Tunes performed by Don Yute

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Don Yute Hardcore 1993 Buggering (1) Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Wayne Wonder & Don Yute Loving In Excess 1993 Pepper Seed Dave Kelly Madhouse
Don Yute Bad Man Fe Who 1994 Frog Steely Steely & Clevie
Don Yute Yuh Own Di Man 1994 Macca (1) Mad People Madhouse
Don Yute & Spragga Benz Gi Wi Di Nanny 1994 Frog Winston Powell Stone Love
Spragga Benz & Don Yute Big Bad Gun Hawk 1994 Duck Dance John John John John
Don Yute Girls Hot 1995 Smokie Joe Jam Andre Tyrell Rookie
Don Yute Progressiveness 1995 Tour Stuart Brown African Star
Don Yute Putty Cat 1995 Book Book Book John John John John
Don Yute She A Move 1995 Gum (2) The Cell Block Crew Cell Block 321
Don Yute She Gone 1995 Anything For You Michael Bennett & Tony Kelly Grafton
Don Yute Tie The Knot 1995 Big Squa Andre Tyrell Rookie
Don Yute Arab Inna Mask 1996 Nyabingi Barry O'Hare X-Rated
Don Yute Easy 1996 Fearless Jeremy Harding 2Hard
Don Yute Raggamuffin Stuffin 1996 Haunted House Barry O'Hare X-Rated
Don Yute She A Move 1996 Mouse Trap Bobby Digital Digital-B
Don Yute Slow Jam 1996 Traffic Jam Garfield Phillips Sampalue
Don Yute Summer Bunnies 1996 Rock Robin Sandy Thompson, Mark Johnson & Karl James Vertical
Don Yute & Mr. Vegas Sweet Black Berry 1996 Sweet Black Berry Stone Love Movement Stone Love
Spragga Benz, Don Yute, Black Pearl & Tomahaak Certain Style 1996 Ghost Danny Browne Main Street
Tanya Stephens & Don Yute Good Man 1996 Haunted House Barry O'Hare X-Rated
Don Yute Bomber 1997 Juice (1) Andre Tyrell Rookie
Don Yute Dem Gal Deh 1997 Scarynize Paul Yebuah Scare Dem
Don Yute Living In A Dream 1997 Playground Jeremy Harding 2Hard
Don Yute Love You Forever 1997 Killa Pride Bobby Konders Massive B
Don Yute Mr. Know It All 1997 Black Stallion King Jammy Jammy's
Don Yute & Mr. Vegas Ants 1997 Studio Room Colin Levy Kings Of Kings
Don Yute A Fi The Gal 1998 Enfarred Fat Eyes
Don Yute Dancehall Crazy 1998 Dancehall Crazy Jason Williams Jamdown
Don Yute Gal Dem Calling 1998 Paid In Full Troyton Black Shadow
Don Yute House Key 1998 Serging Shane Richards Dimes
Don Yute Thug Style Holla 1998 Stick It Bobby Digital Digital-B
Don Yute & Zeno Gal Yuh Exceptional 1998 Dutty Boot Computer Paul Boot Camp
Don Yute Best Pussy 1999 Junk Yard (1) Richard Carnegie Jamdown
Don Yute Kinky Daughter 1999 Promised Land Andre Tyrell Rookie
Don Yute Thug Style Appeal 1999 48 Hours Paul Nelson Our House
Don Yute Thugs Style 1999 World Rock Paul Kastick World Voice
Don Yute Gal Catalogue 2000 Titanium 2000 Jigzagula Bassline
Ce'Cile & Don Yute Get It On 2001 Anaconda Jamdown
Don Yute I Won't Deny 2003 Danger Ruff Danger Zone
Don Yute & Aleena Moon And Stars 2003 Serenade Gold Chip
Kashief Lindo & Don Yute Roof Over My Head 2003 Mean Girl Willie Lindo Heavy Beat
Sean Paul & Don Yute Uptown Slap 2003 Serenade Gold Chip
Don Yute Another Fire 2004 Screw Face Willie Lindo Heavy Beat
Don Yute Boobilus 2004 Tropical Heat Survivor Slim Tropical Heat
Don Yute Expecting This 2004 Perilous Danger Zone
Don Yute This Girl 2004 Detrimental Kenroy Archibald Eight76
Don Yute You And I Know 2005 Passion (2) Neville Palmer & R. Bogle NAP
Don Yute Ugly Face 2006 Oki Doki Winston Powell Stone Love
Da'Ville & Don Yute Oh Baby 2007 Kool Runnings Supa Hype Hyper-Active
Wappalous & Don Yute Confusion 2007 8806 Desmond Ledgister Stampede
Don Yute Boo 2009 Tropical Heat / Skitzo Survivor Slim Tropical Heat
Wayne Wonder & Don Yute Sensi Ride Peanie Peanie John John Awful
Don Yute Genesis Medley Talk About Love Dynamic Duo
Don Yute Mi A Chat Good Gal Anthony Red Rose & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey Dat?
Don Yute & Major Christie No More War Guiding Star Kickin
JC Lodge & Don Yute Drive Me Crazy Talk About Love Dynamic Duo
Prezident Brown & Don Yute African Thing Baltimore Barry O'Hare Mango