Tunes performed by Chrisinti

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Chrisinti All That I Want To Say 2004 Bangarang / Bang Bang Byron Murray In The Streetz
Chrisinti Any Day Now 2000 All Been Said And Done Osbourne Alberga Cobnet
Chrisinti Bless Because 2000 Friends For Live Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Chrisinti Crazy Glue 1998 Bad Road Kings Of Kings
Chrisinti Deliver Me 2001 Giddeon War Buju Banton Gargamel
Chrisinti Freedom Reign 2003 Woman Is Like A Shadow
Chrisinti Good Day 2004 Good Times (3) Naciamaj
Chrisinti Guess What 2007 Flute Flava No Doubt
Chrisinti Hail HIM 1998 Refugee Harvel Hart Annex
Chrisinti Herb Heart 2005 Real Life Katrina Irons & Carlton Reid Yellow Moon
Chrisinti Hold Dem On The Wire 2008 Genesis (2) Donville Davis Cousins
Chrisinti I Cry 2004 Teardrops Cash Flow
Chrisinti I Na Lose 2001 Carry The Cross Colin Levy Kings Of Kings
Chrisinti I Nah Loose 2001 African Rock (2) Colin Levy Kings Of Kings
Chrisinti Jah Nah Fall 2003 Hot Milk / Hot Cross Bun Kurt Riley Diplomat
Chrisinti Keep On Rolling 2006 Rockfort Rock Steve Ibanez I & I
Chrisinti King From The East 1999 Work For The King S. Merritt Tripple R
Chrisinti Let Jah Be Praise 1998 Everliving Soul Kings Of Kings
Chrisinti Long Live The King Trod On Kings Of Kings
Chrisinti Losing Battle 2000 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Heart To Heart
Chrisinti Losing Battle 2005 Bingie Trod Michael Sterling South Block
Chrisinti Loving The Ladies 2002 Martial Arts Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Chrisinti My Enemies 2007 Devil's Angel Feueralarm Supersonic
Chrisinti Oh Jah 1999 Zion (2) Cali Bud
Chrisinti Oh Jah Love Is Not A Gamble Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Chrisinti On A Mission 2001 None A Jah Jah Children George Miller Firehouse Crew
Chrisinti Only The Meek 2008 Water Drops Troy Hinds Amplex
Chrisinti Righteousness Answer Shakes
Chrisinti Rub A Dub 2000 Skylarking Slam
Chrisinti Say Jah 2001 Tune In Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Chrisinti Still A Chant 2004 Last Train To Expo '67 / Expo Train Rohan Brown, Anthony Salmon & Ricardo Patterson Gemtar
Chrisinti These Lines 2005 Lava Splash Patrick Henry Loyal Soldiers
Chrisinti Trust And Love 2005 I Hold The Handle Free Willy
Chrisinti Zion Be 2008 Silent Sky Loud Disturbance
Chrisinti Zion I Calling 2000 Waan Buss
Chrisinti & Culture Y King Selassie I Border 1999 Answer Shakes
Chrisinti & Delly Ranks Shake Shake 2003 Coolie Dance Scatta & Everton Burrell Kings Of Kings
Chrisinti & Jah Mason False Hype 1999 Latino Steven Ventura Kings Of Kings
Chrisinti & Jah Mason Up Up Up 2001 Double Jeopardy Ce'Cile & Cordel Burrell C├ęCo
Chrisinti & Norris Man Jah Be For Me 1997 Throw Me Corn Colin Levy & Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Norris Man & Chrisinti City Lights 1999 Hiccup Kings Of Kings
Pinchers & Chrisinti Up A Yard 2003 Life
Terror Fabulous & Chrisinti Humanity 1999 Hiccup Kings Of Kings
Tony Curtis & Chrisinti Armagedeon 2004 Sleng Teng Powerstone
Tyrical, Chrisinti & Christopher Ghetto Girl 2002 Sex Wiser Selah