Tunes performed by Bobo General

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Bobo General & James Bond Slow Kind A Moving 1988 Duck Dance Computer Paul & Acka T Startone
Bobo General & Sleepy Wonder Original Lover Man 1990 Get In The Groove Mr. Doo Mr. Doo
Bobo General & Trevor Sparks Back To Jamaica 1990 Give Me The Right Mr. Doo Mr. Doo
Trevor Sparks & Bobo General Virgin 1990 Storm (1) Robert Livingston & William Maragh Wild Apache
Bobo General, Nando Boom & Sleepy Wonder My Sound 1991 Stalag Shelly's
Bobo General Can't Boops Me Boops Witty Henry Witty
Bobo General & Culture Lindsay Talk Tough Rougher Yet Mr. Doo
Sluggy Ranks & Bobo General Resistence Weak My Time Shelly's