Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Tyrical Youth From The Street 1994 X-Rated Colin Fat Colin Fat
Tyrical Natural Body 1995 Tour Stuart Brown African Star
Micky Fabulous & Tyrical Render Back Some Assistance 1996 Answer Shakes
Tyrical Dirty Boy Pt 2 1996 Passion (1) King Jammy Jammy's
Mr. Vegas & Tyrical How Dem 1997 Betty Davis Black & Yellow
Tyrical Check The Score 1997 Millennium 2000 Scare Dem Crew Priceless
Tyrical Internet 1997 Monsta Track N. Nicely Monie Mu$$
Tyrical U Get Mi 1997 Vengeance Jason Williams & D. Bolt Golden Child
Tyrical & Bobby Treasure Old Time Ska 1997 Reggae Ska Ole Fung Ole Fung
Tyrical & Raseare Down In The Ghetto 1997 Nozzle Scare Dem Crew Scare Dem
Tyrical The Bush Doctor 1998 Video Paul Michael Carroll, Howard Bedasse & Creative Crew Creative Sounds
Capleton & Tyrical Source Of Life 1999 Endorsement Bevil Campbell, Paul McFarlane & Michael Harris Yardie
Tyrical Anything 1999 Wanna Ride Trevor T & Jermaine Forde Charm
Tyrical Cirriculum 1999 Hemp Yardie
Tyrical Clean Up Your Temple 1999 Woman Of Africa The Firehouse Crew VP
Singing Sweet & Tyrical High Grade She Want 2000 20/20 Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Tyrical Everything And More 2000 Greedy Bug Levi Roots Sound Box
Tyrical Look To The East 2001 Selah Bevil Campbell, Michael Harris & Paul McFarlane Yardie
Tyrical & Bounty Killer Big Up The Music 2001 Acid Rock Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Anthony B, Singing Sweet & Tyrical Live Up 2002 Sex Wiser Selah
Tyrical, Chrisinti & Christopher Ghetto Girl 2002 Sex Wiser Selah
Bobby Treasure & Tyrical Better Must Come (La Soufferance) 2003 Rasta Meditation Mark Roller & Joseph Cherbit Roller
Chrisinti & Tyrical Clown In Town 2005 Square Dance Arthur Amos Free Willy
Singing Sweet & Tyrical Not The One 2005 Toledo Flip Sound Truck
Tyrical Bere Sitten Sitten 2006 Ghetto Whiskey Delroy Foster Pure Music
Tyrical Chat Too Much 2006 Breaking News Stephen McGregor Big Ship
Tyrical Life 2006 Cartoon (2) Stephen McGregor Big Ship
Tyrical Rasta Drink 2006 Red Bull & Guinness Delroy Foster Pure Music
Tyrical Warning 2006 Power Cut Stephen McGregor Big Ship
Tyrical Never Dis 2007 Z-March Nicole Duhaney Goldie Lox
Tyrical Nuh Guerrila War 2007 Tremor (2) Stephen McGregor Big Ship
Tyrical Can't Stop We 2008 Xcitement Sean Reid Seanizzle
Tyrical Gal Prayer 2008 Martial Arts / Self Defense Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Tyrical Ghetto Praya 2008 Creepa Sean Reid Seanizzle
Tyrical Keep It Lyrical 2008 Autopsy
Tyrical I'm From 2009 Index Lorraine Stewart VIS
Tyrical The Hook Up 2009 Outada Sean Reid Seanizzle
Tyrical Save Dem 2010 Diamond (2) Duttylinks
Tyrical Dutty Still 2013 Sho Gun A-Town Records
Tyrical Ungrateful Bwoy 2022 Exhaust Wayne A-Town A-Town Records
  • Name
  • Real name
    Michael Augustus Harris
  • Also known as
    Michael Harris
  • Nicknames
  • Born
      Jamaica, Saint Andrew, Barbican