Tunes performed by Perfect

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Perfect Hand Cart Boy 2004 Hand Cart Boy Rebel Chris Rebel Muzic
Perfect Jonny Trim 2004 Chapter A Day Hugh Miller Our Promotion
Perfect Never Go Down Deh 2004 Guillotine Dia Fearon Builders
Perfect New Day 2004 Black Skin Elroy & Wazair Studio 55
Perfect All I’ve Got 2005 Real Life Katrina Irons & Carlton Reid Yellow Moon
Perfect Astalavista 2005 Tsahai Anthony Senior & Boris Silvera Altafaan
Perfect Baby's Flow 2005 Teardrops Cash Flow
Perfect Bushy Baby 2005 Black Shade Patrick Henry, Corey Williamson & Ronald Wright Loyal Soldiers
Perfect Do This For Love 2005 A Dream Vasco Carney V1
Perfect Economical Crisis 2005 Revolution (1) / Intercom Dream
Perfect Eight Gangsters 2005 Solid Ground Jil & Stuff Addis
Perfect Fi Wi Jam Rock 2005 Crazy Babylon M. Dowe & M. Franks True Born
Perfect Find True Love 2005 Lollipop Dwight Heslop Voice Stream
Perfect For My Family 2005 Hard Drugs Frederick Ricketts Delperies
Perfect For Sure 2005 Mad Mad / Dutty Rub The Firehouse Crew Down Sound
Perfect Ganja Spliff 2005 Hard Drugs Tad's
Perfect Giddimani Questions 2005 Giddimani Courtney McIntosh Intouch
Perfect Grow Yuh Natty 2005 Spiritual War Kenneth Wilson Frenz
Perfect Hi Grade Tree 2005 Home Grown Rebel Chris Rebel Muzic
Perfect Jacket And Tie 2005 Devil's Pickney Byron Murray In The Streetz
Perfect Keep The Faith 2005 Good News A. Christie Feet
Perfect Like To Get You Wet 2005 Sweet Sop Black & White Down Sound
Perfect Lion Awake 2005 I Hold The Handle Free Willy
Perfect Mark Of The Beast 2005 Heavy Rock Norman Bryan Kickin
Perfect My Herbs 2005 Real Rock Winston Powell Stone Love
Perfect On And On 2005 Hostage Michael Wellington True Definition
Perfect Positively Black 2005 Mix Builders
Perfect Shoulda Neva 2005 Triumphant Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Perfect Street Side 2005 Impact Chad Simpson Young Blood
Perfect Take Me Home 2005 Peace Sam Gilly Irie Vibration
Perfect The Song Of The Rastaman 2005 Acqua One Love
Perfect Til The Soul 2005 Number One Ballafire
Perfect Babylon Remove 2006 Substance Roland McDermot Rollin'
Perfect Badmind 2006 Rasta Kashia Downs Dollar
Perfect Bed Room Fan 2006 World Cup Courtney McIntosh Intouch
Perfect Ceraese Tea 2006 Marrigold Owen Bassie & Grandville Shields Marrigold
Perfect Dirty Shame 2006 Tropical (2) Wayne Morris Purple Skunk
Perfect Done My Deeds 2006 Global Fire D. Boswell Global Fire
Perfect Few #2 2006 Mad Thing Patrick Samuels Time Travel
Perfect Free Up 2006 'D' Tape Black & White Down Sound
Perfect Ghetto Colour 2006 World Cup Courtney McIntosh Intouch
Perfect Guide And Protect 2006 The Formula (2) Rohan Smith Shan Shan
Perfect Hard Knock 2006 Jump Start Desmond Blake & Rupert Blake Q45
Perfect Junju Claat 2006 Sidewalk University Jammy James Jam II
Perfect Kutchie Cup 2006 Cuss Cuss / Petty Thief Craig Marsh & Michael Brissett H2O
Perfect Left Me And Gone 2006 Key Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Perfect Life Is The Greatest 2006 Essence Iceberg Iceberg
Perfect Love Is What We Need 2006 Judgement Time Special Delivery Special Delivery
Perfect Lovebird 2006 Lovebird Professa Irie Vibration
Perfect Mama 2006 Groove On James Anglin & Dwight Heslop Voice Stream
Perfect My Words 2006 Best Of Me Ernie Wilks Mista Wilks
Perfect Nah Vote 2006 Milestone Phillip Linton Arrows
Perfect Same Thing 2006 Bed Rock Preston Onfroy In Time
Perfect Score 2006 18 Gees Mark Henry Loony Bin
Perfect Sinting 2006 Forty Sup'emmh Stephon Moulton Blaque Warriahz
Perfect Sweet And Black 2006 Playlist Andrew Prendergast Camp Fire
Perfect Time Getting Red 2006 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Controversy Don Marshall & Wayne Gordon New York
Perfect Where Are The Children 2006 Journey Sam Diggy Black Mangena
Perfect Word Power And Sound 2006 Da Real Time Khabir Bonner & Kurt Sadler Grillaras
Perfect World Trade Center 2006 Rose Apple Kevin Blake Iceberg
Perfect & Natural Black Black Warrian 2006 January Morning Neil Amos Free Willy
Singing Flasher & Perfect Born And Raised 2006 Fyah Katrina Irons Yellow Moon
Tony Curtis & Perfect Love Has Found Its Way 2006 Love Has Found Its Way Errol King & Earl Fairweather Flatbridge
Perfect Are You Sure 2007 Borderline Natty U & Jericho Irie Ites
Perfect Boasty Slave 2007 Beautiful Bahjah Ajab Music Signal
Perfect Bobbylon Boy 2007 Flute Flava McGregor No Doubt
Perfect Can I Get A 2007 Serengeti Delroy Foster Pure Music
Perfect Can't Get Enough 2007 Jam Down (2) Delmar Drummond Danger Zone
Perfect Chuck Off 2007 Spot Check NAP
Perfect Ghetto Hero 2007 Ghetto Cryz
Perfect Got To Make It 2007 The Banner Kasadie Jones Caspa
Perfect Jamaica Is Paradise 2007 One Up George Taylor GT
Perfect Kutchie Cup 2007 Stage Time Budget Mix
Perfect Light This Joint 2007 Down In Jamaica Irie Ites
Perfect Mothers Love 2007 Generation Vernal Newman Real Lyfe
Perfect One Life 2007 Rocking Time Irie Ites
Perfect Reminiscing 2007 No Foe Karl Morrison Black Dutch
Perfect Still Loving You 2007 Bed A Rose Triston Palmer, Nigel Burrell, Christopher Mundahl & Joshua Mundahl Star Creation
Perfect Sweet Maria 2007 Maria (2) One Love
Perfect Them Bad Mind 2007 Rewind Norman Bryan Kickin
Perfect Your Works 2007 I.Q. G. Campbell Born Music
Iriepathie, Anthony B & Perfect Lively Up 2008 Work Off Irie Vibration
Perfect After All 2008 Tropical Paradise Supa Hype Hyper-Active
Perfect Hands Up 2008 Airwaves Fire Links Fire Links
Perfect Looking Glass 2008 Adam And Eve Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Perfect Mary Jane 2008 Gear Box Adrian Locke & Steve Locke Truck Back
Perfect Unlock 2008 Work Off Irie Vibration
Perfect & Genie Slick Waah Cry 2008 Ska R. Ricketts Ninety Two FS
Perfect Cant Touch Me 2009 Bubbler Bandito & Squishem African Beat
Perfect I Smoked A Spliff 2009 Oooh! Blenders Finest
Perfect Pass It Over 2009 Sleng Teng / Sleng Teng Refuelled Weedy G Soundforce Weedy G
Perfect Porridge Inna Yuh Bread 2009 The Centinel Money Less
Perfect Revolution 2009 Worldpeace Lukki Lion Lionart
Perfect Bawl 2010 Knock Out Supersonic
Perfect Money Can't Buy My Love 2010 Best Trick Weedy G
Perfect Reggae Music 2010 Screw Dem African Beat
Perfect Beat Dem 2012 Full Swing Dub Akom Akom
Perfect Everyone 2012 Hold U Medz In The Streetz