Tunes performed by Half Pint

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Half Pint Freedom Fighter 1983 Freedom Fighter Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall Hitbound
Half Pint Have A Little Faith 1983 ~Unknown (309) Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall Sun Set
Half Pint Jah Don't Love That 1983 Praise His Name George Phang Powerhouse
Half Pint Mr. Landlord 1983 Hypocrites King Jammy
Half Pint One In A Million 1983 Get A Lick Prince Jammy Jammy's
Half Pint Puchie Loe 1983 He Prayed / Dub Organiser King Jammy
Half Pint Dance Hall Vibes 1984 Big Ship George Phang Powerhouse
Half Pint Don't Let It Fade Away 1984 Baby Don't Go Errol Marshall & Errol Lewis Feel The Beat
Half Pint One Big Ghetto 1984 Letter From Zion King Jammy
Half Pint Political Fiction 1984 Full Up Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall Feel The Beat
Half Pint Roots Man 1984 Baby Don't Go King Jammy Greensleeves
Half Pint What More Can I Do 1984 Every Tongue Shall Tell King Jammy
Half Pint Crazy Girl 1985 Stalag Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall Reggae Sting
Half Pint Days I Can't Forget 1985 Love Won't Come Easy Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall
Half Pint Don't Close The Door 1985 Storm (1) George Phang Powerhouse
Half Pint Hold On 1985 Stars (1) Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall Feel The Beat
Half Pint & Chaka Demus Hold On 1985 Stars (1) Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall Feel The Beat
Half Pint A Long Road To Travel 1986 Upon The Roof George Phang Powerhouse
Half Pint Greetings 1986 Heavenless / The Final Mission George Phang Powerhouse
Half Pint Living Is Hard 1986 Burial George Phang & Blackbeard Powerhouse
Half Pint Level The Vibes 1987 Level The Vibes George Phang Kemarley
Half Pint No Man Is An Island 1987 Answer George Phang Powerhouse
Tony Rebel & Half Pint Rainbow People 1990 Throw Me Corn Hartnel Henry
Half Pint I Am Not A Substitute Lover 1991 Moving Away Bobby Digital Digital-B
Half Pint True Love 1992 Too Late Morris Johnson & Peter Chemist World Records
Half Pint Unconditional Love 1992 Three Blind Mice Junior Reid
Half Pint The System 1993 Putting Up Resistance / Massive Resistance Tappa Zukie Tappa
Half Pint Winner Takes All 1993 Hot Milk Massive B
Half Pint Cosmopolitan Girl 1994 Let Me Tell You Boy Tappa Zukie Tappa
Half Pint Falling In Love 1994 Rougher Yet / Rough Fi Years A. Lyons Island Boy
Half Pint Live And Kicking 1995 African Beat Paul Love Time One
Half Pint Children Of His Majesty 2000 Soldier Fat Eyes
Half Pint Glory Within 2000 Warning Roots Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Half Pint Just Be Good 2000 I'll Be Lonely / They Gonna Talk Beres Hammond Harmony House
Half Pint Please Oh Jah Jah 2000 Cuss Cuss Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Half Pint Bless Us 2001 Selah Bevil Campbell, Michael Harris & Paul McFarlane Yardie
Half Pint Bounce 2001 One In Ten Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin
Half Pint Can't Control Me 2001 My Day Ronnie Thwaites Mr. Luxury
Half Pint Don't Be No Hero 2001 Judgement Day (2) Baldwin Rodney & Hazel Edwards Ballafire
Half Pint Dry The Tears 2001 Bingi Jimmy Riley Love Promotion
Half Pint Give Me Your Loving 2001 Young & Old C. Parchment & Robert Bailey Wall Street
Half Pint Got To Move 2001 Darker Shade Of Black / Jah Send Mi Come Anthony Lilly & Conrad Green Harmodio
Half Pint I'm Going 2001 Ba Ba Boom Triston Palmer & Nigel Burrell Star Creation
Half Pint Like The Rising Sun 2001 Whoopi Donald Dixon True Love
Half Pint Love Potion No. 9 2001 Love Potion No. 9 Michael G & Triston Palmer Easy Star
Half Pint She's Fever 2001 Answer Bobby Konders Massive B
Half Pint Smooth Operator 2001 Trod On Colin Levy Kings Of Kings
Half Pint Suzie 2001 Zion Gate (2) Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Half Pint Suzie 2001 Trod'n To Zion Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Half Pint Blessing Darling 2002 Last Train To Expo '67 / Expo Train Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Half Pint Dance 2002 Escape (2) Richard Brown Isle Of Springs
Half Pint Feel Good 2002 Good Over Evil (1) Chester Walker Heights Of Heights
Half Pint Fever 2002 World Dub Delroy Pottinger Mega Bass
Half Pint If Love Is Allright With You 2002 Curly Locks KT
Half Pint Soul Mate 2002 Mad Mad / Golden Hen Rashanco
Half Pint Spread Your Bed 2002 Rasta Revolution (1) Thug Chemist
Half Pint Sweet Memories 2002 Rollin Louis Malcolm Flabba
Half Pint Sweet Thing 2002 Tonight (1) Big Neck
Half Pint My Woman 2003 If I Were A Carpenter / Carpenter Byron Murray In The Streetz
Alozade & Half Pint Crazy 2004 Stalag / Crazy Rory Baker Crib
Half Pint For This I'm Sure 2004 Tucu Edward Murray KT
Half Pint Hip Hip Hurrah 2004 Hip Hip Hurrah Lynval Edwards 16 Stars
Half Pint Keep Your Head Up 2004 Reggae Paradise Stevie Classic Classic Vibes
Half Pint King Selassie 2004 Fire Stick Kevin Blake Iceberg
Half Pint Need You All Night Long 2004 Bangarang / Bang Bang (1) Byron Murray In The Streetz
Half Pint One Time 2004 Scorpion King Ray Stephens Vertex
Half Pint Best Of Life 2005 Shakur Carat KT
Half Pint Free Your Mind 2005 Inspired Claudius Douglas Bunny G's
Half Pint & Anthony B Two To One 2005 Stars (1) Digital-B
Half Pint Reach 2006 Meddi Kenneth Wilson Frenz
Half Pint Chances Are 2007 The Creeper Gregory Williams Enrapture
Half Pint Mind Over Matter 2007 Fi Wi Rock / Lonely Love Dayan Foster Pete
Half Pint Rise 2007 Declaration Of Rights Leon Smillie Total Satisfaction
Half Pint Roll On 2007 Roll On Noel Haughton Firm Grip
Half Pint Step To This 2007 River Bed (2) Lydon Lettman King Yard
Half Pint Time To Win 2008 Get Over Richie Brown B Sharp
Half Pint Soul Power 2011 Hart Ake Andre Daley La Familia West
Barrington Levy & Half Pint Do It Duck Dance George Phang Powerhouse
Half Pint Christmas Vibes Real Rock
Half Pint One Big Family Death In The Arena Powerhouse
Half Pint Winsome (Too Rude) The Girl Is Mine Errol Lewis & Errol Marshall Powerhouse
Half Pint Come To Pass Drifter
Half Pint Cost Of Living Cost Of Living Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Powerhouse
Half Pint Deliver Us Rougher Yet
Half Pint Don't Try To Use Me Don't Try To Use Me
Half Pint Heart Breaker General (1) George Phang Powerhouse
Half Pint Life Worth Living Moving Away
Half Pint Officer Slaving George Phang Powerhouse
Half Pint Sally Solomon