Tunes on the Greensleeves label

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Bajja Jedd Dollars 1993 Answer Greensleeves
Bounty Killer Benz & Bimma 1996 Mecca Aiden Jones Greensleeves
Bounty Killer & Junior Reid This Wourld Is Haunted 1994 Shank I Sheck King Jammy Greensleeves
Buccaneer Set The Place 1994 Punanny King Jammy Greensleeves
Bushman Fire Pon A Weak Heart 1999 Hypocrites King Jammy Greensleeves
Chezidek No More Fear 2007 Spiritual War Greensleeves
Clement Irie Koloko 1989 Koloko Hugh James Greensleeves
Clint Eastwood & General Saint Healing In The Balmyard 1981 Taxi Chris Cracknell & Henry Lawes Greensleeves
Clint Eastwood & General Saint Shame And Scandal In The Family 1982 Shame And Scandal Chris Cracknell Greensleeves
Cocoa Tea Getting Closer 1993 Getting closer Phillip Burrell Greensleeves
Dennis Brown Street Kid Mr. Bassie Greensleeves
Dennis Brown & Brian & Tony Gold Hypocrite Corner 1988 Cuss Cuss Augustus Clarke Greensleeves
Dennis Brown & Junior Reid Dance Nah Keep 1992 Mr. Bassie Greensleeves
Dr. Alimantado I Killed The Barber 1976 Ali Baba Bunny Striker Lee & Dr. Alimantado Greensleeves
Flourgon Love Mi Jah Jah 1989 Taxi Dennis Star & June Star Greensleeves
Frankie Paul Hot Number 1988 Hypocrites Henry Lawes Greensleeves
Frankie Paul Jump No Fence 1988 Shank I Sheck Henry Lawes Greensleeves
Gregory Isaacs Thank You 1992 A Love I Can Feel Gussie P Greensleeves
Half Pint Roots Man 1984 Baby Don't Go King Jammy Greensleeves
Jah Stitch King Of The Arena Death In The Arena Greensleeves
Jah Thomas Landlord 1978 Answer Greensleeves
Jah Thomas Mr Nkruma 1978 Death In The Arena Greensleeves
Jah Thomas My Jamaican Girl Full Up Greensleeves
JC Lodge Cautions 1990 He Prayed Augustus Clarke Greensleeves
Johnny Osbourne In The Area 1985 Stalag Greensleeves
Josey Wales It Have Fe Sail Answer Greensleeves
Josey Wales Thee World Is Like A Mirror Heavenless Greensleeves
Lady Ann, Sister Nancy & Sister Carol Informer Heavenless Hyman Wright Greensleeves
Lieutenant Stitchie Fresh Sexy Chicken 1994 Shank I Sheck King Jammy Greensleeves
Lieutenant Stitchie No Surrender No Retreat Death In The Arena Greensleeves
Lone Ranger Gunshot Mek Daughter Drop 1982 Everybody Bawling Greensleeves
Michael Buckley Dance Gate Answer Greensleeves
Michael Rose Money 1996 Cuss Cuss Ruff Cutt Greensleeves
Pad Anthony See Them A Come 1984 Answer Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall Greensleeves
Ranking Joe Hotter Claps Clap Well Hot 1978 Every Little Thing Mandingo Greensleeves
Ranking Joe Milkman Coming 1978 Answer Greensleeves
Ranking Joe Rock Pon The Rock 1978 Rockfort Rock Greensleeves
Red Dragon A Cute A Face 1994 Punanny King Jammy Greensleeves
Red Rat Nuh Live Nuh Weh 2001 Lion Sleeps Tonight Greensleeves
Steppers What You Gonna Do 1978 Every Little Thing Mandingo Greensleeves
Sylford Walker Prophecies Fullfilling Death In The Arena Greensleeves
Terror Fabulous Run Come Answer Adrian Genus Greensleeves
The Mighty Diamonds Fight Fire With Fire 1993 Mr. Bassie Greensleeves
The Mighty Diamonds Screechie Cross The Border 1993 Real Rock Junior Reid Greensleeves
The Morwells Grab And Flee Dub 1979 Vanity Blacka Morwell & Bingy Bunny Greensleeves
Tony Curtis My Woman In Red 1998 He Prayed Carl Nelson Greensleeves
Trouble Sound Boy Burial 1993 Answer Greensleeves
Twins Of Twins Dem A Try Bait Me Up 2010 Splinta Greensleeves
Yellowman Bedroom Sensation 1988 Oh Carolina Henry Lawes Greensleeves
Yellowman Too Greedy Real Rock Greensleeves