Tunes performed by Roundhead

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
A.R.P. & Roundhead Legal Herbman 2000 Big Up (1) John Dunkley Cartell Family
Anju Coombs & Roundhead Dance Buss 2001 Mad Mad / Lick Shot Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Black-er & Roundhead Buss Liberty 2006 Redbull & Guinness Delroy Foster Pure Music
Bling Dawg & Roundhead More Than We 2003 Bad Company Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
General B & Roundhead Fly 1997 A Who General Lee High Power
General B & Roundhead Money 2004 Rain Drops Harvel Hart Annex
General B & Roundhead Pony 1997 Copycat Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
General B, Roundhead & Ghost Ill Na Na 1997 Ill Na Na Aiden Jones East Coast
Ghost & Roundhead High Grade Party 2007 Double Kick Stephon Moulton Blaque Warriahz
Monster Shack Crew, Roundhead & General B Fly 1998 Night Rider General Lee & George Douglas High Power
Nitty Kutchie & Roundhead Dancehall Hot Again 2003 Revolution (1) / Intercom Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Creation
Nitty Kutchie & Roundhead High Grade Every Day 2006 Ghetto Whiskey Delly Ranks & Stephen McGregor Pure Music
Roundhead Apparently 1999 Shank I Sheck John John
Roundhead Bad Mind 1993 Mad Dog Bobby Digital Digital-B
Roundhead Ballers 2000 Voice Mail Paul Giscombe Bankeylous
Roundhead Bare Gal 2001 Woman Deh Yah / Mud Up (2) Nigel Burrell & Triston Palmer I & I
Roundhead Born Again 1996 Salt And Pepper Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead Call In The Money 1999 Bitter Blood Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Roundhead Call Me 1999 Sail Away Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Roundhead Can't Forget 1999 Blade Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead Clean Heart 1999 Shank I Sheck John John
Roundhead Coach 2000 New World Order Johny Dunkley True Blue
Roundhead Come A Mi Yard 2002 Sweat (1) Harvel Hart Annex
Roundhead Compose 2002 Purple Bud Howie Pride N.Y.C.E.
Roundhead Cruise Control 1998 Night Crawler Shane Richards Shines
Roundhead Da Boss 2003 Blizzard Draw Card
Roundhead Dem Nuh Easy 2000 Thugz The Monie Mu$$ Crew Monie Mu$$
Roundhead Di Girls Dem 2004 Summer Bounce Harvel Hart Annex
Roundhead Di Girls Dem 2004 Aaxxia Richard Ellis Kic' For Kic'
Roundhead Don't Test Me 1999 Head To Toe Bobby Digital Digital-B
Roundhead Don't Test Me 2000 Scarface Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Roundhead Fine Waistline 2002 Blindfold John John Hall
Roundhead Flavour 1998 Taranchyla Shane Richards Shines
Roundhead Flossing 2006 Foundation Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Roundhead Forward Ever 1998 Bigger Boss Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Roundhead Forward Forever 1997 2002 Louis Malcolm Mo' Music
Roundhead Gal Bruk Out 2005 Bad Bargain Rupert Blake Q 45
Roundhead Ganja Man 2000 Bingo Mult-I
Roundhead Girls Scream 1999 Asylum WWS
Roundhead High Grade A Do It 1998 Rough Life Togetherness
Roundhead High Grade Are Do It 1998 Ice Rider Togetherness
Roundhead Highest Grade 1997 Gin & Juice Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead Hitz Already 2006 Essence Iceberg Iceberg
Roundhead Hot From Long Time 1997 Fearless Jeremy Harding
Roundhead How Many Man 2002 Living Colours Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Roundhead Hustler 2000 Hustler (1) Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Roundhead I'm Going Crazy 2003 44 Flat Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Roundhead Jah Blessing 2006 Higher Octane Dwayne Chin-Quee Black Chiney
Roundhead Keep On 2003 Sara King Jammy Jammy's
Roundhead Keep On Smoking 2007 No Foe Karl Morrison Black Dutch
Roundhead Legalize It 2005 Jonkanoo Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Roundhead Look Good 1996 Punanny Shocking Vibes
Roundhead Love High Grade 2004 Cell Phone Sunshine
Roundhead Love Weed 2003 May Day Fire Links Fire Links
Roundhead Mad Mi 1996 Salt And Pepper Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead Man Get Shot 1993 Answer Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead Marathon Run 2005 Throw Back Giggy Leftside & Esco Young Legends
Roundhead Mary J 2002 C-4 Everton Burrell Kings Of Kings
Roundhead Modelin 1996 Herman Monster Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead Monster Corner 1997 Betty Davis Black & Yellow
Roundhead Monster Girls 2003 20 Cent Baby G Baby G
Roundhead Monster Trace 1997 Formula Michael Reynolds Gold Spoon
Roundhead Monster World 2002 Mad Ants Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Roundhead More Weed 2000 Bad Weather Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Roundhead Mother's Crying 1997 Cat Paw Bobby Digital Digital-B
Roundhead Music 2003 Throw Back Howard Whylie & Ricky Myrie Draw Card
Roundhead My Crew 2003 Trafalga Peter Jackson Rattler
Roundhead Naah Pop No Style 2001 Blow Your Mind
Roundhead Not That Type 2005 Baby Why Star Creation
Roundhead Oh Wee (Remix) 2003 Jamaican Savage
Roundhead On The Boulevard 2004 Hot Gyal Anthony Malvo, Richard Malvo & Garth Neufville Real Music
Roundhead Pound For Pound 2004 French Vanilla Donovan Bennett & Michael Brissett H2O
Roundhead Pressure You Hate 1993 ~Unknown (010) Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Gitsy Willis Taxi
Roundhead Pressure You Mate 1993 Top Ten Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Roundhead Protect Me 1999 Shank I Sheck John John
Roundhead Ready Fi Ride 2002 Hard Drive Christopher Clarke & Gregory Harriot Universal Dancehall
Roundhead Real G's 1999 Okay Harvel Hart Annex
Roundhead Roll It Up 1998 Now Thing Anthony Red Rose & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey
Roundhead Rollin With These Stars 2001 Rice And Peas Rohan Fuller Natural Bridge
Roundhead Rolling 2001 Always Be The Man Moses Davis & Neil Amos Free Willy
Roundhead Rolling Out 2009 Advanced Chester Walker Heights Of Heights
Roundhead Si Mi Deh 2002 Diesel Peter Jackson Rattler
Roundhead Star 69 Get In The Groove
Roundhead Strictly High Grade 2004 Red Alert (2) Riprock, Alex G & Dow Jones South Rakkas
Roundhead Stronger 1999 Don't
Roundhead Su-Su-Su 2000 Pickle Peppa Goofy Young Blood
Roundhead Take Over 2006 Smash Supa Hype Hyper-Active
Roundhead Tell Him Gwaan 2004 Slow Bounce Michael Brissett H2O
Roundhead The Boss Would Like 2 See U 2004 Marmalade Wayne Morris Purple Skunk
Roundhead Thug Life 1998 Bruck Bottle Steely & Clevie Q 45
Roundhead To Mi Friends 2000 Farrin Farrin
Roundhead Torture 2000 Killa Wasp Buccaneer Opera House
Roundhead Torture 2002 X5 Peter Jackson Rattler
Roundhead U Man Want U 2004 Mad Guitar Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Roundhead Unbelievable 2000 Ole Mon Steely & Clevie Shines
Roundhead Wall Of Conscience Get In The Groove
Roundhead Want From Me 1999 Arizona Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead We Belong 2000 Show Off (1) Dubie Platinum
Roundhead Weed For Life 1997 Killa Pride Bobby Konders Massive B
Roundhead Weed Is Life Shatta
Roundhead Wonders And Sign 1993 Three Blind Mice John John Father & Son
Roundhead Work Hard Fi Money 1999 Arizona Big Apple
Roundhead Yes Man 2004 Cookie Monster Baby G Baby G
Roundhead You Look Good 1993 Oh Carolina King Jammy
Roundhead You'll Never Know 2002 Callaloo Bed Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Roundhead & Anthony Red Rose Boom Boom Bye Bye 1993 Top Ten Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead & General B Bleach 1997 Wake The Town Fat Eyes
Roundhead & General B Gal Fi Get Money 2001 Heatwave Harvel Hart Annex
Roundhead & General B Kill A Sound 1997 Gin & Juice Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead & Ghost Earth Run Red 2002 Nokie In The Streetz
Roundhead, Ghost, Mega Plough, Snakey Trouble & General B Smoking Weed 2000 Penicilin Colin Fat Colin Fat
Roundhead & Jackie Switch 2004 Rain Drops Harvel Hart Annex
Roundhead & Kiprich Ganja Lighter 2004 Mad Instruments Fire Links & Jazzwad Fire Links
Roundhead, Mega Plough & Snakey Trouble Equal Rights 1999 Gun Powder Richard Bell Star Trail
Roundhead & Snakey Trouble Highest Grade 2001 Blockbuster John Dunkley True Blue
Roundhead, T.O.K. & General B 24 Hour 1999 Blade Colin Fat Colin Fat
Singing Sweet & Roundhead Anything I Do I Do For You General (1) Colin Fat