Tunes performed by Don T

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Don T Buddy Buddy 1991 You Dead Now Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Don T Gal A Yuh Smile 1991 Gold Spoon Winston Riley Techniques
Don T Gal Look Good 1994 Run Girl Run Anthony Red Rose & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey
Don T First Choice 1995 Tour Stuart Brown African Star
Don T Leaders Of The Country 1995 East Indian King Jammy Kingston 11
Don T & Fargo Voice Gal A Lie 1995 Steel Plate Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Fargo Voice & Don T Sweetest Taboo 1995 Stucky Fat Eyes
Don T Long Road 2002 Tonight (1) Big Neck
Don T So Fine 2002 Last Train To Expo '67 / Expo Train Bulby York, Lynford Marshall & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Don T When Will It Cease 2004 Soul Food Chad Simpson Young Blood
Don T & Polly Famous Rasta Bike 2004 Silicone Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Don T Man Dead Pick Up The Pieces Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie