Tunes performed by Jahmali

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Jahmali How U Ago 2014 Jah Warriah Zion I Kings Zion High
Jahmali Brimstone And Fire 1995 Love Me Forever Bobby Digital Digital-B
Jahmali Come Again 2001 Irie And Mellow Norman Bryan Kickin
Jahmali Cry People 1997 Warriors Don't Cry Donovan Germain Penthouse
Jahmali Don't Let A Good Thing Go 1999 Head To Toe Bobby Digital Digital-B
Jahmali Eena Barrell 2003 Sara King Jammy Jammy's
Jahmali Every Man's Burden 1998 Bend Down Low Bobby Digital Digital-B
Jahmali For Me To Love You 2000 Babylon Wrong Kulcha Shock
Jahmali Free Up 2004 Time Will Tell Donovan Germain Penthouse
Jahmali Ghetto Youth 2001 Cuss Cuss Norman Bryan Kickin
Jahmali Great Damage 2002 Death In The Arena / True Love Fire Ball
Jahmali How Much You Need 2002 Columbus Ruff Cutt & Jazzwad Cave
Jahmali Hungry People 1998 Right Time Donovan Germain Penthouse
Jahmali I Need A Girl 1998 Right Time Donovan Germain Penthouse
Jahmali In The Morning 2004 Alto Ego Christopher Hurst Acoustic Vibes
Jahmali Let Love This Time 2001 Giddeon War Buju Banton Gargamel
Jahmali Long Long Time Fade Away (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
Jahmali Love Sweeter Everytime Chatty Chatty Harmony House
Jahmali Make Me Feel So Good 2006 Quick Pick Wayne Lonesome Run Things
Jahmali Make Up Your Mind 2001 Mankind Captain Sinbad & Gordon Lee Flash
Jahmali Many Trials 2000 Badness Edward Murray KT
Jahmali Musical Murder 2009 Youths Dem Crying R.S.O.P.
Jahmali No Relationship 1999 Smile Computer Paul Boot Camp
Jahmali No Water 1999 Things And Time Donovan Germain Penthouse
Jahmali Oh Jah 1993 Lecturer Bobby Digital Digital-B
Jahmali Oh Jah Jah 2000 Black Man King Robert Ffrench Ffrench
Jahmali On Our Guard 2004 Crystal Woman Teka Rootdown
Jahmali Onward Swing Easy Barry O'Hare X-Rated
Jahmali Poor Mans Strength 2001 Lonely Sugar Roy Fire Ball
Jahmali Real Life 2007 Ashanti Warrior Frenchie Maximum Sound
Jahmali Rock Of Ages 1999 Never Quit Brickwall
Jahmali Rock Of Ages 1999 Baby Bobby Digital Brickwall
Jahmali Running Red 2005 Lava Splash Patrick Henry Loyal Soldiers
Jahmali She's So Cool 2003 Silent River (2) Dwight Heslop Voice Stream
Jahmali The Earth Is The Road 1995 Two Year Old Bobby Digital Digital-B
Jahmali Victory 1995 Undying Love Bobby Digital & Barry O'Hare Digital-B
Jahmali Wake Up Happy 2001 Damage Control Homer Harris Jamstyle
Jahmali What's Going On 1999 Sugar And Water Sheldon Stewart
Jahmali Whe Dem A Try 2002 Swing Easy
Jahmali Who Goes There 2009 3D (1) Acoustic Vibes
Jahmali & Jahmel Wipe The Tears 2001 Forever Loving Jah Penthouse
Jahmali & Sugar Roy Can't Fool Jah Movie Star Bobby Digital Digital-B
Leego & Jahmali Smile 2002 Tonight (1) Big Neck