Tunes performed by Wickerman

There are also 7 tunes produced by Wickerman.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Wickerman Fit Mi Fantastic 1986 What The Hell Dennis Star & June Star
Wickerman Man In A Baggy 1989 Gun In A Baggy / Blam Blam Lloyd Dennis Pickout
Wickerman To The Maximum 1989 Maximum Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Wickerman Barrel Come 1990 Mud Up (1) King Jammy Jammy's
Wickerman 'Matic 1991 ~Unknown (034) Steely & Clevie Profile
Wickerman Bow Delero 1991 Storm (1) / Bandelero King Jammy Jammy's
Wickerman Bow-De-Lero 1991 Storm (1) Lloyd James & Lloyd James Jr. Father & Son
Wickerman Worm 1991 When Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Captain Barkey & Wickerman Property 1992 Cherry Oh Baby King Jammy Jammy's
Captain Barkey & Wickerman Put I Dung 1992 A Little Love King Jammy Jammy's
Captain Barkey & Wickerman Wicked 1992 Mad Mad King Jammy & John John
Wickerman Gun Smith 1992 Passport Buddy King Jammy & John John Father & Son
Wickerman Elemination 1992 Truly King Jammy Jammy's
Wickerman & Lecturer Girls Confused 1992 Muslim King Jammy Jammy's
Wickerman Gal Fi Wok 1993 Bun Fi Bun John T Shalom
Wickerman Kickout Your Foot 1993 Oh Carolina King Jammy
Wickerman Mate Vex 1993 Pick Up The Pieces King Jammy
Wickerman Gal Model Pon Dem 1994 Soap Sud Phillip Linton Arrows
Wickerman Anywhere 1995 Stucky Fat Eyes
Wickerman Bugger Heads 1995 Book Book Book King Jammy Jammy's
Wickerman Ghetto Youths 1995 Andy Griffith Strong One
Wickerman More Love 1995 Dengue Fever Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Wickerman Must Be History 1995 Buggering (2) Stuart Brown African Star
Wickerman Not In Vain 1995 Fed Up Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Wickerman Pass Dem Place 1995 Kuff / Sick To The Treatment Kenrick McKenzie Secret Rival
Wickerman You And Dawn 1995 Slingshot (1) Phillip Linton Arrows
Captain Barkey & Wickerman Finger Ina 1996 Fish & Rice Colin Fat Colin Fat
Wickerman Joy Ride 1996 Fed Up / Step Up Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Wickerman Part Time Lover 1996 Macarena Adrian Genus & Captain Barkey Worm Dem
Wickerman Pressure 1996 Burning Bush Richard Bell Star Trail
Wickerman Rasta 1996 Chase Vampire King Jammy Jammy's
Lady Mackeral, Captain Barkey, Queen Paula & Wickerman Haffi Hot 1997 Ill Na Na Aiden Jones East Coast
Wickerman Boy A Go Cry 1997 Electric Richard Bell Star Trail
Wickerman Dem Nuh Star 1997 Whip (2) King Jammy Jammy's
Wickerman Inna Dem Face 1997 Haunted Harvel Hart Annex
Wickerman Mr. Workerman 1997 Yankee Doodle D. Desnoes & David Taylor Star Gate
Wickerman Right Teaching 1997 African Beat King Jammy Jammy's
Angel Doolas, Captain Barkey & Wickerman Ambition 1998 Refugee Harvel Hart Annex
Wickerman Bogus 1998 Bruck Bottle Desmond Blake & Rupert Blake Q45
Wickerman Get Busy 1998 Wass Leroy Smart & Judith Williams Unity & Love
Wickerman Live In Style 1998 Cold Bump Bobby Digital Digital-B
Wickerman Number Three 1998 Cobb Web 9 Lives
Wickerman Dweet Mek Wi Si 1999 Bitter Blood Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Wickerman Gone Too Far 1999 Bingo Mult-I
Wickerman Never Say Die 1999 Crash Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Wickerman Weh Dem Ago Do 1999 Street Sweeper Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Wickerman Bad Weather 2000 Bad Weather Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Wickerman Dem No Know Dis 2001 Hanky Panky Mikey Magic Music Time
Wickerman Girls Gungo Walk 2001 Nine Night Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Ward 21 & Wickerman West Indies 2002 Rain (2) Chester Walker Very Huge
Wickerman Come Out A Mi Place 2002 Bollywood Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Wickerman Let Them In 2002 Happy Living Neil Amos & Moses Davis Free Willy
Wickerman Oh Jah Jah 2002 President Oral Desulme & Rohan Desulme Desulme
Wickerman One Man In Yuh Life 2002 Japanese Monkey Crossbreed & Colin Fat Royal Blend
Wickerman Stamp It 2002 Belly Skin Sobers Wright G String
Captain Barkey & Wickerman Unnu Memba 2003 Golden Bathtub Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Wickerman Ghetto Youths Time 2003 Clinic Joe Jackson Ranking Joe
Wickerman Girls Me Ah Follow 2003 Washout Desmond Blake & Rupert Blake Q45
Wickerman Love Money Hate You 2003 Twilight Zone Michael Jones Supertronics
Wickerman Nobody's Business Business 2003 44 Flat Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Wickerman Rolling Stone 2003 Blizzard Howie Pride, Ranking Trevor & Ricky Myrie Draw Card
Wickerman The Only One 2003 Far East Star Creation
Wickerman & Gringo Everything False 2004 Bomb A Drop Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Captain Barkey & Wickerman Fat Man Slim Man 2005 I Hold The Handle Free Willy
Beenie Man, Admiral Bailey, Beekie Bailey, Captain Barkey, Kananga & Wickerman Rocky Road 2006 Heavenless Free Willy
Captain Barkey & Wickerman Over You 2006 Gully Slime Mark Pinnock Natural Bridge
Tony Curtis & Wickerman Shoulda Me 2006 Wipe Out Albert Forbes & Roderick Hamilton Danger Zone
Wickerman Freeze 2006 Overtime Wayne Brown Babywayne
Wickerman Hunt Dem 2006 Bad Afternoon Rupert Blake Q45
Wickerman & Bunny General News Corner 2006 Jah Rainbow Neil Amos Free Willy
Wickerman Jamaican Hotty 2007 Roots And Tonic Delon Reid & Ralston Barrett Award 1
Wickerman Liberation Time 2009 Heavenless / Entertainment Howard Hull Pown Daddy
Wickerman Proud To Be Black 2009 Heavenless / Entertainment Howard Hull Pown Daddy
Wickerman Which Bun Hotta 2014 Poco Man Jam Donovan Germain Penthouse
Wickerman Put Down The Gun Thing Gunman Bobby Digital Digital-B
Wickerman Thief A Fool Dat