Tunes performed by Natty King

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Natty King Badness Hype 2000 Bad Weather Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Terry Ganzie, Atowa & Natty King Move On 2001 Time (1) Everything Natural
Natty King See The Wicked Run 2003 Alarm Clock Digital Ancient & King Corrin Lustre Kings
Natty King Love Me 2004 Love Is A Treasure Wade Brammer Insight
Natty King No Guns To Town 2004 Who Cares Wade Brammer & Jimmy Ricks Insight
Natty King Cut Down The Price 2005 Cut Down The Price Jimmy Ricks & Wade Brammer Insight
Natty King Don't Worry We 2005 Revolution (1) / Intercom Dream
Natty King Gun Town 2005 Black Shade Patrick Henry, Corey Williamson & Ronald Wright Loyal Soldiers
Natty King Nine Months 2005 Darker Shade Of Black Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Natty King Only Your Loving 2005 Blessings (2) Noms Roberts, Kem Kem & Ronald Clarke Hot Tracks
Natty King Outta Road 2005 State Of Emergency Stephen Gibbs Gibbo
Natty King See The Wicked (Remix) 2005 Talking Drum Digital Ancient, Dr. X & King Corrin Lustre Kings
Natty King Sus Sus 2005 Boops M.U.S.S.E.L.
Natty King Trodding 2005 Triumphant Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Natty King Blood Shed 2006 World A Music / Rastar Rastar
Natty King Bread Winner 2006 Bread Winner Fire Cracker
Natty King Care For Life 2006 Consuming Fire Augustus Clarke Anchor
Natty King Controversy 2006 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Controversy Don Marshall & Wayne Gordon New York
Natty King Earth Pollution 2006 Fatty Fatty Luciano & Jimmy Ricks Insight
Natty King Lead I Home 2006 Mad Mad Out A Sound
Natty King Let Go The Wrongs 2006 Feeling Andre Lue Muzik House
Natty King Pray 2006 Run Run Wade Brammer Insight
Natty King Quitter 2006 Stalag Togetherness
Natty King Show Love 2006 Red Razor Lustre Kings
Natty King Africa We're From 2007 Ashanti Warrior Frenchie Maximum Sound
Natty King Dem A Fight 2007 Majestic Scorpio & Sting Pleasure Beat
Natty King I See 2007 Caribbean Syrix & Bassix Irie Vibration
Natty King My Baby 2007 Generation Vernal Newman Real Lyfe
Natty King No More War 2007 Flute Flava McGregor No Doubt
Natty King The Calling 2007 Gangstalaw IM Music
Natty King Yadda Way 2007 Beautiful Bahjah Ajab Music Signal
Natty King Nah Chat To Dem 2008 Shining Lustre Kings
Natty King Not Afraid 2008 Ruff Life Shore Jam
Natty King The Truth 2008 Conqueror (2) Sam Gilly, Manfred Scheer & Adam Lukas House Of Riddim
Natty King Dem A Hunt Me Down 2009 The Roof In The Streetz
Natty King Father To A Son 2009 Tuff Tuff Nut
Natty King Protect The Little Children 2009 Free Mind Stickle
Natty King Dancehall Nice 2010 Blue Greatest Friends
Professional Daynjah & Natty King Don't Get Brain Wash 2010 Rasta Journal Hiternal
Natty King Too Much 2011 Hold U Medz In The Streetz