Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Nitty Kutchie & Chevelle Franklyn Can't Wait Any Longer 1992 Boom Bye Bye Clifton Dillon Shang
Nitty Kutchie Home Is Where Di Heart Is 1994 Soap King Jammy Kingston 11
Nitty Kutchie & Angel Doolas Reggae Jam 1994 Chopper King Jammy Jammy's
Nitty Kutchie, Angel Doolas & Harry Toddler Look Good Today 1995 Crackers Earl Smith Jr. Heavy Dee
Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie & Angel Doolas You've Got Me Waiting 1996 Bad Treatment King Jammy Jammy's
Elephant Man & Nitty Kutchie You Have It 1996 Twister David Taylor Star Gate
Nitty Kutchie No Diggity 1996 Metric Stone Love Movement Stone Love
Anthony B & Nitty Kutchie Jah Love 1997 Vengeance Jason Williams & D. Bolt Golden Child
Boom Dandimite & Nitty Kutchie Scare Dem Way 1997 Many Many Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Bounty Killer, Angel Doolas & Nitty Kutchie I Remember 1997 The Formula (1) Rodney Price Priceless
Nitty Kutchie If I Were You 1997 Guerilla Warfare Scare Dem Crew Scare Dem
Tony Curtis & Nitty Kutchie I Don't Know 1997 One Two (1) Garfield Phillips Diamond Rush
Nitty Kutchie Bring Me Up 1998 Dainty Lemon & Lime
Nitty Kutchie Gal Scream 1998 Time Bomb (1) Togetherness Crew Togetherness
Nitty Kutchie Girls You Got It 1998 Country & Western Phillip Linton Arrows
Nitty Kutchie Happy Go Lucky Girl 1998 Bagpipe Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Nitty Kutchie Love Me Down 1998 Sail Away Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie More Dem Fight We 1998 Asylum (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Nitty Kutchie Sitting And Watching 1998 Foundation (1) The Shocking Vibes Crew Shocking Vibes
Nitty Kutchie & Angel Doolas Top Shatta 1998 Shatta Colin Fat Colin Fat
Nitty Kutchie & Boom Dandimite Girls Them Style 1998 James Bond Louis Malcolm Mo' Music
Nitty Kutchie & Future Troubles You Will Never Find Me 1998 Cob Web Rohan Nicholson Nine Life
Scare Dem Crew, Nitty Kutchie & Boom Dandimite What Girls Like 1998 Mercury Jeremy Harding 2Hard
Bounty Killer, Richie Stephens & Nitty Kutchie Street Life 1999 Street Life Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie Bad Man 1999 Street Life Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie Chronic 1999 Asylum (2) Leroy Smart & Judith Williams WWS
Nitty Kutchie Cool & Easy 1999 Danger (1) Leroy Smart WWS
Nitty Kutchie Everywhere I Go 1999 1999 The Hot Ice Crew Acid Rain
Nitty Kutchie Fire At Your Feet 1999 Fire (1) Donovan Murphy Surf
Nitty Kutchie Get With It Baby 1999 Demonstration X-Con
Nitty Kutchie God Bless 1999 Shoot Out (1) Troyton, Budafuco & Wesley Black Shadow
Nitty Kutchie Love Me Tender 1999 Problem (2) Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie Stampede 1999 Juliet V. Tulloch VT Fantastic
Nitty Kutchie Talk One Time 1999 Work Wid It
Nitty Kutchie Thug 1999 Crips Or Bloods Lenky & Clarkie Shy Shy
Nitty Kutchie & Determine Head Corner Stone 1999 Champagne (3) Delon Reid Manatee
Nitty Kutchie & Mr. Steve Devil Flex 1999 Ice Pick Desmond Blake & Rupert Blake Q45
Nitty Kutchie & Future Troubles I Still Love You 1999 Coochie Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Bounty Killer & Nitty Kutchie Peace Cry 2000 Jam Down (1) Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Bounty Killer & Nitty Kutchie Secret 2000 Busta Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Hawkeye & Nitty Kutchie Speedy Love 2000 Big Up (2) John Dunkley Cartell Family
Nitty Kutchie Have You Seen Her 2000 New World Order (1) John Dunkley True Blue
Nitty Kutchie How Deep 2000 Advice Sylvan Morris Way Out
Nitty Kutchie How We Roll 2000 20/20 Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Nitty Kutchie Shorty 2000 Asthma Marlon Cooke Deja Vu
Nitty Kutchie Thug Life 2000 Yakusa Classical People Opera House
Nitty Kutchie Tonight 2000 Skunk Howard Hull & Dave Lindsay Pown Daddy
Nitty Kutchie United We Stand 2000 Warning Roots Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Nitty Kutchie & Captain Barkey Seek 2000 Thugz The Monie Mu$$ Crew Monie Mu$$
Nitty Kutchie & The School Boys Girls All Pause 2000 Dun Dem Nuwave
Michigan, Nitty Kutchie & Mr. Steve Old Iron 2001 Cruise (2) Nigel Burrell Creation
Nitty Kutchie Cha La La 2001 X-Treme Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Nitty Kutchie Do Or Die 2001 Mexican (1) Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie Don't Wanna Pressure You 2001 Double Ugly Black & White Down Sound
Nitty Kutchie Drifter 2001 Drifter Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie Fiesta 2001 Get Weh Donovan McMurray Hands & Heart
Nitty Kutchie How Them Gonna Stop Me 2001 Heatwave Harvel Hart Annex
Nitty Kutchie If Yuh Dis Wi 2001 Di Nipples Italee Watson Nipples
Nitty Kutchie Spread Love Around 2001 None A Jah Jah Children George Miller Firehouse Crew
Nitty Kutchie Stop Chat 2001 Woman Deh Yah / Mud Up (2) Nigel Burrell, Triston Palmer & Steve Ibanez I & I
Nitty Kutchie Strive 2001 Destiny John Dunkley True Blue
Nitty Kutchie Thugs 2001 Butler Rohan Butler Butler Brothers
Nitty Kutchie Ups And Down 2001 Island Bwoy Fly Militant
Nitty Kutchie Wise Up 2001 My Day Ronnie Thwaites Mr. Luxury
Nitty Kutchie & Mr. Steve Silent River 2001 Heavyweight Glenroy Donaldson Hot-A-Tac
Nitty Kutchie & Louie Culture Light Them Up 2001 Ba Ba Boom Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Star Creation
Nitty Kutchie Girls Dem Rule 2002 Live Wire (1) The Firehouse Crew Firehouse Crew
Nitty Kutchie I Luv U 2002 Good Over Evil (1) Chester Walker Heights Of Heights
Nitty Kutchie Skin Haffi Burn 2002 Blindfold John John Hall
Nitty Kutchie Watch Out 2002 Pen And Paper Rohan Fuller Natural Bridge
Nitty Kutchie Weh Dem A Go Do Now 2002 Eraser Tego Floyd Vietnam
Nitty Kutchie & Future Troubles Who You Are 2002 Sex Wiser Selah
Nitty Kutchie & Lukie D Love 2002 Bullet Proof Chucky Million Mac Dada
Nitty Kutchie & Lukie D Humble Yuh Self 2002 Zero Tolerance (1) Harvel Hart Annex
Bounty Killer & Nitty Kutchie Many Men 2003 Goldmine Harvel Hart Annex
Michigan & Nitty Kutchie Girl Of Mine 2003 Freedom Blues Triston Palmer Creation
Nitty Kutchie Fabulous 2003 Far East Star Creation
Nitty Kutchie Get High 2003 Earth, Wind & Flames Rohan Fuller Jah Snowcone
Nitty Kutchie Got To Be Strong 2003 Leader Chilly Hi-Score
Nitty Kutchie It's Alright 2003 Dejavu Byron Haughton, Patrick Hylton & Bobby Prince BDB
Nitty Kutchie Run 2003 Caribbean Style Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie Thug Fi Life 2003 Tundra L. Rooche Ino Ino
Nitty Kutchie Thug Life 2003 Dinner Fish Andrew Bradford Opera House
Nitty Kutchie Thugs Clap It 2003 Blizzard Howie Pride, Ranking Trevor & Ricky Myrie Draw Card
Nitty Kutchie & Roundhead Dancehall Hot Again 2003 Revolution (1) / Intercom Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Creation
Lukie D & Nitty Kutchie Humble 2004 Baby Love (2) Harvel Hart Annex
Nitty Kutchie Nah Leave Jah 2004 Created By The Father / Babatunde Al Simpson Safire
Anthony B & Nitty Kutchie Let Me Love You 2005 Sweeden Adidja Palmer Adidjahiem
Nitty Kutchie Just Love 2005 Fairy Tale T. Steadman & P. Smith True Friends
Nitty Kutchie Let Me Love You 2005 Real Rock / Real Rock Return Winston Powell Stone Love
Nitty Kutchie With Jah 2005 Baby Why Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Star Creation
Nitty Kutchie & Earthworm Know Di Prang 2005 Fire (2) Marvin Halsall Mo Fire
Nitty Kutchie & Earthworm Mad Dem 2005 Bad Bargain Rupert Blake Q45
Delly Ranks & Nitty Kutchie Loyal Soldier 2006 Breaking News Stephen McGregor Big Ship
Nitty Kutchie Informer & Spies 2006 Battlefield (3) John John John John
Nitty Kutchie Love Me Or Leave Me 2006 Have You Ever Orville Thomas Fashozy
Nitty Kutchie Real Love 2006 Youths And Youths Fly Militant
Nitty Kutchie War Is Not The Answer 2006 Playlist Andrew Prendergast Camp Fire
Nitty Kutchie Who Start The War 2006 Yard Step Sean Scott S.S.M.G.
Nitty Kutchie & Ninja Ford Weak Gangsta 2006 Forty Sup'emmh Stephon Moulton Blaque Warriahz
Nitty Kutchie & Roundhead High Grade Every Day 2006 Ghetto Whiskey Delroy Foster Pure Music
Bling Dawg & Nitty Kutchie Run Di Place 2007 Migraine (2) Louis Malcolm Mo' Music
Nitty Kutchie Bad Man 2007 Z-March Nicole Duhaney Goldie Lox
Nitty Kutchie Buss Off Yuh Face 2007 Next Level Paul Chin Kalashnikov
Nitty Kutchie Sha La La 2007 Full Clip Jason Carr Thirty Six Degrees
Nitty Kutchie Badman Anthem 2008 Ba Ba Boom / Baba (2) Chad Simpson Young Blood
Nitty Kutchie How Can I 2008 How Can I (2) Everton Burrell Buggie
Nitty Kutchie & Bounty Killer Bad Man Sound 2008 Stalag Wings
Nitty Kutchie Smoke Weed 2009 Tropical Heat / Skitzo Survivor Slim Tropical Heat
Devonte & Nitty Kutchie Sort It Out 2010 007 (3) Free Willy
Nitty Kutchie Me No Fear Dem 2010 Buss Buss
Nitty Kutchie Welcome 2010 Ghetto (2) Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Wickerman & Nitty Kutchie Do Good 2010 Buss Buss
Sanjay & Nitty Kutchie We Have The Guns Dem 2014 Airbourne Sam Diggy Sam Diggy
Nitty Kutchie Cha La La La La 2019 Sleng Teng Genesis
Nuclear & Nitty Kutchie Uptown Downtown Girl 2019 1Way Konsequence Konsequence Muzik
Nitty Kutchie Real High 2020 Steppaz Buju Banton Gargamel
Nitty Kutchie Sell Out 2022 Ali Baba / Badder Than Before Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie & Buju Banton Lord I Thank You 2023 Street Gospel Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Angel Doolas & Nitty Kutchie My Sound Why Oh Why
  • Name
    Nitty Kutchie
  • Real name
    Andrew Reid
  • Born
      Jamaica, Westmoreland