Tunes performed by Ed Robinson

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Ed Robinson Crazy 1991 Jump And Spread Out Michael Bennett & Patrick Lindsay Two Friends
Ed Robinson After You 1992 Muslim Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Ed Robinson Rudie 1992 Gangster Captain Sinbad Sinbad
Ed Robinson Voyage To Atlantis 1992 Love Fever E.J. Robinson Top Rank
Ed Robinson Heighty Theity Girl 1993 Carry Go Bring Come Augustus Clarke & Isaiah Laing
Ed Robinson Tuff Luck 1994 Catty E.J. Robinson El Paso
Ed Robinson Kill Fus 1999 Street Sweeper Life Music
Ed Robinson You Are A Fool 2002 Mad Mad / Golden Hen Rashanco
Ed Robinson Fun Time 2003 Baby I Love You Byron Reid Sweet Beat
Ed Robinson Lady You Are 2006 You Don't Care Kahil Powell Senanka
Ed Robinson Walk With me 2006 Don't Bother Me / Fingerprint Lloyd Campbell & Michelle Campbell Joe Frasier
Ed Robinson Mr Loser 2017 Weirdo Music4Life
Ed Robinson Don't Throw It All Away Nanny Goat E.J. Robinson Top Rank
Ed Robinson Solid Me Solid Real Rock Roy Mullings Brown Sugar
Ed Robinson Try Test Heavenless Top Rank
Ed Robinson Broken Heart Pisces
Ed Robinson How Can You Drum Song E.J. Robinson Top Rank
Ed Robinson I'd Give Anything African Beat El Paso
Ed Robinson Knocking On Heaven's Door Slow Vibe
Ed Robinson Never Flipper Up Can I Change My Mind E.J. Robinson
Ed Robinson Starting Tonight Desperate Lover Michigan
Ed Robinson Two Places At The Same Time General (1) E.J. Robinson Top Rank
Ed Robinson You Took The Chance Pressure And Slide E.J. Robinson Top Rank