Tunes performed by Candy Man

There are also 8 tunes produced by Candy Man.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Candy Man So Many Guys 1990 The Stinger
Candy Man Love TKO 1991 Cherry Oh Baby E.J. Robinson Top Rank
Candy Man For The Love Of You 1992 Love Fever E.J. Robinson Top Rank
Candy Man Half Crazy 1992 Bobby Babylon E.J. Robinson Top Rank
Candy Man I'm Not Leaving 1992 Nanny Goat Blackbeard Mr. Tipsy
Candy Man So Many Girls 1992 Nanny Goat E.J. Robinson Top Rank
Candy Man Tickle Me Once 1992 ~Unknown (029) Captain Sinbad Sinbad
Candy Man Lady 1997 Tonight (1) Phillip Linton Arrows
Candy Man Love In A We Heart 1998 Bend Down Low Winston Riley Techniques
Candy Man Love That's True 1999 Invasion (1) / Black Wadada Mafia & Fluxy M & F
Candy Man Nothing Gonna Change 1999 Things And Time Winston Riley Techniques
Candy Man Kill A Sound 2000 Stalag Winston Riley Techniques
Tenor Saw, Buju Banton, Candy Man, General Echo & Sister Nancy Stalag Y2K 2000 Stalag
Candy Man Loving Game 2002 Shame And Scandal / Just Friends Winston Riley Techniques
Candy Man Never Pass This Way 2003 Baby I Love You Byron Reid Sweet Beat
Candy Man Chill Out 2005 Sweetie Come Brush Me God Bless
Candy Man Killer Miller 2005 Chapter A Day Sweet Beat
Candy Man Ganja Palace 2006 Tempo / Crank Angle Rockers
Candy Man Mr Man Deh 2011 Hold U Medz In The Streetz
Candy Man Informer Shank I Sheck
Candy Man Natural High Grade Natural Mystic Chronick
Candy Man Westbound Train Joy Ride Dennis Star Dennis Star
Candy Man Crazy Sound Boy General (1) Rockers Master
Candy Man My Love Taxi Byron Reid Electroforce
Candy Man Precious Love Lazy Body Maurice Johnson
Candy Man Sound Fi Dead African Beat Sweet Beat
Candy Man Taxi General (1) Electroforce