Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Spectacular Blast Them 1998 Blast Them Carlton Hylton Monster Shack
Spectacular Dem Conscience A Bite Dem (Dirty Dogs) 1998 Chant And Plant Steve Ibanez & Triston Palmer I & I
Spectacular Melody 1998 Yes Buju Buju Banton Gargamel
Spectacular Satan 1998 Zulu Henfield
Spectacular Who Kill The Man 1998 Lava (1) Hottis Klik Hottis
Spectacular & Al Pancho More Love In Zion 1998 ~Unknown (144) B.L.F.S.
Spectacular & Al Pancho Sing, Sing 1998 Out A Di Slum B.L.F.S.
Sizzla & Spectacular All Praises To Jah 1999 Hard Nut To Crack Doctor Marshall & The Mad Doc Family Mad Doc
Spectacular Mr. Greedy 1999 Beverley Hills / Hot Girls Milton Moore Sound Proof
Spectacular Nah Let Them In 1999 Fire Cracker K.D. Cleghorn Crown Star
Spectacular Push On Through 1999 Work For The King S. Merritt Tripple R
Spectacular Badder 2000 Youngster Syl Gordon & Gregory Bailey 321 Strong
Spectacular Better Life 2000 Greedy Bug Levi Roots Sound Box
Spectacular Black Man Time 2000 Flying Home / Never Forget (1) Soljie Hamilton Soljie
Spectacular Family 2000 Arena (2) Pionear Germaican
Spectacular Forgive Never Forget 2000 Killing Fields Cylton
Spectacular Riddim A Mi Yard 2000 Bitch Pionear Germaican
Spectacular What A Bloodbath 2000 Crab Claw Doctor Marshall Mad Doc
Spectacular Baby Mother 2001 None A Jah Jah Children George Miller Firehouse Crew
Spectacular Give Me Love 2001 Punk Spiderman Spyda Web
Spectacular Never Give Up 2001 Earth (1) Devon Star & K.D. Cleghorn Crown Star
Spectacular Red Out Deh 2001 Top A Di Top Gargamel Gargamel
Spectacular Thanks And Praise 2001 Giddeon War Buju Banton Gargamel
Jack-a-Diamond & Spectacular Geisha 2002 Geisha Pionear Germaican
Spectacular Pretty Woman 2002 African Charm Digital Ancient & King Corrin Lustre Kings
Spectacular & Leego Nutten Fi Di People 2002 Live Wire (1) The Firehouse Crew Firehouse Crew
Spectacular Give It To Me 2003 Di Movie Mark Myrie Gargamel
Spectacular Move 2003 Stopp Daniel Kretschmer Germaican
Spectacular Stormy Weather 2003 Black Survivors Dane Moo-Young Weeded
Spectacular How Can I 2004 Classic (1) Brotherman Minor 7 Flat 5
Spectacular Voice Of The People 2004 Night Nurse / Doctor's Darling Seeed & Pionear Germaican
Spectacular & Gang Lords Find Yourself 2004 Bonx It One Ton One Ton
Spectacular Guwey 2005 Tsahai Anthony Senior & Boris Silvera Altafaan
Spectacular No Love Like Your Love 2005 Black Rain (1) Chulito Camacho & Rachid Baggasse Kinky Music
Spectacular Rasta 2005 Zion (1) Natty U Irie Ites
Spectacular Woman Alone 2005 Bridle Derrick Smith Yard & Broad
Spectacular & Lutan Fyah Waste No Time 2005 Satta Massagana Steve Ibanez I & I
Spectacular Can't Hold Us Down 2006 Tragedy Sam Gilly Bassrunner
Spectacular Chant 2006 Rocking Time Irie Ites
Spectacular One Life To Live 2006 Rockfort Rock Steve Ibanez I & I
Spectacular See You Again 2006 Soul Jah Markus Daley Jah Love
Spectacular Solution 2006 Borderline Natty U & Jericho Irie Ites
Spectacular The Best Of Me 2006 Grass Roots Rootical
Turbulence & Spectacular High Grade 2006 Rocking Time Irie Ites
Spectacular Dem Getta Beaten 2007 Glorious Sam Gilly & Selector Loopus Bassrunner
Spectacular Good In Myself 2007 Ghana Artikal Crew Blackat
Spectacular I Know 2007 Togetherness (1) Judi K & Keefaz Old Capital
Steve Machete & Spectacular Wrong Uniform 2007 Heavy Duty Joel Martin Hiternal
Spectacular Neutural Mi Neutural 2008 Tonight (1) Steve Ibanez & Triston Palmer I & I
Spectacular Badda Than Dem 2009 Strange Things Irie Ites
Spectacular Born In The Ghetto (Hip Hop Mix) 2010 Get A Lick / Billie Jean Bobby Digital & Manuel Malhoeuvre Irie Ites
Spectacular Born In The Ghetto (Reggae Mix) 2010 Get A Lick / Billie Jean Bobby Digital & Manuel Malhoeuvre Irie Ites
Spectacular Burn Di Politicans 2010 Blue Greatest Friends
Spectacular Hungry Society 2010 Bread Fruit Anthony John & U. Balfour Flyroots
Spectacular I Wish 2010 Eyes On My Purpose Ghetto Scorp
Spectacular & Luciano Be Yourself 2010 Jaguar Weedy G
Spectacular & Mark Wonder Billie Jean Megamix (Reggae Mix) 2010 Get A Lick / Billie Jean Bobby Digital & Manuel Malhoeuvre Irie Ites
Lutan Fyah & Spectacular Better Days 2013 Answer Bulby York Fat Eyes
Spectacular Jah Rise 2016 My Enemies Bruno Hovart Conquering
  • Name
  • Real name
    Carl Reid
  • Born
      Jamaica, Kingston, Kencot