Tunes performed by I-Roy

There are also 43 tunes produced by I-Roy.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
I-Roy D. J. Drifter 1970 Drifter Harry Mudie Moodisc
I-Roy Sidewalk Killer 1970 Woman Of The Ghetto Duke Reid Treasure Isle
I-Roy Doctor Who 1971 Sophisticated Cissy Lee Scratch Perry Panther
I-Roy Festival Mash Up 1972 Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee Jackpot
I-Roy Hot Bomb 1972 Bum Ball Jump
I-Roy Hot Stuff 1972 Hot Stuff Keith Hudson
I-Roy Look A Boom 1972 Tripe Girl Lloydie Slim Music House
I-Roy Musical Drum Sound 1972 Repatriation (1) Lloyd Daley
I-Roy Problems Of Life 1972 Things In Life Lloyd Daley Mistic
I-Roy Sufferer's Psalm 1972 Swing Easy Errol Thompson
I-Roy Black And Proud 1973 Not For Sale
I-Roy Black Man Time 1973 Slaving
I-Roy Black Talk 1973 Your Feeling And Mine Soul Beat
I-Roy Buck And The Preacher 1973 Leggo Beast Pete Weston
I-Roy Cow Town Skank 1973 ~Unknown (038) Bunny Striker Lee Pama
I-Roy Coxsone Affair 1973 In His Own Way
I-Roy Deck Of Love 1973 Stars (1) I-Roy
I-Roy Don't Get Weary Joe Frazier 1973 Don't Get Weary Winston Edwards Sunshine Showdown
I-Roy Dr. Phibbs 1973 Woman Of The Ghetto I-Roy Trojan
I-Roy Fashion Monkey 1973 Pick Up The Pieces Roy Cousins Tamoki Wambesi
I-Roy Free Style 1973 Queen Of The Minstrel I-Roy
I-Roy Hospital Trolley 1973 Java Love
I-Roy Monkey Fashion 1973 Pick Up The Pieces Roy Cousins Tamoki Wambesi
I-Roy Noisy Place 1973 Man Next Door Bunny Striker Lee Andy's
I-Roy Pusher Man 1973 Vanity
I-Roy Rose Of Sharon 1973 Can I Change My Mind Bunny Striker Lee Striker Lee
I-Roy Rose Of Sheron 1973 Starting All Over Again Bunny Striker Lee Explosion
I-Roy Sound Education 1973 Black Cinderella Jimmy Radway Fe-Me Time
I-Roy The First Cut Is The Deepest 1973 Rougher Yet / First Cut Is The Deepest Augustus Clarke Gussie 76
Dennis Brown & I-Roy Take A Trip & Fresh And Clean 1974 Take A Trip Niney The Observer
I-Roy Big Tree 1974 Small Axe Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Camp Road Skanking 1974 Get In The Groove Niney The Observer
I-Roy Fire Burn 1974 Swing Easy Errol Thompson Errol T
I-Roy Fresh And Clean 1974 Take A Trip Niney The Observer
I-Roy Jah Come Here 1974 Here I Come Niney The Observer
I-Roy Native Land (Caveman Skank) 1974 Weeping Niney The Observer
I-Roy Point Blank Observer Style 1974 Get In The Groove Niney The Observer
I-Roy Set Me Free 1974 Everything I Own Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Superfly 1974 Give Me Your Love
I-Roy Thinking Cap 1974 Can I Change My Mind I-Roy Trojan
I-Roy War And Friction 1974 Death Trap Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Water Rate 1974 Weeping Niney The Observer
I-Roy Wicked Eat Dirt 1974 Satta Massagana Niney The Observer
I-Roy Rootsman 1975 Fade Away Jo Jo Hookim Love
I-Roy Straight To Prince Jazzbo's Head 1975 Do You Want Me Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Tea Pot 1975 Love And Affection Pete Weston & I-Roy Black Art
I-Roy The Duke 1975 Duke Of Earl Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy & Leo Graham News Carrier 1975 A Win Them Errol Thompson & Joe Gibbs Belmont
I-Roy African Herbsman 1976 African Roots Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Can't Explain 1976 Can't Explain Edmond Brooks & Bunny Striker Lee Coptic Lion
I-Roy Crisus Time 1976 Take It Easy Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Crisus Time (Rockers Time) 1976 Rockers Time Now Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Don't Touch I Man Locks 1976 Don't Touch I Dread Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Equality And Justice (Still Waters Psalms 28) 1976 Prophecy A Fulfill Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Hard Man Fe Dead 1976 Hard Man Fe Dead Bunny Striker Lee Live & Love
I-Roy How Do You Mean 1976 Big Heel Boot Well Charge
I-Roy Love Thy Neighbour 1976 Solomon Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Musical Shark Attack 1976 Rain From The Skies Jo Jo Hookim
I-Roy Satta Massaganna (Sata-Jah-Liveth) 1976 Satta Massagana Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Who Is The Man 1976 ~Unknown (224) Buster Riley Mummy
I-Roy Beast Game 1977 Never Love Again Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Black Man Time 1977 I Shall Be Released Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Blacka Cinderella 1977 Black Cinderella Alvin Ranglin GG's
I-Roy Dr. Feelgood Meets Ms. Glover 1977 Feels Good All Over Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Dread Hold The Handle 1977 Tumbling Tears Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Friday Child 1977 Pure Sorrow Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Jordan River 1977 Rivers Of Babylon Harry J & I-Roy
I-Roy Love Is Universal 1977 Love Me Always Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Maggie Breast (Idlers Rest) (1) 1977 Wolves And Leopards Niney The Observer Observer
I-Roy Natty Dread Get Around 1977 I'm Your Man Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Natty Dread The Lion 1977 Guiding Star Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Sister Maggie Breast 1977 Wolves And Leopards Niney The Observer Observer
I-Roy Step On The Dragon 1977 Wolves And Leopards Niney The Observer Observer
I-Roy Stepping Down A Sav-La-Mar 1977 Can I Change My Mind Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Sun Top Blouse 1977 Why Did You Leave Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Weeping Widow 1977 Willow Tree Alvin Ranglin
I-Roy Casmas Town 1978 Pretty Looks I-Roy & Harry J
I-Roy Heart Of A Lion 1978 Guiding Star I-Roy & Harry J
I-Roy Set The Captives Free 1978 Set The Captives Free I-Roy Royco
I-Roy Sister Nelly 1978 Nanny Goat I-Roy & Harry J
I-Roy Tonight 1978 Tonight (1) I-Roy & Harry J
I-Roy African Continent 1979 Ali Baba I-Roy
I-Roy Andy Capp 1979 Shank I Sheck I-Roy
I-Roy Bubblin Jug 1979 Set The Captives Free I-Roy Gorgon
I-Roy Devils Bug 1979 Set The Captives Free I-Roy Gorgon
I-Roy Drum Sound 1979 Hot Milk
I-Roy Fire In A Vatican 1979 ~Unknown (120) I-Roy Virgin
I-Roy Fire In A Wire 1979 ~Unknown (122) I-Roy Virgin
I-Roy Free Zimbabwe 1979 Ali Baba I-Roy
I-Roy Hill And Gully 1979 ~Unknown (121) I-Roy Virgin
I-Roy It's Alright 1979 Shank I Sheck I-Roy
I-Roy Quater Pound Of Ishens 1979 ~Unknown (118) I-Roy Virgin
I-Roy Reggae Rockers 1979 ~Unknown (117) I-Roy Virgin
I-Roy The General 1979 General (1) I-Roy
I-Roy To The Bump 1979 ~Unknown (119) I-Roy Virgin
I-Roy World On Fire 1979 Weatherman Skank I-Roy
I-Roy Dance Hall Style 1983 Slaving Roy Cousins
I-Roy Maggie Breast (Idlers Rest) (2) 1984 Wolves And Leopards Niney The Observer & Roderick Sinclair Observer
I-Roy Sincerely Yours 1984 Jericho Rock Roderick Sinclair
I-Roy Come To Warn 1986 Far East Super Power
I-Roy Run Come 1986 Stalag Rubun
I-Roy Two Year Old A Solid Gold 1987 African Beat / Skokian Hyman Wright Jah Life
I-Roy Country Man 1989 African Beat Prince Jazzbo Ujama
I-Roy Rub It On The Track 1989 Pick Up The Pieces Witty Henry
I-Roy Dread In The West (2) Three Blind Mice Webster Shrowder & Pete Weston
I-Roy I Shot The Barber Ali Baba Jo Jo Hookim Well Charge
I-Roy Pluto Back Get Ruff Real Rock Jah Life
I-Roy Red, Gold And Green Declaration Of Rights
I-Roy Straight to Prince Jazzbo Conqueror (1) Bunny Striker Lee Attack
I-Roy Straight To The Heathen Head Talking Blues
Richard McDonald, Glen Brown & I-Roy Realize Dirty Harry
Dennis Brown & I-Roy Here I Come Again Here I Come
I-Roy Coxsone Time Slaving
I-Roy Double Warning Warning (1)
I-Roy Every Mouth Must Be Fed Stars (1) Webster Shrowder & Pete Weston Micron
I-Roy Festive Season Boat To Progress Glen Brown Pantomine
I-Roy Give Me Power Give Me Power Lee Scratch Perry Upsetter
I-Roy High Jacking Skylarking
I-Roy Holy Satta Satta Massagana
I-Roy Hotta Yatta Get In The Groove
I-Roy I Man Time Right Time Alvin Ranglin Well Charge
I-Roy I Pray Thee Satta Massagana Joe Gibbs
I-Roy It A Go Dread Satta Massagana Bunny Striker Lee
I-Roy Ital Dish Can't Let You Go Phil Pratt
I-Roy Late Hour Satisfaction Santic
I-Roy Let Me Tell You Let Me Tell You Boy Harry Mudie Moodisc
I-Roy Let's Fall In Love Let's Fall In Love
I-Roy Magnificent Seven No No No
I-Roy Mind Your Own Business Ali Baba Front Line
I-Roy Money Trouble Money Worries Alvin Ranglin GG's
I-Roy Musical Pleasure Who Who Wha
I-Roy My Food Is Ration Envious Phil Pratt Sunshot
I-Roy No Shadow Woman Is Like A Shadow Joe Gibbs
I-Roy Orthodox Rock I'll Take Your Hand Alvin Reid One Heart
I-Roy Pauper And The King Loving Pauper
I-Roy Rasta On A Sunday Dirty Harry Glen Brown
I-Roy Walk Right Step Right Up
The Maytones & I-Roy Money Trouble Money Worries Alvin Ranglin GG's