Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
A.R.P. & Beenie Man You A De Wife 1995 Stucky Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
A.R.P. Another Dead 1996 Hot Water (2) Eric Burrell Rockers World
A.R.P. Do You Wanna Ride 1996 Heavy Load Richard Bell Star Trail
A.R.P. Champion Lover 1997 Declaration Of Rights 321 Strong
A.R.P. Crazyland 1997 Ladies Night Spanner Banner Sweet Angel
A.R.P. Cupid 1997 Target (1) Syl Gordon 321 Strong
A.R.P. Di Gal Dem Want 1997 Cloak & Dagger Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
A.R.P. Die On You (Diggity 97) 1997 Diggity Spanner Banner Island Jamaica
A.R.P. Girls Dem A Cry 1997 Smooth Delon Reid Manatee
A.R.P. I Keep Forgetting 1997 Family Affair Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
A.R.P. Moving 1997 Judgement (1) Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
A.R.P. Peppersauce 1997 Peppersauce Syl Gordon 321 Strong
A.R.P. Return Of The Mac 1997 Odour Tony Kelly Shocking Vibes
A.R.P. & Youthie Dread Youths Dem Play 1997 Cloak & Dagger Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Beenie Man, Tony Curtis & A.R.P. Missing You 1997 Junkenairs Paul Giscombe Bankeylus
A.R.P. Be Long In My Heart 1998 Matress Syl Gordon 321 Strong
A.R.P. Dem Want I 1998 Are You That Somebody Donovan Germain Penthouse
A.R.P. Fucking Game 1998 Antidote Patrick Roberts Rude Boy
A.R.P. Give Me Your Body 1998 Summer Madness Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
A.R.P. Independent Girl 1998 Skilly Bango Sean Grey Sample Production
A.R.P. Let Me Go 1998 Gallowas / Gal A Wasp Patrick Roberts Vibes House
A.R.P. Mamma Makossa 1998 Mercury Jeremy Harding 2Hard
A.R.P. Really Want You 1998 Di Hype RC-One
A.R.P. Still Young 1998 Cash Syl Gordon 321 Strong
A.R.P. Tell Him Gwaan 1998 Warm Up Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
A.R.P. Who Can Love You Better 1998 Gridlock Syl Gordon Cylton
A.R.P. & Born Jamericans Who Seh Wha 1998 Branco Paul Nelson RC-One
Beenie Man & A.R.P. On & On (Storm) 1998 Storm (2) RC-One
Ricky General & A.R.P. Wickedest Ride 1998 Giggy / Body Workshop RC-One
A.R.P. All I Really Want 1999 Badman (2) Ian Johnson Finatic
A.R.P. Baby One More Time 1999 Scorpion Computer Paul Boot Camp
A.R.P. Circumstances Of Life 1999 Reload Donovan Germain Penthouse
A.R.P. Deep Shit 1999 Psycho Baby G & Jammy James Baby Giant
A.R.P. Dis Gal 1999 World Rock Paul Kastick World Voice
A.R.P. Fat Up & Buff 1999 Rage Syl Gordon Cylton
A.R.P. Girls Snatcher 1999 Stress Out Chucky Million Mac Dada
A.R.P. Lion Sleeps Pt. 2 1999 48 Hours Paul Nelson Our House
A.R.P. Mastermind 2.5 1999 Spy Lenky
A.R.P. Mek Dem Know 1999 Family (1) Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
A.R.P. Rhythm Of The Night 1999 Rhythm Of The Night Paul Kastick Stone Cold
A.R.P. Row Fisherman 1999 Fisherman Lloyd Campbell Joe Frasier
A.R.P. Selena 1999 M 16 Computer Paul Boot Camp
A.R.P. Temple Of The Lord 1999 Things And Time Donovan Germain Penthouse
A.R.P. Tinted Car 1999 Mad Rock Rookie Rookie 7-11
A.R.P. & Zebra Everybody 1999 Rugged Delon Reid & L. Gordon Manatee
A.R.P. Gal Wid Gum 2000 Big Up (2) John Dunkley Cartell Family
A.R.P. High Rolling 2000 Indecker Dave Lindsay High Grade
A.R.P. If Only You Knew 2000 Millennium Taxi Vasco Carney V1
A.R.P. Nice Me Up 2000 I Am Ras Dutch Red
A.R.P. No More Lonely Days 2000 Jerusalem School Donovan Germain Penthouse
A.R.P. Ooh Ooh Ooh 2000 Tonight (1) / Press Mi Button Donovan Germain Penthouse
A.R.P. Soon 2000 Spring Water Mark Hudson Stone Cold
A.R.P. Tell Me 2000 Addiction (1) Syl Gordon & Gregory Bailey 321 Strong
A.R.P. & Roundhead Legal Herbman 2000 Big Up (2) John Dunkley Cartell Family
A.R.P. Jump 2001 Trilogy King Jammy & Ward 21 Mentally Disturbed
A.R.P. Mr. Joe 2001 Light My Fire Dia Fearon Builders
A.R.P. Rock With Me 2001 My Best Girl Stone Cold
Beenie Man & A.R.P. Goodas Gal 2001 Drop-Top Richard Burgess Energy
Bounty Killer, A.R.P. & Curly Lox Evils Of Your Mind 2001 Heavyweight Glenroy Donaldson Hot-A-Tac
A.R.P. Another Dead 2002 Hot Water (3) Jammy James Jam 2
A.R.P. Gal Mi Want You 2002 Time Bomb (2) John John John John
A.R.P. Girl You Know 2002 Engine Christopher James CJ
A.R.P. Let Me In 2002 Bye Bye Love / China Town King Jammy Jammy's
A.R.P. So What 2002 Belly Full Oxygen Explorer
A.R.P. Tag The Kitty 2002 Pen And Paper Rohan Fuller Natural Bridge
David King, A.R.P. & Danny English Thug Like We 2002 G-String (2) John John Awful
Delly Ranks & A.R.P. No Guns 2002 Run Down The World 321 Strong
Ward 21 & A.R.P. Grimey 2002 Hot Water (3) Jammy James Jam 2
A.R.P. Life 2003 Life Is What You Make It / Life (2) Syl Gordon 321 Strong
A.R.P. One More Time 2003 Twilight Zone Michael Jones Supertronics
A.R.P. That's The Way I Like It 2003 Dejavu Byron Haughton, Patrick Hylton & Bobby Prince BDB
A.R.P. Thug Life 2003 The Wave Blingz Crew Xplicit
A.R.P. Whos That Girl 2003 Power Surge King Jammy Jammy's
A.R.P. Get Up 2004 Balda Balda MC Clined
Mitch & A.R.P. Rude Boy Reggae 2004 Sleng Teng / Killing Ting Michael Davey & Noel Davey Powerstone
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