There are also 5 tunes produced by Fargo Voice.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Fargo Voice Ramp Wid Di Wuk 1991 You Dead Now Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Don T & Fargo Voice Gal A Lie 1995 Steel Plate Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Fargo Voice Past Interview 1995 Rampage The Cell Block Crew Cell Block 321
Fargo Voice Scotch Bonnett 1995 Stucky Fat Eyes
Fargo Voice Sparkling 1995 East Indian King Jammy Kingston 11
Fargo Voice You Design 1995 Bull Cow Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Fargo Voice & Don T Sweetest Taboo 1995 Stucky Fat Eyes
Fargo Voice Pharmacy Browning 1996 Fed Up / Step Up Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Fargo Voice So She Want It 1999 Ruff Rider Syl Gordon Cylton
Fargo Voice Sorry 1999 Ice Pick Desmond Blake & Rupert Blake Q45
Fargo Voice Sorry 1999 Hard Nut To Crack Doctor Marshall & The Mad Doc Family Mad Doc
Fargo Voice U. C. Fargo 1999 Faith (1) Doctor Marshall Mad Doc
Fargo Voice Bashy 2000 Sudd Fat Eyes
Fargo Voice Callers I.D. 2000 Crab Claw Doctor Marshall Mad Doc
Fargo Voice Can't Stop Me 2000 Bun A Fire Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Fargo Voice Curiosity 2000 Highway Mark Hudson Stone Cold
Fargo Voice Go For It 2000 Casino Chucky Million Mac Dada
Fargo Voice If Yuh Want Still 2000 007 (1) Red Rat Brat
Fargo Voice Lose Dem Way 2000 Doorslam Harvel Hart Annex
Fargo Voice Roll On 2000 Mi Food Christopher Clarke Universal Dancehall
Fargo Voice Should I 2000 Joker Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Fargo Voice Weh Di Style Is 2000 Boasy Gal Steven Ventura Kings Of Kings
Fargo Voice What A Ting 2000 Asthma Marlon Cooke Deja Vu
Fargo Voice You Know Me 2000 New Ride
Lexxus, Alozade, Fargo Voice, Kiprich & Madd Anju Party 2000 Bad Luck Paul Giscombe Bankeylous