Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Captain Barkey, Ce'Cile & Brady Freaky Tonight 1997 Gidgement Colin Levy Kings Of Kings
Tanya Stephens & Ce'Cile Murder Tonight 1997 Studio Room Colin Levy Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile I Wanna Be Tha One 1998 Worm Hottis Klik Hottis
Ce'Cile & Little Lenny Who's The Man 1998 Moesha Steven Ventura M-Phatic
Ce'Cile Let Me Know 1999 True Love (1) Colin McGregor & Rankin' Scroo Jah Scout
Saba & Ce'Cile Girls Fi Get Love 1999 Latino Steven Ventura Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile Changes 2000 Chiney Gal Cordel Burrell & Ce'Cile Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile Good Time 2000 Bedroom Preston Onfroy In Time
Ce'Cile I Try 2000 New Ride Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Ce'Cile Jigga 2000 Rumble Joyce Abdool & Ra-Umi Alkebu-Lan Rainbow Castle
Ce'Cile Keep Them Talking 2000 20/20 Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Ce'Cile Let's Wait A While 2000 Let's Wait A While P. Harrison M.A.D.
Ce'Cile My Dime 2000 Typhoid Stone Love Movement Stone Love
Ce'Cile What I Want 2000 De Loot S. Coburn, L. Ward & Michael Coburn New Life
Ce'Cile Wish You Never Lie To Me 2000 Resilience Rohan Fuller Natural Bridge
Ce'Cile, Danny English & Nadz Silent River 2000 Aftermath Jamdown
Ce'Cile & Galaxy P Sunshine 2000 Breathless Buju Banton Gargamel
Danny English, Ce'Cile & Nadz Silent River 2000 Silent River (1) Jamdown
Mr. Vegas & Ce'Cile Get Yuh Tonight 2000 Highway Mark Hudson Stone Cold
Beenie Man & Ce'Cile No Loving 2001 Bad Kalic Winston Powell Stone Love
Ce'Cile Bring It To Me 2001 Meltdown Springvale
Ce'Cile Hot Boy 2001 Genesis (1) Steven Ventura M-Phatic
Ce'Cile Know How 2001 Bad Kalic Winston Powell Stone Love
Ce'Cile No Wuk 2001 Flipside Gary Tomlinson Spragga Roots
Ce'Cile Playa 2001 Toppatop Ralston Barrett B.I.G.
Ce'Cile Spider 2001 Bushy Bushy Debbie Harding & Harvel Hart Extra Extra
Ce'Cile Step Out 2001 The Verdict Mark Hudson Stone Cold
Ce'Cile Sweetest Feeling 2001 Double Jeopardy Ce'Cile & Cordel Burrell CéCo
Ce'Cile Tell Lie 2001 Heatwave Harvel Hart Annex
Ce'Cile That's Right 2001 Run Desmond Blake & Rupert Blake Q45
Ce'Cile Video Light 2001 Body Snatcher Preston Onfroy In Time
Ce'Cile Would You 2001 Trample (1) Marlon Cooke Deja Vu
Ce'Cile & Don Yute Get It On 2001 Anaconda Jamdown
Ce'Cile & Madd Anju Doesn't Matter 2001 Ten To One Barry O'Hare & Ian Coleman Runn
Ce'Cile & Elephant Man Bad Gal, Bad Man 2001 Double Jeopardy Ce'Cile & Cordel Burrell CéCo
Madd Anju & Ce'Cile Feel So Good 2001 Double Jeopardy Ce'Cile & Cordel Burrell CéCo
Madd Anju & Ce'Cile Mad Bwoy 2001 Double Jeopardy Ce'Cile & Cordel Burrell CéCo
Merciless & Ce'Cile We Nah Talk 2001 Thunder Jeremy Harding 2Hard
Saba Tooth & Ce'Cile Diamond 2001 Fat Nash John John
Sean Paul & Ce'Cile Can You Do The Work 2001 Liquid (1) Jeremy Harding 2Hard
Barrington Levy & Ce'Cile My Woman 2002 Love Is Not A Gamble Old To The New
Ce'Cile Cash And Carry 2002 Belly Skin Sobers Wright G String
Ce'Cile Cherry Pie 2002 Glue Richard Browne B-Rich
Ce'Cile Dancehall Nice 2002 Belly Full Oxygen Explorer
Ce'Cile Domestic Disturbance 2002 Negust Negast Cordel Burrell, Everton Burrell & Damian Forbes Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile Fi Mi Man 2002 Government Philip Smart Tan-Yah
Ce'Cile Fool 2002 Martial Arts Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile Gal Company 2002 Blindfold John John Hall
Ce'Cile Handle It Ruff 2002 Perculator Energy
Ce'Cile Last Night 2002 Dragon Fly Xavier Davidson Xplosive
Ce'Cile Love U Got 2002 Kokane Rigo & Tito Topaz
Ce'Cile Lovin It 2002 Chizzle Frenchie Maximum Pressure
Ce'Cile Lovin' It 2002 Jedi Frenchie Maximum Sound
Ce'Cile Man Haffi Stay 2002 Violin Byron Murray In The Streetz
Ce'Cile Push The Hand Up 2002 Famine Everton Burrell, Damian Forbes & Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile Respect Yuh Wife 2002 Diwali Lenky 40/40
Ce'Cile Rude Bwoy Thug Life 2002 The Cure Tommy Germaican
Ce'Cile Ruff 2002 Out And Bad Harvel Hart Annex
Ce'Cile & Tanya Stephens Buss Back Sketell 2002 Hard Drive Christopher Clarke & Gregory Harriot Universal Dancehall
Looga Man & Ce'Cile Jigga Jigga 2002 Good Vybe Arif Cooper Fresh Ear
Alozade & Ce'Cile Gangster Ride 2003 Sexy Lady Christopher Birch Big Yard
Ce'Cile All Night 2003 Amharic Jammy James Jam 2
Ce'Cile Black Man 2003 Nude Jah Mike Reggae Vibes
Ce'Cile Bring Di Money Come 2003 Baghdad Winston Powell Stone Love
Ce'Cile Candle Light Dinner 2003 Diggy Diggy K.C. Jockey & Ricky Myrie Sweet Sadie's
Ce'Cile Cobweb Inna Bed 2003 Lime Key Dia Fearon Builders
Ce'Cile Every Rules And Laws 2003 Range Rover Chad Simpson Young Blood
Ce'Cile Femiman 2003 Power Surge King Jammy Jammy's
Ce'Cile Freaky Freak 2003 Electric Boogie Germaican
Ce'Cile Give It To Me 2003 Salsa (1) Christopher Birch Big Yard
Ce'Cile Give It To Me 2003 Coolie Dance Scatta & Everton Burrell Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile Hardcore Lovin 2003 Stopp Daniel Kretschmer Germaican
Ce'Cile Honey 2003 Clappas Alex G, Dow Jones & Riprock South Rakkas
Ce'Cile It's On Tonight 2003 Tunda Klap Christopher Birch & Delano Thomas Renaissance
Ce'Cile Just For Tonight 2003 Twilight Waist Line
Ce'Cile Lift Me Up ( And Back Me) 2003 Tai Chi Richard Browne B-Rich
Ce'Cile Love Is Like 2003 Focus
Ce'Cile More Than One Time 2003 Bad Company Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile No Fear 2003 Goldmine Harvel Hart Annex
Ce'Cile Nuh Lickie John 2003 Footstep Sugar Roy Fire Ball
Ce'Cile Please 2003 Reggaelypso Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Ce'Cile Real Hot Gal 2003 360 Degrees Patrick Dalhouse 360 Degrees
Ce'Cile So Me Stay 2003 Nude Jah Mike Reggae Vibes
Ce'Cile Some Bwoy 2003 20 Cent Baby G Baby G
Ce'Cile That Thing 2003 The Ice Frenchie Super Hype
Ce'Cile Thinking Of It 2003 Jumbie Frenchie Maximum Sound
Ce'Cile Want Dat Body Deh 2003 Voom Voom Cribe & Rigo Topaz
Ce'Cile Want You Badly 2003 Sara Marcello Small Baby Father
Ce'Cile Weh Yuh Up To 2003 Forensic Clifford Smith & Computer Paul In The Streetz
Ce'Cile & Carl Henry Bare As She Dance 2003 Coolie Dance Scatta & Everton Burrell Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile & Pam Hall Rain 2003 Lili Brotherman Minor 7 Flat 5
Frisco Kid & Ce'Cile Ghetto Youths 2003 Good To Go Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Beenie Man & Ce'Cile The Thing 2004 Dancehall Rock Colin Levy, Cordel Burrell & Everton Burrell Kings Of Kings
Ce'Cile 9 Night 2004 Typhoon Pionear Germaican
Ce'Cile A So Mi Like It 2004 Project X Philip Smart HC&F
Ce'Cile All Night 2004 Sunblock Katrina Irons Yellow Moon
Ce'Cile All Of My Girls 2004 Worried Byron Murray & Donovan Bennett In The Streetz
Ce'Cile Better Wuk 2004 Bellevue / Belview Danny Champagne Champagne
Ce'Cile Boys Want It 2004 Gucci Yogie FiWi
Ce'Cile Dem Bwoy Yah 2004 Shankle Dip Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Ce'Cile Girls Satisfaction 2004 Jumpa Cable YardCoore
Ce'Cile Haffi Chill 2004 First Class Derrol Frazer Common Sense
Ce'Cile Hi Five 2004 Stepz Delano Thomas, Michael Jarrett & Andre Saunders Renaissance
Ce'Cile Hot Like We 2004 Red Alert (2) Riprock, Alex G & Dow Jones South Rakkas
Ce'Cile In The Club 2004 Clear Fire Links Fire Links
Ce'Cile Lie 2004 Rain Drops (1) Harvel Hart Annex
Ce'Cile Love Mi Punaany Bad 2004 Punanny Goofy Young Blood
Ce'Cile Mi Nuh Matter 2004 Freak Side Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Ce'Cile Neva Even Pet It 2004 Phantom Arif Cooper Fresh Ear
Ce'Cile No Love Tonight 2004 Juicy Mr. Doo Supadoo
Ce'Cile Rude Boy Thug Life 2004 The Cure / Curefix Seeed & Pionear Germaican
Ce'Cile Safe Sex 2004 Panic Preston Onfroy In Time
Ce'Cile Send It On 2004 Scoobay Mario Campbell & Tony Matterhorn 3.5.7
Ce'Cile When We Are Seen 2004 Military Christopher Birch & Shane Brown Echo
Ce'Cile Which Gal A Di Hotter 2004 Blue Steel Suku & Frenchie Maximum Sound
Ce'Cile Wine And Dine 2004 Spanish Fly (2) Damian Hall & Nigel Whitfield Dem Yute Deh
Ce'Cile Work My Body 2004 Fungus Cordel Burrell Danger Zone
Ce'Cile & Lady Saw Loser 2004 Thrilla Christopher Birch Echo
Ce'Cile & Calibe Feeling You 2004 Safe Sex Daseca Daseca
DYCR & Ce'Cile My Desire 2004 Chronic (2) Donovan McMurray Hands & Heart
  • Name
  • Real name
    Cecile Claudine Charlton
  • Born
      Jamaica, Manchester, Mandeville