Tunes performed by Little Hero

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Little Hero Raw 1994 ~Unknown (103) Ephraim Edwards Stereophonic
Little Hero Gal Tek Him 1995 2nd Chance Harvel Hart Annex
Little Hero Simma 1995 Andy Griffith Strong One
Little Hero What It Takes 1995 Condom Garfield Phillips Sampalue
Little Hero Genuine Love 1996 Bull In A Pen Fitzgerald McKoy Musically Inclined
Little Hero Wicked Of To Run Wey 1996 Redemption Song Harvel Hart & Delroy Schobourgh Annex
Little Hero & Ali Baba One Pretty Gal 1996 Macarena Champagne
Meeky Melody & Little Hero Come On Little Girl 1996 Black Riot Bobby Konders Massive B
Little Hero Waiting On Judgement Day 1997 Get Myself Together Aquarius
Little Hero Hot Gal 1998 Walla Wiss Paul Giscombe Bankeylous
Little Hero Shadow Of The Cloud 1998 Refugee Harvel Hart Annex
Little Hero Gal Dem Coney Park 1999 Badman (1) Michael Haye & Robert C. Haye Bad Fowl
Little Hero Help Dem God 1999 Shank I Sheck S. Dixon & Michael Grant Tubbis
Little Hero Pure Hot Gal 1999 Family Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Little Hero Heart Of Kingston 2000 Navigator Robert C. Haye Bad Fowl
Little Hero Come Home Early 2003 Makka Tree Pure People Pure Music
Little Hero God 2004 Balda Balda Musically Clined
Little Hero Cut Yu Speed 2005 Pure Joy Christopher Clarke Golden Cartel
Little Hero Help Dem God 2005 Rasta Revolution (2) King Judah
Little Hero Inna Di Ghetto 2005 Real Life Katrina Irons & Carlton Reid Yellow Moon
Little Hero Youths Dem Mind 2005 Devil's Pickney Byron Murray In The Streetz
Little Hero Freedom 2006 Stalag BonFire
Little Hero Genuine Youth 2006 Global Fire D. Boswell Global Fire
Little Hero Like We 2006 World Cup Courtney McIntosh Intouch
Little Hero No One In The World 2006 Endless House O' Love
Little Hero Rainbow 2006 Sweet Sop Black & White Down Sound
Little Hero Wonder And Sign 2006 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Controversy Don Marshall & Wayne Gordon New York
Little Hero I Cry 2007 Stars (2) House Of Congress
Little Hero Wicked Hafi Run 2007 Old Pirate Harvel Hart Annex
Little Hero Rainbow 2008 Tec Weh Drop Di Bass
Little Hero Man A Lion Old Picture Flame Courtney Cole Roof
Little Hero Seh Raw Koloko Hugh James Redman
Little Hero & Mikey Melody Fly Away Taxi Courtney Cole Roof
Little Hero & Mikey Melody Son In The Street Get In The Groove
Mikey Melody, John Mouse, Lukie D, Little Hero & Action Fire Jah Is My Light Sexy Lover Harvel Hart Annex