Tunes performed by Toyan

There are also 3 tunes produced by Toyan.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Toyan Gun Fever 1978 Bobby Babylon Don Mais
Badoo & Toyan Rocking Of The Five Tousand 1980 Drum Song Glen Darby & Fatman
Barry Brown & Toyan Peace And Love 1980 ~Unknown (267) Jah Thomas Daddy Kool
Toyan What A Bam Bam 1980 ~Unknown (024) C. Simpson & E. Bell Lovelinch
Jah Thomas & Toyan Two Bad DJ Haffi Talk 1981 Heavenless / Entertainment Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Little John & Toyan Jah Guide I 1981 Pick Up The Pieces Jah Thomas
Toyan African Ting 1981 Jacqueline Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Big Showdown 1981 Fire House Rock Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Capital Offence 1981 Bandits Taking Over Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Children Children 1981 He Prayed Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan How The West Was Won 1981 Gunman Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Love Night 1981 General (2) Joe Gibbs
Toyan Pope In A Di Corner 1981 Act Of Affection Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Reggae Gone International 1981 A Fool Will Fall Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Talk Of The Town 1981 Solomon Joe Gibbs
Toyan Toyan On The Go 1981 Another One Bites The Dust Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Tribute To Entertainer 1981 M 16 Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Wife And Sweetheart 1981 Roast Fish And Cornbread Henry Lawes Jah Guidance
Freddie McGregor & Toyan Roots Man Skanking 1982 Roots Man Skanking Linval Thompson Greensleeves
Toyan John Tom 1982 Sweetie Come Brush Me Henry Lawes Arrival
Toyan Pants And Blouses 1982 Mad Mad Alvin Ranglin Grimm Ben
Toyan Strictly The Dread 1982 Sensee Party Linval Thompson Thompson Sound
Toyan Stylee 1982 Mad Mad / Diseases Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Super Don 1982 Storm (1) Byron Letts Music Lovers
Toyan Tell Me Your Occupation 1982 Up Front Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Barry G (Spar With Me) 1983 I'm Not Getting Crazy Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Bawling For Love 1983 Everybody Bawling Live & Learn
Toyan Creamy Corner 1983 Answer Volcano
Toyan Ghetto Man Skank 1983 Things And Time Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Ice Cream 1983 Bobby Babylon Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Man Smarter 1983 Weatherman Skank Delroy Wright & Henry Lawes
Toyan Nice It Up 1983 Pick Up The Pieces Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Palaving Spree 1983 Have You Ever Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Pon Mi Bike Back 1983 Revolution (1) Delroy Wright & Henry Lawes
Toyan Praise Him 1983 No# No# No Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Pretty Face 1983 He Prayed Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Raving 1983 Rougher Yet Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Right Time 1983 Shank I Sheck Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Rock It Up 1983 Pretty Looks Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Sodom In Jamaica 1983 Taxi Phillip Morgan & Oswald Thomas Black Solidarity
Toyan Super Duper 1983 Things A Come Up To Bump Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Toyan On Broadway 1983 Vanity Henry Lawes Volcano
Toyan Cumina 1984 Shank I Sheck George Phang Powerhouse
Toyan DJ Crowd 1984 Bobby Babylon George Phang Powerhouse
Toyan Dread 1984 Love Won't Come Easy George Phang Powerhouse
Toyan Hot Bubble Gum (Bubble Fe Me) 1984 Mad Mad George Phang Powerhouse
Toyan Ram Dance Master 1984 Real Rock George Phang Powerhouse
Toyan Spin Your Roll 1984 Answer Carl Gibson Joe Gibbs
Toyan Tickle Me 1984 Pick Up The Pieces George Phang Powerhouse
Toyan Treat The Dread Right 1984 Answer George Phang Powerhouse
Toyan What A Thing 1984 Vanity George Phang Powerhouse
Toyan Sleng Ting King 1985 Sleng Teng Witty Witty
Toyan Yard Stylee 1985 Storm (1) Witty & Gyasi Addae Witty
Toyan Buffy 1990 Old Bruck Witty Music Master
Toyan Kill A Sound 1993 Pepper Seed Dave Kelly Madhouse
Sammy Dread & Toyan Natty Step It In Tracks And So Answer Roots Tradition
Toyan Chalice Heavenless Channel One
Toyan Cuss Cuss Cuss Cuss Jo Jo Hookim & Ernest Hookim Channel One
Toyan Digital Bobby Babylon
Toyan Irie Feelings Irie Feelings (2)
Toyan It Have Fi Light Full Up Live & Learn
Toyan One In A Million Warn Them Teach Them Alvin Ranglin GG's
Toyan Spar With Me Shank I Sheck Ernest Hookim Channel One
Toyan Yard Stylie A New Stylie Taxi Sunset
Toyan & Errol Scorcher Natty Roots Conquering Lion Don Mais Roots Tradition
Jah Thomas & Toyan Non A That Gunshot Jah Thomas Midnight Rock
Toyan Black People One Man One Vote Don Mais
Toyan Disco Pants General (1) Don Mais
Toyan Gwan Go Do It Woman Woman Jah Thomas Rusty
Toyan Hush Baby Don't Cry ~Unknown (136) Errol Lewis Thunder Flash
Toyan Live Good You're No Good (2) Don Mais
Toyan My Granny Whip (1)
Toyan Na Kill No Man Do It Sweet And Neat Don Mais
Toyan Nothing Never Done Before Love Me Forever
Toyan Posse M 16 Ernest Hookim Channel One
Toyan Ronnie And Lou Rougher Yet Ernest Hookim Channel One