Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Eek-A-Mouse Christmas-A-Come 1981 ~Unknown (087) Linval Thompson Greensleeves
Eek-A-Mouse Lonesome Journey 1981 Hunter Man Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Long Time Ago 1981 Long Time Ago Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Once A Virgin 1981 ~Unknown (094) Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson Joe Gibbs
Eek-A-Mouse Operation Radication 1981 Going Back To School Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Slowly But Surely 1981 Slowly But Surely Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Too Young To Understand 1981 Hot Milk Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Wha Do Dem 1981 Shank I Sheck Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Do You Remember 1982 Do You Remember Linval Thompson
Eek-A-Mouse Every Girl Is A Virgin 1982 Peaceful Man Linval Thompson Thompson Sound
Eek-A-Mouse For Hire And Removal 1982 For Hire And Removal Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Sensee Party 1982 Sensee Party Linval Thompson Thompson Sound
Eek-A-Mouse Wild Like A Tiger 1982 Hitler Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse You No Love Reggae Music 1982 Big Ship Linval Thompson Thompson Sound
Eek-A-Mouse Ganja Smuggling 1983 Ganja Smuggling Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Hitler 1983 Hitler Linval Thompson
Eek-A-Mouse Anerexol 1984 Real Rock Henry Lawes Volcano
Eek-A-Mouse Wea The Food (Weh Di Food De) 1989 Storm (1) Robert Livingston Blue Trac
Eek-A-Mouse Tek Wey (Informant) 1998 Mr. Pressure Man Steve Martin Blacker Dread
Eek-A-Mouse Run Away 1999 Invasion (1) / Black Wadada Mafia & Fluxy Mafia And Fluxy
Damian Marley, Bounty Killer & Eek-A-Mouse Khaki Suit 2005 Shank I Sheck Stephen Marley Ghetto Youths
Damian Marley, Bounty Killer & Eek-A-Mouse Khaki Suit 2005 For Hire And Removal Stephen Marley & Damian Marley Tuff Gong
Eek-A-Mouse Them A Grabber 2005 Pon Di Spot Devon Chambers Thriller
Eek-A-Mouse She Come Frome Italy 2006 Acqua One Love
Eek-A-Mouse Reggae Music 2007 Mad Mad Thompson Sound
Eek-A-Mouse A Wha Do Dem Answer Tyrone Hinds & Blacker Dread Blacker Dread
Eek-A-Mouse Virgin Girl Shank I Sheck Joe Gibbs Joe Gibbs
Eek-A-Mouse Weh Di Food De Storm (1)
Eek-A-Mouse Crime Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger