Tunes performed by Gringo

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Beenie Man & Gringo Get Yourself A Gun 2002 Martial Arts Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Gringo Cellular Bill Kuff Cosmic Force
Gringo Draw Card 1995 Zombie Computer Paul Boomarang
Gringo From-U-Hot Gal 2000 Boasy Gal Steven Ventura Kings Of Kings
Gringo Gal Selina 1995 Sleng Teng Winston Powell Stone Love
Gringo Great Wuka Man 1997 Whip (2) King Jammy Jammy's
Gringo Jah Rastafari 1992 Promised Land Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Gringo Make Some Money 1996 Friction Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Gringo Man A Nuh Fool 1998 Heptones Gonna Fight I & I
Gringo Mark A De Beast Sea Of Love Stone Love
Gringo Mek Dem Gwan 2001 Pressure Cooker Eric Delisser Big Jeans
Gringo Misery Freedom Blues Stone Love
Gringo Rema And Jungle 2000 Time Will Tell Chris
Gringo Style An Pattern 1999 Head To Toe City Love
Gringo Time Get Hard 1999 Blade Colin Fat Colin Fat
Gringo Times Hard 2001 Answer Bobby Konders Massive B
Gringo Wonder 2000 Full Moon (1) Troy McLean & Garfield Hamilton First Name
Thriller U & Gringo It Wasn't Easy She Is Mine
Wickerman & Gringo Everything False 2004 Bomb A Drop Mario Campbell 3.5.7