There are also 13 tunes produced by Queen Paula.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Queen Paula Move Up 1989 Market Sound Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Queen Paula Attractive 1992 Three Blind Mice
Squidly Ranking & Queen Paula Magga Man 1992 Muslim Winston Powell Stone Love
General Degree, Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral What Kind A Man Yuh Want 1995 Crowd Anthony Cameron & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey Dat?
Lady Mackeral & Queen Paula Young Bwoy 1995 I'm In A Jazzy Mood John John John John
Lady Mackeral, Queen Paula & Sandy Star Million And More 1995 Book Book Book King Jammy Jammy's
Queen Paula Man Wid Action 1995 Dengue Fever Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral Doin It Right 1996 Herman Monster Colin Fat Colin Fat
Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral Hot Girls Like We 1996 Stink Winston Powell Stone Love
Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral Land Pon Runway 1996 Salt And Pepper Colin Fat Colin Fat
Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral Man That is Right 1996 Virgin Island Scare Dem Crew Priceless
Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral Request 1996 Macarena Adrian Genus & Captain Barkey Worm Dem
Lady Mackeral, Captain Barkey, Queen Paula & Wickerman Haffi Hot 1997 Ill Na Na Aiden Jones East Coast
Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral Lef Me Man 1997 Judgement (1) Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral Money First 1997 Nice Little Baby Harvel Hart Annex
Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral We Nah Fight Over Nuh Man 1998 Country & Western Phillip Linton Arrows
Queen Paula Don't Call Back 2003 Goldmine Harvel Hart Annex
Queen Paula Can't Satisfy Him 2004 No Warrior / Father Jungle Rock Neil Amos & Moses Davis Common Sense
Queen Paula Fat Man 2004 Rose Gold Stone Love Movement Stone Love
Queen Paula Hot Gal 2004 Kasablanca Alberto Blackwood Slam
Queen Paula Man Specialist 2004 Wassy Rockcliffe Pinnock Orize'n
Queen Paula Mi Yard 2004 Summer Bounce Harvel Hart Annex
Queen Paula My Type A Guy 2004 Colourful Norman Owen, Lex Benjamin & Neville Benjamin 'Xel-B'
Queen Paula Pon Dem 2004 Bomb A Drop Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Queen Paula & Pickney Mi Son 2004 First Class Derrol Frazer Common Sense
Queen Paula Do That To Me 2005 Sweeden Adidja Palmer Adijahiem
Queen Paula Nah Let Him Go 2005 Noni Energy
Queen Paula Raisin Face 2005 Naked Gaza Derrick Brown & Trevor Bonnick Bad Wolf
Lady G, Macka Diamond & Queen Paula Too Sexy 2006 Lava (4) Robert Livingston Big Yard
Macka Diamond & Queen Paula A Nuh Your Faul 2006 Gully Slime Mark Pinnock Natural Bridge
Queen Paula Buss It Out 2006 Loud Disturbance DJ Sunshine Yellow Moon
Queen Paula I've Got It 2006 Energize Troy Hinds Amplex
Queen Paula It In Deh 2006 Mud Up (1) Byron Murray In The Streetz
Queen Paula Stamina Man 2006 Giddeon Swing Imperial
Danny English & Queen Paula We Nuh Lef 2007 Problem (4) Sean Reid Seanizzle
Macka Diamond & Queen Paula Nuff Gal A Sleep Outta Road 2Nite 2007 Double Kick Stephon Moulton Blaque Warriahz
Steve Knight, Junie Ranks & Queen Paula Pretty Brown Eyes Stalag W. Brown Corner Man