Tunes on the Shakes label

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Anthony Shakes & Powerman Brown Skin Girl 1996 Answer Shakes
Micky Fabulous & Tyrical Render Back Some Assistance 1996 Answer Shakes
Anthony Shakes & Peter Metro I Need The Answer 1998 Answer Shakes
Grandsman Ganja Bonanza 1998 Answer Shakes
Natural Black & Super Black Herb Is The Healing 1998 Answer Shakes
Puddy Roots & John Wayne Best Friend 1998 Answer Shakes
Richie Spice & Snatcha Dog Deliver Me 1998 Answer Shakes
Simpleton Weed 1998 Answer Shakes
Anthony Shakes & Simpleton Black Woman 1999 Answer Shakes
Chrisinti & Culture Y King Selassie I Border 1999 Answer Shakes
Anthony Shakes Champion Sound 2003 General (1) Anthony Shakes Shakes
Anthony Shakes Jackie Kuff Anthony Shakes Shakes
Black Rat & Max Wayne We Don't Care Kuff Anthony Shakes Shakes
Chrisinti Righteousness Answer Shakes
Courtney Melody Jah Love You Kuff Anthony Shakes Shakes
Jah Mason Fire Answer Shakes
Jah Mason Life Precious Kuff Anthony Shakes Shakes
John Wayne & Puddy Roots Best Friend Kuff Anthony Shakes Shakes
Powerman Lively Melody Kuff Anthony Shakes Shakes