Tunes performed by Determine

There are also 1 tunes produced by Determine.
Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
2 Of A Kind & Determine Another Friday (Remix) 2004 Boops Upstairs
Anthony Red Rose & Determine Bun A Cocke Spot 2004 Chronic Donovan McMurray Hands & Heart
Beenie Man & Determine Kette Drum 1995 Kette Drum Bobby Digital Digital-B
Beenie Man & Determine Togetherness 2001 Get Weh Donovan McMurray Hands & Heart
Capleton & Determine Burn Dem Out 2001 Blockbuster John Dunkley True Blue
Cocoa Tea, Cudjoe & Determine Down The Lane 2000 Never Bow Down Low Dia Fearon Builders
Determine A Nuh I Dat 2002 Big Heel Boot Stone Cold
Determine Above The Law 2000 Censor Ghetto Youths
Determine Above The Law 2003 44 Flat Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Determine Back Pan De Street 2002 Rebellion White Robbin White Robbins
Determine Bad Mine 2003 Trafalga Peter Jackson Rattler
Determine Bleaching Cream 2003 Two To One Ballafire
Determine Born Pressurizer 1995 Duck King Jammy Kingston 11
Determine Bun Dung Vatican 1995 2nd Chance Harvel Hart Annex
Determine Burn Up Pt. 2 1996 Virgin Island Scare Dem Crew Priceless
Determine Cah Go Round Me 2001 Get Weh Donovan McMurray Hands & Heart
Determine Cell 2009 Advanced Chester Walker Heights Of Heights
Determine Chat The Earth Guns And Roses Anthony Red Rose & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey
Determine Cold Blooded Murderer 1997 Sleng Teng E. Edwards Stereophonic
Determine Come Fi Mi 2000 Savage Sun Cycle
Determine Corruption Way 2000 Studbuster Robert Ffrench Ffrench
Determine Dash It Weh 2001 Lava Calvin Flowers, Delon Reid & Frassman Manatee
Determine Depend On 2003 Trifecta Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Determine Determine Stone 2002 Nokie In The Streetz
Determine Dilly Dally 1998 Sniper Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Determine Dis And Dead 1999 Da Joint Ward 21 Mentally Disturbed
Determine Dis Di King 2000 Never M&M Top Secret
Determine Dodge 2004 Cyclone (2) Mixing Lab
Determine Dodge 2004 Silicone Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Determine Don't Be 2001 Heatwave Harvel Hart Annex
Determine Double Impact 2002 Hard Drive Christopher Clarke & Gregory Harriot Universal Dancehall
Determine Dyna Big Boy 1996 No Carbon Copy Stuart Brown African Star
Determine Edge Of The Wing Speed Barry O'Hare & Mighty Mike
Determine Empress Of Mine 2001 Earth K.D. Cleghorn Crown Star
Determine Fake Badman 2003 Time Travel Lenky Marsden 40/40
Determine Fire 2001 Jailbreak Paula Wright & Derrol Frazer Common Sense
Determine Fire Fall On Dem 2003 Gold Mine Annex
Determine Fire Fire 2003 Goldmine Harvel Hart Annex
Determine Fire Man Can 2003 Diggy Diggy K.C. Jockey & Ricky Myrie Sweet Sadie's
Determine Fresh And Hearty 2003 Washout Rupert Blake Q 45
Determine Frustration 1998 Movie Star Bobby Digital Digital-B
Determine Full Speed Things A Gwan John John
Determine Full Time African Beat Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Determine Fulla Hype 1999 Street Sweeper Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Determine Get To Dem Head 2001 Diamond Chip Sample Rage
Determine Gi Mi Di Loning 2000 Unleaded Adex
Determine Give The Poor The Blame Income King Jammy Jammy's
Determine Go Through That 1999 Grabber Dia Fearon Builders
Determine Graveyard 1994 Gangster / Carnival King Jammy Kingston 11
Determine Hail Jah 2003 Girls Gone Wild Explorer
Determine Hand Up 2009 Outada Sean Reid Seanizzle
Determine Hands In The Air Champagne Afrodeziac
Determine Hands Off 2004 Red Alert (2) Riprock, Alex G & Dow Jones South Rakkas
Determine Hands Up Deh 2000 Fire Glare Cali Bud
Determine Hard Road Ballistic Affair Ray Hammond FiWi
Determine Harder And Harder 2004 Baby Love (2) Harvel Hart Annex
Determine Haul Mi Out 2001 Queen Majesty Edward Murray KT
Determine Herbs Scientist 2003 Barenose Coolie Pure Music
Determine High 2004 Arriba Jammy James Jam II
Determine Ho-La-La Squash It Bobby Digital Digital-B
Determine House House 1995 Miss Ivy Trevor T
Determine I Love Her 2003 Baba (1) Neil Amos Free Willy
Determine I Pray 2007 No Foe Karl Morrison Black Dutch
Determine In A Di Party 2003 Chrome Michael Sterling South Block
Determine Inna It 2003 Lime Cay
Determine Jamaican Child 2002 Sledge Donovan McMurray Hands & Heart
Determine Joker Dat 2003 Danger Ruff Danger Zone
Determine Know No Love Africa (1) Flames
Determine Lef Bout Yah 1999 Badda Badda Rav 5
Determine Live Wire 1996 Heathen (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Determine Lock Di City 2003 The Wave Blingz Crew Xplicit
Determine Love And Hate 2004 Good Times (3) Naciamaj
Determine Love You 2003 Revolution (1) / Intercom Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Creation
Determine Mama Africa 2003 Spanish Fly (1) Big League
Determine Mama I Love You 2007 Generation Vernal Newman Real Lyfe
Determine Mama Mama 2000 Never Bow Down Low Dia Fearon Builders
Determine Me Nah 2006 Hot Milk / Burn Dem King Lion
Determine Me Nah Stall 1999 Fire Cracker Crown Star
Determine Mi A Ras 2004 Summer Bounce Harvel Hart Annex
Determine More Fire 2002 Bollywood Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Determine Mr. Wicked 1999 Sub Zero Shines
Determine MTV / BET 2001 Herbalist Troy McLean & Garfield Hamilton First Name
Determine Must Bun Dem Out 2004 Worried Byron Murray & Donovan Bennett In The Streetz
Determine Nah Bow 2002 Poun A Herb Jah Dawg
Determine Nah Come Home 2001 Just Like The Sea Pelican & Hazel Edwards Ballafire
Determine Never Fail I 2004 Honey Cone Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Determine Never Know 2005 Mad Mad / Diseases Wayne Goodas Goodas
Determine Nuh Gunman Town 2002 Heathen (1) B.I.G.
Determine Nuh Inna It 2003 Clappas Alex G, Dow Jones & Riprock South Rakkas
Determine Oh No 2002 Live Wire George Miller Firehouse
Determine One Draw 1999 Brain Wash Crown Star
Determine Open Your Eyes 2003 Better Days (1) 5th Element
Determine Party Dolly 2002 Party Time (2) Preston Onfroy In Time
Determine Party Rat 2008 745 Bread Back
Determine Party Time Again 2003 Knockout Mark Hudson & Marvin Williams Stone Cold
Determine Paula P 2001 My Day Ronnie Thwaites Mr. Luxury
Determine Perilous Time 1996 Burning Bush Richard Bell Star Trail
Determine Politics Friction 1997 All Purpose (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Determine Positive Music 2007 Rich Quick Mentality Stephen Marley Tuff Gong
Determine Prepare For Me 2003 Jumbie Frenchie Maximum Sound
Determine Purple Bud 2002 Purple Bud Howie Pride N.Y.C.E.
Determine Rappin Up Rhymes 2001 Nine Night Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Determine Ready Mi Ready 1999 Psycho Baby Giant
Determine Revelation 2001 Wanted (1) Ryan Braithwaite & Ernest Braithwaite Nuclear
Determine Round The World 2003 Forensic Clifford Smith & Computer Paul In The Streetz
Determine Ruff In Here 2001 Punk Spiderman Spyda Web
Determine Seek Out Dem Ends 2001 Drop Top Energy
Determine Shot This Shot That 2000 Bobo Spice Cali Bud
Determine Si Di Fire 2001 Angel Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Determine Skunk 2000 Skunk Howard Hull & Dave Lindsay Pown Daddy
Determine Slow Dem Fast 1999 Quakie Steely & Clevie
Determine Smallest 2001 Bushy Bushy Debbie Harding & Harvel Hart Extra Extra
Determine Sprinter Stayer 2001 Heavyweight Glenroy Donaldson Hot-A-Tac
Determine Star Shaker 2004 Blackout (2) Daniel Lewis & Buccaneer Black House
Determine Sunday To Sunday 1998 Solomon Bobby Digital Brickwall
Determine Take It Off 2004 Kasablanca Alberto Blackwood Slam
Determine That Nah Go Work 2000 Bigger Heavens Al Simpson Safire
Determine They Have No Love 1997 The Joy Richard Bell Star Trail
Determine Time Like This 1997 MX-6 Barry O'Hare X-Rated
Determine Too Confused 2003 Sara King Jammy Jammy's
Determine Top Form 2003 Krazy Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Determine Tricks In Trade 2001 Giddeon War Buju Banton Gargamel
Determine True Friends 2000 Drive By Blessed Heart
Determine Up Deh 2001 Double Ugly Down Sound
Determine Wappin The Place 2004 Flava (2) Lady G G String
Determine War I 2003 May Day Fire Links Fire Links
Determine War Over Jah Jah Land 2001 Darker Shade Of Black / Jah Send Mi Come Anthony Lilly & Conrad Green Harmodio
Determine Wash Mi Locks 2001 Highway '95 Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Determine Washing Machine 1996 Mouse Trap Bobby Digital Digital-B
Determine Wave You Hand 2004 First Class Derrol Frazer Common Sense
Determine Weep Not 1999 College Rock Dia Fearon Builders
Determine What You Think 2000 Columbia Jam II
Determine When Will This Be Over 2003 Woman Is Like A Shadow
Determine Whine Fi Mi 2016 3 Rebel Sound
Determine Who 1997 Drum Song
Determine Work Hard 1994 Kuff Bobby Digital Digital-B
Determine Wrong Doings 2000 Volume King Jammy Kingston 11
Determine Wuk You 2002 Sex Wiser Selah
Determine Zulu Dance 2004 Marmalade Wayne Morris Purple Skunk
Determine & Action K Nuh Turn It Off 2003 Heavenless Pound Daddy
Determine & Bernard Collins Satta Massagana Satta Massagna Manatee
Determine & Dasia I Want You More 2003 3rd Degree Sam Diggy & Bishop Mark Of The West
Determine & Mr. Easy Be Ready 2002 Living Colours Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Determine & Patchy Why 2004 Cell Phone Sunshine
Determine & Robin True Love 2004 No Warrior / Father Jungle Rock Neil Amos & Moses Davis Free Willy
Determine & Saba Full Time 2002 Belly Skin Sobers Wright G String
Determine & Singer J Girls Around Me 2003 360 Degrees Patrick Dalhouse 360 Degrees
Determine & Spragga Benz World Is In Trouble 1998 Bruck Bottle Steely & Clevie Q 45
Determine & Terry Ganzie Izis I 1996 ~Unknown (007) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Determine & Thriller Blacks See No Joy 2000 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Heart To Heart
Louie Culture, Determine & Lucan I Live Up 2000 Never Bow Down Low Dia Fearon Builders
Lukie D & Determine Between The Sheets 1996 Between The Sheets G's Factory
Lukie D & Determine Perilous Time Heathen (1) Firehouse
Lukie D & Determine Perilous Time Eden Firehouse Crew
Singing Melody & Determine My Angel 2005 Rock Steady (2) Edward Murray
Triston Palmer & Determine Equal Rights Equal Rights Don One
Turbo Belly & Determine One By One Peanie Peanie
Ward 21 & Determine Girls In Girls Out 2003 Egyptian Daniel Lewis & Donovan Bennett Blaxxx