Tunes performed by I-Octane

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
I-Octane For Each Other 2004 Some Like It Hot Donovan Germain Penthouse
I-Octane Steppa Side 2005 Migraine (1) Donovan Germain Penthouse
I-Octane Jeans 2006 12 Gauge Michael Brissett H2O
I-Octane The Ting 2006 Shampoo Wayne Morris & Phillip Linton Purple Skunk
I-Octane What's Going On 2006 Milestone Phillip Linton Arrows
I-Octane & Teflon Gun Rise 2006 Bullet Proof Vest Phillip Linton Rated R
I-Octane Clap Dem 2007 Purge Patrick Samuels Time Travel
I-Octane Last Days 2007 Pay Back Cordel Burrell Danger Zone
I-Octane Poverty 2007 Eighty Three Kemar McGregor No Doubt
I-Octane Stab Vampire 2007 Tears Phillip Linton Arrows
I-Octane Yu A Di Wife 2007 Atomic Bomb Ricardo Gardner Heart Of Love
I-Octane All Alone 2008 Bloody City Jam II
I-Octane Nuh Frighten Wi 2008 Rub-A-Dub Kemar McGregor No Doubt
I-Octane Sow Life Seed 2008 Journey (2) Danger Zone
I-Octane Sow Life Seed 2008 Journeys Danger Zone
I-Octane Blood Shed 2009 Changes (2) Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
I-Octane False Pretenders 2009 Tuff Tuff Nut
I-Octane Life Gone 2009 Youths Dem Crying R.S.O.P.
I-Octane False Pretenders 2010 Blood Dunza Frenchie Maximum Sound
I-Octane Belt Miss A Loop 2011 Taxi Stand David Hayle DJ Frass
I-Octane Hold Her In My Arms 2011 Cardiac Bass ZJ Chrome Chrome
I-Octane Woman Mi Love 2012 Sounique So Unique
I-Octane What About The Poor 2013 Tropical Escape David Hayle & Jordan McClure Chimney
I-Octane Me Nah Do It 2016 All Inclusive DJ Frass DJ Frass
I-Octane Mi Tell Yuh 2016 Giggy / 2016 Giggy BiggyMusic
I-Octane & Ninjaman Dancehall History 2016 90's Don Dadda Sean Reid Seanizzle
I-Octane Nuff Nuff Gyal 2017 47th Floor Sean Reid Seanizzle
I-Octane The Most High Life 2017 Satta Massagana / Satta Rebirth Mr. G
I-Octane Can't Get Over 2019 Made In Jamaica DJ Frass DJ Frass