Tunes performed by Tony Curtis

There are also 3 tunes produced by Tony Curtis.
Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Future Troubles & Tony Curtis Scoobay Anthem 2004 Scoobay Mario Campbell & Tony Matterhorn 3.5.7
G Maffiah & Tony Curtis Rich 2008 Spring Blade Truck Back
Ghost & Tony Curtis Wine 1997 Fig Leaf Buccaneer Opera House
Jigsy King & Tony Curtis Any Man You Want 1994 Frog Father Pow Stone Love
Jigsy King & Tony Curtis Must Be Paradise 1996 Virgin Island Carl Nelson Top Nail
Jigsy King & Tony Curtis Show Off 2008 Journey (2) Danger Zone
Jigsy King & Tony Curtis This Is 2008 Solidarity Kings Of Kings
Jigsy King & Tony Curtis Want Yu Body 1992 Action Courtney Cole Madhouse
Jigsy King & Tony Curtis Work Them Hard Rough Life
Jigsy King, Tony Curtis, Mickey Simpson, U Brown, Singing Jade & Dennis Rock Jesus 1994 Weatherman Skank Courtney Cole Roof
Lexxus & Tony Curtis Some Money 2009 Tight P Gargamel
Tony Curtis 18 Yard 2004 No Warrior / Father Jungle Rock Neil Amos & Moses Davis Free Willy
Tony Curtis 25 Ladies 1999 Cherry Oh Baby George Nooks Barry U
Tony Curtis A woman 2002 Hypocrites John John John John
Tony Curtis All The Way 2000 Sudden Attack Reggae Vibes
Tony Curtis Anytime 1998 Loving Pauper Kickin
Tony Curtis Bad Mind 1999 Kiki Tony Kelly & Cardiff Butt K..Licious
Tony Curtis Beat Of My Heart 1996 Cutie Pie Winston Powell Stone Love
Tony Curtis Bless Me 2005 World A Music / World Jam Captain Sinbad & Frenchie Bad 2000
Tony Curtis Body Calling 2000 Spanish Harlem Eric Delisser Big Jeans
Tony Curtis Can't Leave Me Rope In
Tony Curtis Cheating And Lies 2001 Police In Helicopter Louis Malcolm Flabba
Tony Curtis Dread Inna Gideon 2003 Revolution (1) / Intercom Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Creation
Tony Curtis Faith 1998 Faith Richard Martin Mad Doc
Tony Curtis For Your Love 1995 Gunman Father Pow Stone Love
Tony Curtis Get Lonely 1998 Night Hawk Eric Delisser Big Jeans
Tony Curtis Girls Request 1998 Belch Philip Linton & Delroy Pottinger Arrows
Tony Curtis Gone 2005 Tear Drops Fiya Eyzs
Tony Curtis Got To Get It 2001 Woman Deh Yah / Mud Up (2) Nigel Burrell & Triston Palmer I & I
Tony Curtis Heaven Only Knows 2007 Rock Steady / Love Somebody Winston Powell Stone Love
Tony Curtis Hold You Heptones Gonna Fight WWS
Tony Curtis I Know 2000 Show Off (1) Dubie Platinum
Tony Curtis I Wanna Be Down 1994 Come On Little Girl Bobby Digital Digital B
Tony Curtis I'm Coming Home Guiding Star Kickin
Tony Curtis If I Could 2005 Sweetie Come Brush Me God Bless
Tony Curtis If Love Must Go Heavenless Music Farm
Tony Curtis If You Were Here Tonight 1999 Sail Away Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Tony Curtis It's Over 1999 Modern Girl (2)
Tony Curtis Ive Got To Get It 2003 Nude
Tony Curtis Jah I Thank You 2000 Mr Fix It Beres Hammond Harmony House
Tony Curtis Jah I Thank You 2000 They Gonna Talk Harmony House
Tony Curtis Keep Trying 2007 Generation Vernal Newman Real Lyfe
Tony Curtis Knocking The Boots 1994 Full Up Anthony Red Rose & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey
Tony Curtis Let's Go 2009 International House Of Hits
Tony Curtis Lonely Man 1999 Don't Wait For Me / Key To The City Stingray
Tony Curtis Love Should Brought You Home 1993 Real Rock Winston Powell Stone Love
Tony Curtis Met This Little Girl 2002 Answer Unity & Love
Tony Curtis Miss Cutie Cutie 1993 Dickie Courtney Cole Penthouse
Tony Curtis Money Taker 1999 Get Mad Now Black Shadow
Tony Curtis Moses 2002 Cassandra 5th Element
Tony Curtis Movie Star 2001 Old Broom Delroy Foster Pure Music
Tony Curtis Mr. Bigman 2006 World A Music / Rastar Rastar
Tony Curtis My Girl 2001 Darker Shade Of Black / Jah Send Mi Come Anthony Lilly & Conrad Green Harmodio
Tony Curtis My Lady In Red 1998 He Prayed
Tony Curtis My Way 1998 Bend Down Low Winston Riley Techniques
Tony Curtis My Woman In Red 1998 He Prayed Carl Nelson Greensleeves
Tony Curtis No Unity 2005 Ruckus Louis Malcolm Mo' Music
Tony Curtis One Nite Stand 2002 White Liva Richie D 2 Bad
Tony Curtis Only Jah 2001 Created By The Father / Babatunde Al Simpson Safire
Tony Curtis Poochie Lou 1998 Mumps El Paso
Tony Curtis Rain From The Skies 1994 Rain From The Skies Courtney Cole Roof
Tony Curtis Sadie 1994 She Is Mine Father Pow Stone Love
Tony Curtis Sailing Party Time (1) Bobby Digital Digital B
Tony Curtis Sex 2000 Mad Sex Black Shadow
Tony Curtis Sexual Attraction 1999 Whooo Tony Kelly K..Licious
Tony Curtis Sexy Gal 2003 Amharic Jammy James Jam II
Tony Curtis Share My World 2007 Declaration Of Rights Leon Smillie Total Satisfaction
Tony Curtis She Got It 2000 Got It Carl Nelson Top Nail
Tony Curtis Show Ya Love 2002 G-String John John Awful
Tony Curtis Six Eight Twelve Fi Wi Rock
Tony Curtis So In Love 2003 Sara Marcello Small Baby Father
Tony Curtis Someone To Love Boxing
Tony Curtis Someone To Love Yo Yo John John
Tony Curtis Stranger In The Night 1994 Get A Lick Bobby Digital Digital B
Tony Curtis Stronger 2000 Who Done It John John
Tony Curtis Sweet September Cuss Cuss Courtney Cole Roof
Tony Curtis Thank You 2002 All The Best Bryan Morris & Christopher Clarke Black Pyramid
Tony Curtis Tony 1998 Broadway Richard Martin 2 Bad
Tony Curtis U Got It Bad 2003 Heavenless Pound Daddy
Tony Curtis Want Somebody 1997 2002 Louis Malcolm Mo' Music
Tony Curtis Weak 1994 Sleng Teng John John John John
Tony Curtis Who's That Lady (Oooh La La) 2003 Good Times (1) Mr. Doo Supadoo
Tony Curtis Why You Bad Mind So 2006 Revolution (1) / Intercom Maximum Sound
Tony Curtis You Hypnotise Me 2006 Darker Shade Of Black Donville Davis
Tony Curtis You Left Me Lonely 1999 Falling In Love Don One
Tony Curtis & Aisha Set It Off 2007 Cherry Tree Delroy Foster Pure Music
Tony Curtis & Chrisinti Armagedeon 2004 Sleng Teng Powerstone
Tony Curtis & Christopher Trouble Drive Me Crazy 2003 May Day Fire Links Fire Links
Tony Curtis & Future Troubles Burn Baby Burn 2005 Fowl Fight Frenchie & Richard Browne Maximum Sound
Tony Curtis & Future Troubles Can't Smoke The Weed In Peace 1998 Now Thing Anthony Red Rose & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey
Tony Curtis & Future Troubles Celebrate 2008 Equator 3.5.7
Tony Curtis & Future Troubles Got To Be The One 1999 Goblin Shines
Tony Curtis & Galaxy P Shorty 2000 Highway Mark Hudson Stone Cold
Tony Curtis & Galaxy P Tell Me 1995 When Trouble Tek Me Silbert Bailey Silver B
Tony Curtis & General Degree Big Nail Big Nail Stone Love
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King High High High 2006 Forty Sup'emmh Stephon Moulton Blaque Warriahz
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King My Sound A Murder Real Rock Winston Powell Stone Love
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King Real Thing 1994 Corduroy
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King Stamina Man 1993 Punanny Stone Love
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King Wuk Dem Hard 1998 Ice Rider Togetherness
Tony Curtis & Jigsy King Young Girls Big Nail Stone Love
Tony Curtis, Jigsy King & Lloyd Brown I'm Sorry 2007 Jam Down (2) Delmar Drummond Danger Zone
Tony Curtis & Lexxus Hot Gal 2005 Garrison Gargamel
Tony Curtis & Lukie D Memory Lane Fed Up Stone Love
Tony Curtis & Marlon Stewart She Got It 2000 Money Maker S. Coburn, L. Ward & Michael Coburn New Life
Tony Curtis & Merciless Party Time 2005 Top Flossing Richard Burgess Energy Beat
Tony Curtis & Mr. Lexx Hot Gal 2006 Garrison Austin Green PayDay
Tony Curtis & Mr. Lexx It's On 2002 Diesel Peter Jackson Rattler
Tony Curtis & Powerman She Is Hot 2003 All Out Eric Delisser & Ricky Myrie Big Jeans
Tony Curtis & Vybz Kartel Smoking 2004 Cool Fusion Donovan Bennett & Kirk Ford Vendetta
Tony Curtis & Wickerman Shoulda Me 2006 Wipe Out Albert Forbes & Roderick Hamilton Danger Zone
Zagu Zar & Tony Curtis Big League Gun 2003 Spanish Fly (1) Big League