Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Chico Mek Noise 1997 Love Dem Bad Donovan Germain Penthouse
Chico Frisbee 1998 Heads Roll Donovan Germain Penthouse
Chico Gallivant 1998 Hot Milk / Quick Sand Snapple Dapple & Lenky Size 8
Chico Gash Like Fire 1998 Bandit Tony Lynx Lynx
Chico Grudgeful 1998 Baddis Richard Browne Hi-Profile
Chico I Go Wild 1998 Space Invaders Lenky & Frenchie Maximum Sound
Chico Nina Amigo 1998 Craze Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Chico Rail Up 1998 Broadway Richard Martin 2 Bad
Chico River Mouth 1998 Pot Cover Snapple Dapple & Lenky Size 8
Chico Stamina Body 1998 Gypsy Richard Browne Main Street
Chico The Man Is Yours 1998 Medina Jeremy Harding 2Hard
Chico & Frisco Kid Gal Teacher 1998 Sail Away Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Goofy & Chico Naah Stoop Low 1998 Bruck Out Dave Kelly X-Tra Large
Chico Dem Better Gwaan 1999 Warriors Tony Kelly K..Licious
Chico Dem Nuh Like Yu 1999 Warriors Tony Kelly K..Licious
Chico Get A Life 1999 Dry Cough General Degree Dutch Pot
Chico Hard 1999 Grass Cyaat Richard Browne Call Me Shams
Chico Hotta Lava 1999 Ice Pick Desmond Blake & Rupert Blake Q45
Chico No Evidence 1999 Kak Up Orville Burrell Big Yard
Chico No Worry Then 1999 Get Mad Now Troyton Black Shadow
Chico One Man Alone 1999 Bad Modafucker Frenchie Maximum Sound
Chico Pavarotti 1999 Godfather (2) Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Chico Rak Up Pt. 2 1999 Intercourse Richard Browne Call Me Shams
Chico Yuh Nuh Care 1999 The Bug / The Clone Dave Kelly Madhouse
Chico & Aisha I'm No Player 1999 Much More Oxway
Chico & Splint Bad Man Nuh Smile 1999 Bada Bada King Jammy King Jammy's
Goofy & Chico Oh Oh 1999 Skunk
Harry Toddler & Chico Nah Stop Walk Street 1999 Sub Zero Shane Richards Crimes
Alozade, Chico & Kiprich Bad Man Nuh Pet Gal 2000 Hurricane (2) Louis Malcolm Mo' Music
Alozade & Chico Setting Trends 2000 G-Spot Delon Reid, Mikey Williamson & Tony Thomas Madd Dawgz
Chico Badman Then 2000 New Ride Byron Murray & Clifford Smith In The Streetz
Chico Big Up 2000 Gravity Snapple Dapple Size 8
Chico Breed Her 2000 Hurricane (2) Louis Malcolm Mo' Music
Chico Enemy 2000 Bounce (2) Dave Kelly X-Tra Large
Chico Fleety Flighty 2000 Doorslam Harvel Hart Annex
Chico Love Mi Girl 2000 Tonight (1) / Press Mi Button Donovan Germain Penthouse
Chico Move Excited 2000 Resilience Rohan Fuller Natural Bridge
Chico Nah Support Dem 2000 Orgasm Richard Browne B-Rich
Chico Nuh Stretch Out 2000 De Loot S. Coburn, L. Ward & Michael Coburn New Life
Chico Reality 2000 Yakusa Classical People Opera House
Chico Wha She Can Do 2000 Arrow Cardiff Butt Pretty Boy
Chico Don't Burn Your Bridges 2001 Anaconda Jamdown
Chico Hold Yu Man 2001 Liquid (1) Jeremy Harding 2Hard
Chico Hustle To The Top 2001 Toppatop Ralston Barrett B.I.G.
Chico Teaser 2001 Energy (1) Troy McLean & Garfield Hamilton First Name
Chico You A Fassy 2001 The Rock Bobby Konders Massive B
Sean Paul & Chico Ganja Breed 2001 Hennessy Delroy Foster Pure Music
Chico Big Up All Di Gal 2002 Kokane Rigo & Tito Topaz
Chico Good Girl 2002 The Beach Rohan Fuller Jah Snowcone
Chico Hands Up 2002 Wicked Dave Kelly X-Tra Large
Chico More Strenth 2002 Glue Richard Browne B-Rich
Chico Not Obsession 2002 Mutton Snappa Cardiff Butt Size 8
Chico Searchin Tonight 2002 Outlaw Robert Dubwise Dubz House
Chico So Fly 2002 Masterpiece Lenky 40/40
Chico Straight 2002 Out And Bad Harvel Hart Annex
Chico Tie You Down 2002 Shanghai Marlon Cooke Deja Vu
Chico Wine Pon Time 2002 The Flip Louis Malcolm Mo' Music
Chico Wonderful 2002 Good Vybe Arif Cooper Fresh Ear
Chico You Have Your Own 2002 Mi Nuh Know Dave Kelly Madhouse
Chico Bun Dem 2003 Tai Chi Richard Browne B-Rich
Chico Chemistry 2003 Sexy Lady Christopher Birch Big Yard
Chico Don't Burn Your Bridges 2003 Knockout Mark Hudson & Marvin Williams Stone Cold
Chico Exchange 2003 Salsa (1) Christopher Birch Big Yard
Chico Forever 2003 Fear Factor Richard Browne B-Rich
Chico Gangster All The Way 2003 Hammer Hi-Profile
Chico Ghetto Superstar 2003 Callaloo Bed Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Chico Have U Own Thing 2003 Career Garfield Hamilton & Troy McLean First Name
Chico Lock Di Ends 2003 Grindin' Tony Kelly K..Licious
Chico Love Di Gals Dem 2003 Voom Voom Cribe & Rigo Topaz
Chico Money Makes The World Go Round 2003 Electric Boogie Germaican
Chico No Dispute 2003 Dinner Fish Andrew Bradford Opera House
Chico Thug Life 2003 Baba (1) Neil Amos Free Willy
Chico Tired A Di Raid 2003 Stopp Daniel Kretschmer Germaican
Chico You And I 2003 Chrome Michael Sterling South Block
Chico & Assassin Complete Mission 2003 Barenose Coolie Delroy Foster Pure Music
D-Flame & Chico Party Time 2003 Typhoon Pionear Germaican
Tazz & Chico Erica (Smirnoff) 2003 Amharic Jammy James Jam 2
Alozade & Chico Spend G's 2004 Worried Byron Murray & Donovan Bennett In The Streetz
Alozade & Chico Thug Life 2004 Spanish Fly (2) Damian Hall & Nigel Whitfield Dem Yute Deh
Alozade & Chico Crazy World 2004 Fear Factor Richard Browne B-Rich
Chico Bunny Hop 2004 Bellevue / Belview Danny Champagne Champagne
Chico Don't Ask Me 2004 Trash Can Iceberg
Chico Get Mine 2004 Simone Dezzie Broadyard
Chico I Love You 2004 Karachi Robert Dubwise Dubz House
Chico I Want Some Loving 2004 Arriba Jammy James Jam 2
Chico I've Got Girls 2004 Karachi Robert Dubwise Dubz House
Chico Keeping It Real 2004 Ching Chong Troyton Black Shadow
Chico Long Time Badman 2004 Klymaxx Shane Brown & Christopher Birch Juke Boxx
Chico Me Dat 2004 Katana Tony Kelly K..Licious
Chico Nah Worry 2004 Fifth Avenue Marlon Cooke & Master Lee Red Dragon
Chico No Style 2004 Dancehall Rock Colin Levy, Cordel Burrell & Everton Burrell Kings Of Kings
Chico No Want 2004 Military Christopher Birch & Shane Brown Echo
Chico Red Eye 2004 Bwoila Room Juvenile & Niko Juvenile
Chico Spin Yu Roll 2004 Wrought Iron Preston Onfroy In Time
Chico That's Important 2004 The Truth (2) Kingstone
Chico Thick And Thin 2004 Dreamweaver Lenky 40/40
Chico Unda Mi Guiness 2004 Free Up (1) Byron Murray In The Streetz
Chico Wrapped Up 2004 Bush Fire Trevor Bonnick All Access
Chico You Have You Man 2004 2004 Richard Browne B-Rich
Chico & Tazz Bad Mind 2004 Panic Preston Onfroy In Time
Don Mafia & Chico Gal U Have U Man 2004 Bomb A Drop Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Alozade & Chico Gangsters 2005 Top Flossing Richard Burgess Energy
Alozade & Chico Honey Like You 2005 Gladiator (1) Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Chico Aching 2005 Heartless Vampires Richard Brown Isle Of Springs
Chico All The Way 2005 Attack Dem Flexx Xplosive
Chico Change Your Ways 2005 Bubble Up Lenky 40/40
Chico Defen' Dat 2005 Wow Cecil Williams Yard Grown
Chico First Position 2005 Black Rain (1) Chulito Camacho & Rachid Baggasse Kinky Music
Chico Gangsters Do 2005 Shamrock Raymond Ledgister Shoe Lane
Chico Got To Work Hard 2005 Boo Town Chabano Raggs
Chico JOB 2005 Gladiator (1) Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Chico Need For Yu Man 2005 Naked Gaza Derrick Brown & Trevor Bonnick Bad Wolf
Chico Revolution 2005 El Toro Alric Anglin & Boyd James 13th Tribe
Chico Stress Dem 2005 Raybeez Philip Henderson & Ricardo Petrekin Broken Language
Chico You Live Good 2005 Friendly Salaam Remi, Rohan Fuller & Orrett Hart Boomtunes
Chico & Arsenal Bring Yu Ting 2005 Signal (2) M. Phipps So Solid
Chico & Kiprich Bag A Man 2005 Grimey Damian Hall & Nigel Whitfield Dem Yute Deh
Chico & Tazz Shake 2005 Pain Killa Kevin Dunkley Unusual Suspect
Chico & Nicky B Around The World 2005 Strip Tease Christopher Birch Big Yard
Alozade & Chico Gangsta Game 2006 Gangsta Rock Christopher Birch Birchill
  • Name
  • Real name
    Patrick Walker
  • Born
      Jamaica, Saint Andrew, Maverly