Tunes performed by Turbulence

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Turbulence Think Of Peace 1999 Stop From Quarrel Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Turbulence Ethiopia Awakes 2001 Shanty Town Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Turbulence It's Like Heaven 2001 Fiesta (1) Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Turbulence Upright 2001 Scorpio's Justice Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Turbulence Wanna Be Loved 2001 Big Stone Delroy Harrison Big Stone
Lutan Fyah & Turbulence Burn Dem Down 2002 Forever Oliver Schrader & David Meyer Silly Walks
Turbulence Big Riot 2002 Live Wire (1) The Firehouse Crew Firehouse Crew
Turbulence Born For This 2002 Ride Me Donkey / Race Track Energy
Turbulence Celebrate 2002 Celebrate Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Turbulence Clear Off 2002 Hard Drive Christopher Clarke & Gregory Harriot Universal Dancehall
Turbulence Feelin Da Vibe 2002 Perculator Energy
Turbulence Free 2002 Famine Everton Burrell, Damian Forbes & Cordel Burrell Scatta
Turbulence Give Dem A Bligh 2002 Martial Arts Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Turbulence Golden Brush 2002 Violin Byron Murray In The Streetz
Turbulence Gone With The Wind 2002 African Charm Digital Ancient & King Corrin Lustre Kings
Turbulence I Love Her So 2002 Escalade Chad Simpson Young Blood
Turbulence Just Like That 2002 Rematch Ainsworth Higgins & Lyndon Hull Footsteps
Turbulence Most Wanted 2002 C-4 Everton Burrell Kings Of Kings
Turbulence Move U.R.C. 2002 Tonight (1) Roland McDermot Rollin'
Turbulence Never Too Late 2002 Negust Negast Cordel Burrell, Everton Burrell & Damian Forbes Kings Of Kings
Turbulence Nuh Go 2002 Live On Jack Scorpio Black Scorpio
Turbulence Push It Up 2002 Cash Pot Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Turbulence Survival 2002 Poun A Herb Jah Dawg
Turbulence & Ragga B Go Getta Gal 2002 Belly Full Oxygen Explorer
Louie Culture & Turbulence Babylon Is Fallin 2003 Suspicions Rebel Chris Abstract
Turbulence After All 2003 Frontline (1) Jil Addis
Turbulence Burn Dem 2003 Turban & Robe Dawin Brown & V. Harriot Vikings
Turbulence Burn Dem Off 2003 Heavenless Pound Daddy
Turbulence Come Back 2003 Rose Bud G. Rose Robinson Blooming
Turbulence Cry Freedom 2003 Rasta Meditation Mark Roller & Joseph Cherbit Roller
Turbulence Cry Of The Poor 2003 Zulu Chant
Turbulence Don't Worry 2003 Clean Vibes Bost & Bim Special Delivery
Turbulence Facts 2003 Campo Brotherman Minor 7 Flat 5
Turbulence Firm 2003 High Praise Energy
Turbulence Get In Out 2003 Reggaelypso Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Turbulence God A My Way (Remix) 2003 Jamaican Savage
Turbulence Help The Needy 2003 Come On T. Barnett & Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Turbulence Hype In Jah 2003 Forensic Clifford Smith & Computer Paul In The Streetz
Turbulence I'll Take Care Of Your Daughter 2003 H2O
Turbulence Mamas Song 2003 Water Lily
Turbulence My Amore 2003 Corrida Eike Schoenig & Markus Grapmeyer One Love
Turbulence No Blood Shed 2003 Darker Shade Of Black Love Injection
Turbulence No Matter How Far 2003 Persistance Cleveland Scott Home Run
Turbulence On The Road 2003 Honey Cone Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Turbulence Revolution Pon The Wicked 2003 Alarm Clock Digital Ancient & King Corrin Lustre Kings
Turbulence Right Out 2003 West Indies Ras Paso & Ryon Kerr Naciamaj
Turbulence Run Away 2003 Chrome Michael Sterling South Block
Turbulence Show Love 2003 Black Survivors Dane Moo-Young Weeded
Turbulence Show Some Love 2003 Rocky 2003 Piloni & Kirk Kariang
Turbulence They Don't Know 2003 Stranger Richard Ellis Kic' For Kic'
Turbulence Too Unfair 2003 Suspicions Rebel Chris Abstract
Turbulence True Love 2003 Addiction (2) Roland McDermot & Philip James Rollin'
Turbulence Uprise 2003 Two To One Baldwin Rodney & Hazel Edwards Ballafire
Turbulence We Are 2003 Tonight (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Turbulence We Must Mek It 2003 Love Jah And Live Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Turbulence & Mark Wonder Jah Children 2003 Pressure Barry O'Hare World-A-Music
Turbulence & Moon We Need Liberation 2003 Liberation (3) Zion High
Turbulence & Nena Say You Love Me 2003 Bad Company Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Turbulence & Sasha Want A Natty 2003 Too Sweet Piloni & Kirk Kariang
Norris Man & Turbulence Come Together 2004 Runner Dia Fearon Builders
Turbulence Angel In Zion 2004 Gideon (1) Goofy Young Blood
Turbulence Cut Up Another Load 2004 Alto Ego Christopher Hurst Acoustic Vibes
Turbulence Fire Burn 2004 Wild Fire (2) Matt Downs Lionvibes
Turbulence For What It's Worth 2004 Last Train To Expo '67 / Expo Train Rohan Brown, Anthony Salmon & Ricardo Patterson Gemtar
Turbulence Give It To Me 2004 Diamond And Pearl Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Turbulence I Love You So 2004 Mean Girl / Soon Forward Warren Davis Xtremist
Turbulence I Will Survive 2004 Nine Eleven Michael Johnson Lion Paw
Turbulence It's So Bright 2004 Mineral Richard Bell Star Trail
Turbulence Life Is Good 2004 French Cut Jr. Alridge Vengeance
Turbulence Life Is Not A Game 2004 Night Nurse / Doctor's Darling Seeed & Pionear Germaican
Turbulence Love Her Forever 2004 Superior Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Turbulence Love Rastafari 2004 Botzwana Junior Reid JR
Turbulence Music Is Life 2004 No Politics Digital Ancient, Dr. X & King Corrin Lustre Kings
Turbulence Natty Bounce 2004 China Claw Ajah
Turbulence Never Bow 2004 Sacka Drop Barnabas Ras Barnibas
Turbulence Never Going To Stop 2004 Fire Stick Kevin Blake Iceberg
Turbulence Never Lose Your Faith 2004 Mr. Greedy Wade Brammer & Jimmy Ricks Insight
Turbulence Next Flight 2004 Sunday Brotherman Minor 7 Flat 5
Turbulence Once Upon A Time 2004 Good Times (3) Naciamaj
Turbulence Poor Man's Cry 2004 Question Roger Grant & Peter Grant Organic
Turbulence Rest A Show 2004 Blaze (2) Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Turbulence Roll Up 2004 Project X Philip Smart HC&F
Turbulence Send Them To Hell 2004 Chronic (2) Donovan McMurray Hands & Heart
Turbulence Seperate 2004 Hand Cart Boy Rebel Chris Rebel Muzic
Turbulence Stranger 2004 March Chester Walker Very Huge
Turbulence Take Good Care A Your Daughter 2004 Gold Chip Gold Chip
Turbulence That's Right 2004 Precious Barry O'Hare X-Rated
Turbulence Trust Nothing 2004 Silicone Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Turbulence Turn Your Life Around 2004 One For The Road Bobby Digital Digital-B
Turbulence Want To Be My Queen 2004 Reggae Paradise Stevie Classic Classic Vibes
Turbulence Woman Is Needed 2004 Furnace Chad Simpson Young Blood
Turbulence World To Me 2004 Ash Oil Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Turbulence Worthy To Be Praised 2004 Ali Baba Michael Stewart Mixing Finga
Turbulence You're My All 2004 Livity Kirkledove Kirkledove
Turbulence & Higher Trod Family Move On 2004 Classic (1) Brotherman Minor 7 Flat 5
Turbulence & Higher Trod Family Step Aside 2004 Born Free Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Turbulence As Far As It Can Go 2005 Siren (2) Patrick Samuels Time Travel
Turbulence Black And Proud 2005 Tsahai Anthony Senior & Boris Silvera Altafaan
Turbulence Burn Mi Burn Dem 2005 Impact Chad Simpson Young Blood
Turbulence Burn Them Up 2005 Ghetto Strings Strivers Flava Squad
Turbulence Come Together 2005 Blessings (2) Noms Roberts, Kem Kem & Ronald Clarke Hot Tracks
Turbulence Deep Inna Mi Faith 2005 Heavenless Firehouse Crew
Turbulence Descilate 2005 Sawga Robert Ffrench Ffrench
Turbulence Doesn't Really Matter 2005 Mad Mad / Dutty Rub The Firehouse Crew Down Sound
Turbulence Don't Trust A Soul 2005 Real Rock Winston Powell Stone Love
Turbulence Don't Waste My Time 2005 Top Flossing Richard Burgess Energy
Turbulence Don't Waste My Time 2005 Battle Field (1) Dwight Dawes, Rolando Wilson & Fabian Francis Tuff Riddim
Turbulence Everything 2005 Triumphant Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Turbulence Fade Away 2005 Casta Tsuru & Kame Zarek
Turbulence Finally Found 2005 Escape (4) Michael Wellington True Definition
Turbulence Forgive Me 2005 Crazy Babylon M. Dowe & M. Franks True Born
Turbulence Gift From Jah 2005 Light Of The World Christopher Miller Compaq
Turbulence Good Time 2005 I Am The Ruler Andre Riley & Kurt Riley Worthington
Turbulence Hate Us So 2005 Angella Conrad Green & Anthony Lilly Harmodio
Turbulence I Am For The Poor 2005 Black Woman Kareem Green Big Stone
Turbulence I Will Survive 2005 Lion Paw Michael Johnson Lion Paw
Turbulence I'm Blessed 2005 Hound Dog Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Turbulence I've Been Around 2005 Bounce (2) Byron Murray In The Streetz
Turbulence Jah Is Love 2005 As A Friend Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Turbulence Love You 2005 Bingie Trod Michael Sterling South Block
Turbulence Naptali 2005 Hostage Michael Wellington True Definition
Turbulence Need To Know 2005 Applause Rohan Fuller Jah Snowcone
Turbulence No Heart 2005 Heartless Vampires Richard Brown Isle Of Springs
Turbulence No Matter What You Say 2005 Musik Teka Rootdown
Turbulence Not Your Way 2005 Summer Jam Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Turbulence One Don 2005 Hard Drugs Tad's
Turbulence Pum Pum 2005 Vietnam Donovan McMurray North Pole
Turbulence Put Love On Your Mind 2005 Justice (2) Katrina Irons Yellow Moon
Turbulence Rastafari Livity 2005 Zion (1) Natty U Irie Ites
Turbulence Show More Love 2005 Missing You (2) Paul Cassanova Triple T
Turbulence Show Some Love 2005 The Heat (1) Jil & Stuff Addis
Turbulence Stay Focus 2005 Shakur Carat KT
Turbulence Strive And Achieve 2005 Revolution (1) / Intercom Dream
Turbulence Teacher 2005 Drop Leaf Junior Reid JR
Turbulence The Greatest 2005 Heavy Rock Norman Bryan Kickin
Turbulence Too Much Killing 2005 Ivan Brotherman Minor 7 Flat 5
Turbulence Vampire 2005 Passion (2) Neville Palmer & R. Bogle NAP
Turbulence Waiting For 2005 First Born Jyorken Kennedy Master One
Turbulence We Can Make It 2005 Seven Stars Carat KT
Turbulence We Need Love 2005 Green Valley Steven Stanley & Paul Daley Steven Stanley
Turbulence Why I Am 2005 La Bounce Donald Grant Champagne
Turbulence & Higher Trod Family Burning Dem 2005 Real Rock Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Turbulence & Higher Trod Family Why Oh Why 2005 London Rock Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Turbulence & Sasha This Song Is For Da World 2005 Rasta Revolution (2) King Judah
Turbulence As Sure As The Sun Shine 2006 Free Life Byron Murray In The Streetz
Turbulence Badman Talk 2006 Show Off (2) Linton White TJ
Turbulence Begin 2006 Bubble Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Turbulence Best Of Me 2006 Best Of Me Ernie Wilks Mista Wilks
Turbulence Bounce With Di Natty 2006 Cross Breed Cross Di Watas
Turbulence Burn Bad Mind 2006 Marrigold Owen Bassie & Grandville Shields Marrigold
Turbulence Burnin Blaze 2006 Borderline Natty U & Jericho Irie Ites
Turbulence Dead 2006 Gully Slime Mark Pinnock Natural Bridge
Turbulence Di Ting 2006 Mud Up (1) Byron Murray In The Streetz
Turbulence Do It Better 2006 Forty Sup'emmh Stephon Moulton Blaque Warriahz
Turbulence Don't Lose Your Faith 2006 Fattie Fattie Luciano & Jimmy Ricks Insight
Turbulence Dun Di Place 2006 Smash Supa Hype Hyper-Active
Turbulence Freedom 2006 Sunshine Bobby Digital Digital-B
Turbulence Ghetto Youth 2006 Livity Nuh Nice Chip I Prophet Chip I
Turbulence Girl Friend 2006 Time For Love Everton Hardweare & Michael Steer S.H.E.M.
Turbulence Go Down Babylon 2006 Mo-Bay Byron Murray In The Streetz
Turbulence Go Forth And Pray 2006 Mui Caliente Christopher James CJ
Turbulence Going Down 2006 Bad Weed Maurice Johnson & Jr. Johnson Heights Of Heights
Turbulence Got No Love 2006 Playlist Andrew Prendergast Camp Fire
Turbulence Higher Trod 2006 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Controversy Don Marshall & Wayne Gordon New York
Turbulence How Could You Be 2006 Confessions (2) Orville Thomas Fashozy
Turbulence Hurt Me So 2006 Substance Roland McDermot Rollin'
Turbulence I Am Not 2006 Oki Doki Winston Powell Stone Love
Turbulence I Love You 2006 Prayer The Firehouse Crew Firehouse Crew
Turbulence I Told You 2006 Gloria Das Vibes
Turbulence I Will 2006 Ghetto Whiskey Delly Ranks & Stephen McGregor Pure Music
Turbulence I'm Not Afraid 2006 Hot Wuk Byron Murray In The Streetz
Turbulence I'm Stronger Than Before 2006 Desperate Lover Byron Murray In The Streetz
Turbulence Jah Jah Way 2006 Medallion Richard Mahabeer Main Frame
Turbulence Live Up Right 2006 New Beginning Troy Vaccianna & Philip Smart New Beginning
Turbulence Love At First Sight 2006 First Sight Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Turbulence Love Is The Way 2006 Saga Rowen Johnson Love Injection
Turbulence Love You 2006 Head To Toe
Turbulence Misleaders 2006 Street Swing Paul Crossdale In The Streetz
Turbulence Nice To Know You Care 2006 Hot Milk / Burn Dem King Lion
Turbulence No Bullshit 2006 Cashley Ashley Beharie Cashley
Turbulence No Change 2006 Throw Me Corn Tad Dawkins
Turbulence On My Mind 2006 Sleng Teng Tad Dawkins
Turbulence Poor Man's Child 2006 Freedom Troy Hinds Amplex
Turbulence Render Your Heart 2006 Emancipation Rock Douglas Ford Palm Of Gold
Turbulence Repatriate 2006 Rose Apple Kevin Blake Iceberg
Turbulence Say Yeah 2006 Ballroom Floor Lyndon Hull & Ainsworth Higgins Footsteps
Turbulence Selassie 2006 18 Gees Mark Henry Loony Bin
Turbulence Show More Love 2006 Sunshine Justice Maximum Sound
Turbulence Show More Love 2006 Sunshine Justice Robert Ffrench Maximum Sound
Turbulence Silly Girl 2006 Revolution (1)
Turbulence Sorry 2006 Consuming Fire Augustus Clarke Anchor
Turbulence Tell my People Live On 2006 Johnny Too Bad Bobby Digital Digital-B
Turbulence Them And Those 2006 Revolution (1) / Intercom
Turbulence Too jealous 2006 Real Rock Tad Dawkins
Turbulence Treat Her Good 2006 Redbull & Guinness Delroy Foster Pure Music
Turbulence Who Do You Think You Are 2006 Mad Thing Patrick Samuels Time Travel
Turbulence Won't Give Up The Fight 2006 Sweet Sop Black & White Down Sound
Turbulence Young Girl 2006 World A Music Tad Dawkins
Turbulence & D-Flame Give It To Her 2006 Energize Troy Hinds Amplex
Turbulence & Sasha Give It To Har 2006 Stalag Togetherness
Turbulence & Sasha More Strength 2006 Reflections Dean Fraser Reflection
Turbulence & Spectacular High Grade 2006 Rocking Time Irie Ites
Linval Thompson & Turbulence Jezebel 2007 Mad Mad Thompson Sound
Turbulence As Usual 2007 3 Star Regg Hipp Tro Dung
Turbulence Bun Dutty Mind 2007 Heavy Duty Joel Martin Hiternal
Turbulence Come A Higher Trod 2007 Come A Higher Trod Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Turbulence I'm Rough 2007 Secret Marvin Reid & Mighty Mike Freedom Trail
Turbulence Love At First Sight 2007 Lecturer Crown
Turbulence My Herbs 2007 Spot Check NAP
Turbulence No More Blood Shed 2007 Generation Vernal Newman Real Lyfe
Turbulence Ready Now 2007 Eighty Three Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Turbulence Reminiscing The Pass 2007 Bed A Rose Triston Palmer, Nigel Burrell, Christopher Mundahl & Joshua Mundahl Star Creation
Turbulence Shoot Out 2007 Africa (3) Raymond Cameron Feed The Children
Turbulence The Banner 2007 The Banner Kasadie Jones Caspa
Turbulence There Is The Door 2007 Flute Flava McGregor No Doubt
Turbulence Things N Time 2007 Beautiful Bahjah Ajab Music Signal
Turbulence Who Fool Dem 2007 Black Jack Marvyn Williams & Mervyn Williams Voiceful
Turbulence Won't Allow Me 2007 Gangstalaw IM Music
Turbulence You're The One 2007 Trumpet Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Turbulence All We Can Do 2008 Bad Mind (2) Edgar Hemley & Robert Ffrench Swallowbird
Turbulence Fight For The Right Reason 2008 Zion Way Lorraine Stewart VIS
Turbulence Full Up Me Girl Head A Think 2008 Dirty Heart Everton Burrell Buggie
Turbulence Hold Firm 2008 Pure N Clean Denzil Williams Soundbank
Turbulence I'm Home Alone 2008 Live Wire (3) Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Turbulence Nah Trust A Soul 2008 Live Up Live Up
Turbulence No Other 2008 Shining Lustre Kings
Turbulence Only Love 2008 Hit Drop Irie Vibration
Turbulence Rasta Forever 2008 Genesis (2) Donville Davis Cousins
Turbulence Rise 2008 Adam & Eve 3.5.7
Turbulence Rise 2008 Adam And Eve Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Turbulence Save The Children 2008 Get Over Richie Brown B Sharp
Turbulence That Place 2008 Movements Rickman Warren Jamplified
Turbulence True Love 2008 Love Line G String
Turbulence Try And Try 2008 Magical
Luciano & Turbulence Jah Is The Way 2009 Blue Mountains Irie Crew
Turbulence It`s All Yours 2009 Youths Dem Crying R.S.O.P.
Turbulence Mothers 2009 2 Drop Brotherman Minor 7 Flat 5
Turbulence Overcome 2009 Colliemonster Pharfar & Pilfinger Food Palace
Turbulence Unforgivable 2011 Hold U Medz In The Streetz
Turbulence Righteousness 2012 Milk And Honey Sylvain Perret Reggae Fever
Turbulence Bun Dem 2016 Punanny / Punanny 2016 DJ Madd Dub-Stuy
Turbulence Marijuana 2017 All Day D&D
Turbulence Bun Down 2019 Sleng Teng / Retro Teng Fedda & Axxel Axxionpack
Turbulence & Powerful Energy 2019 Aidia Leaf Of Life
Turbulence They Must Go Down Real Rock Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Turbulence Sweet Praise Life 321 Strong