roots Records
Ernest Wilson Everyday With You Boops Techniques
Frankie Paul You Said Boops Duke
Fredrica Tibbs & Horseman Bubble The Dance Boops Patrick Donegan
General Trees Remix The Boops 2005 Boops Mussel
George Nooks Hold It Down 1997 Boops George Nooks
Glamour Girl Empty Pockets Boops Boops Bunny Striker Lee
Glen Washington Until We Meet Again 2004 Boops Upstairs
Gregory Isaacs Waiting Boops Derrick Parker Oasis
H.C.F. Crew Phillip Boops Boops Witty Henry Witty
Horace Martin Dem Talk Bout Boops Boops Derrick Harriott Crystal
Hugh Griffiths Such A Fight Boops Gemini
Hugo Barrington Girls Know When To Cry Boops Noel Browne New Name
Jah Mason Never Ungrateful 2005 Boops Mussel
Jah Screw Cry 1986 Boops Harry J
Jahcoustix Mista Officer 2005 Boops Roots Records
James Bond Boops A Mind Me Boops Witty Henry Witty
Jigsy King Twickenham Park 2008 Boops Cordel Burrell Bun Up
John Holt Conscience Boops Derrick Parker Oasis
John Wayne Heavy Rhythm Boops Vista
Johnny Ringo I And I Number 1985 Boops
Junie Ranks Cry Fi Mi Boops Boops Techniques
Junie Ranks Don Lover Boops Derrick Parker Oasis
Junior Kelly Music 2000 Boops Mark Anthony & Michael Swaby
King Jammy Poor Freddy Version Boops King Jammy Jammy's
King Kong Don't Touch My Boops 1986 Boops King Jammy Jammy's
King Tubby Morning Train Dub Boops
Lady Ann Me Nice 1983 Boops Joe Gibbs
Lady Venus Cat Whip Boops Derrick Parker Oasis
Lee Scratch Perry & Scientist Dub To Skaville Boops
Little John Boopsie Boops Thunder Bolt
Little John Inna Di Dance 1986 Boops Harry J Harry J
Little John Me And My Baby Boops Michael Chin
Little John No Say No Boops Coxsone Dodd Studio One
Lone Ranger Natty Dread Boops Clive Jarrett
Lone Ranger Run Out Of Boops 1986 Boops Coxsone Dodd Studio One
Lord Sassafrass Take Heed My Brother Boops Starlight
Lukie D Lord Here I Call Boops Duke
Lyrical Nah Try Noh Boops 1986 Boops Harry J Harry J
Mafia & Fluxy Bubble The Dance Version Boops Patrick Donegan
Marcia Griffiths Feel Like Jumping 1968 Boops Coxsone Dodd Studio One
Merciless Shoot To Kill 2008 Boops Cordel Burrell Bun Up
Michael Prophet Nuh Call Me John Boops Boops Techniques
Mikey Jarett Boops Get Bun Boops Witty Henry Witty
Music Master Crew Jumping 54-46 Boops Witty Henry Witty
Mystic Dan 46-54 2005 Boops Roots Records
Natty King Sus Sus 2005 Boops Mussel
Nicodemus Informer Fi Dead Boops
Nigger Kojak & Mother Liza Aki And Potato Boops
Norburn Clark Only Yesterday 1992 Boops Peter Chemist Stingray
Papa Charjan & Jack Reuben One Scotch, One Tennants, One Boops Shuttle
Papa Face & Bionic Rhona To The Bump Boops Fashion
Papa San Scandalising Boops Boops Supreme
Papa Tullo Wheel Your Body Boops Bunny Striker Lee
Papa Willo They Call You Boopsie Boops Witty Henry Witty
Peter Chemist Version 1986 Boops King Tubby
Peter Metro Love Letter 1984 Boops CSA
Pinchers Si Mi Ya 1991 Boops King Jammy
Pompidoo I Love My Boops Boops Striker Lee
Prezident Brown People Listen Boops
Prezident Brown & Jack Radics Stiffnecked Fool 1996 Boops Lloyd Saxon Saxon
Reggae '98 Crew Go Jamaica Go 1998 Boops Charm
Rude Girl Me Want A Boopsie Boops Bunny Striker Lee
Sanchez Rub You Down Boops Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Sasha Love Mi Natty Dread 2005 Boops Mussel
Shelly Thunder Boops A Rush We Boops Witty Henry Witty
Simi Ranks She Want Half 1989 Boops Tippa Irie GT's
Simple Simon No War 1985 Boops Ranking Joe
Sister Candy Upstairs 1983 Boops Bunny Striker Lee
Sizzla Storm Dem 2005 Boops Mussel
Sly, Robbie & The Aggrovators Dub To Skaville Boops The Now Team
Steve Machettie Cum Fi Scrape 2005 Boops Mussel
Sugar Minott John Boops Boops Corner Stone
Super Cat Boops 1986 Boops Kenneth Black & Roger Lewis Techniques
Superdad See Boops Ya Boops Blue Mountain
Superman & Spiderman Road Block 1985 Boops Ranking Joe
Sylvia Tella People Of The World 1995 Boops Stingray
The Consumates What Is It Boops Coxsone
The Ethiopians Train To Skaville (1) 1967 Boops Leonard Dillon WIRL
The Ethiopians Train To Skaville (2) 1992 Boops Niney The Observer
The Massive Horns Cool And Deadly Boops Fashion
The Reprobates Name That Tune Boops Fashion
The Roots Rockers Tanzen Und Schrein 2005 Boops Roots Records
Thriller U Remember Boops King Jammy Jammy's
Tippa Irie & Daddy Freddy Hold It Down 1989 Boops Tippa Irie GT's
Tonto Irie Jammys Posse Boops King Jammy, Steely & Clevie
Toots & The Maytals 54-46 (That's My Number) 1968 Boops Leslie Kong Beverly's
Toots & The Maytals 54-46 Was My Number 1969 Boops Leslie Kong Beverly's
Ugly Man Donkey Ride 1986 Boops Harry J Harry J
Wayne Smith Eat Out The Boops Boops
Yellowman Na Get Nuthin 1987 Boops Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Yellowman Sexy Lover Boops Burtland Dixon
[Dub] Concrete Jungle Overcoat 1984 Boops Fashion
[Dub] Loving Woman Version Boops King Tubby Waterhouse
[Dub] Quater Mile 1996 Boops Phillip Burrell Xterminator