Tunes performed by Ugly Man

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Ugly Man Computer 1985 Sleng Teng / Computer Rule Harry J Sunset
Ugly Man Donkey Ride 1986 Boops Harry J 10 Roosevelt Ave.
Ugly Man Fix The Stag-A-Lag 1986 Stalag Harry J
Ugly Man No Touch The Crew 1986 Death In The Arena Harry J Harry J
Ugly Man Old Hits Again 1986 Ali Baba Harry J Harry J
Ugly Man Ugly Lover 1986 Heavenless Harry J
Ugly Man Whole Place Lock 2004 Gold Mine (1) Clement Lowe World Beat
Ugly Man DJ Deh Ya Peanie Peanie / We Run Things Witty Henry
Ugly Man Bad Boy Must Come A Road Mud Up (1) Hyman Wright & Percy Chin Jah Life